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Smoloween is officially live πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

Lost SamuRise - Samurai can now boat over the L2 :

@TheLostDonkeys 1/1 Donkula Giveaway ✨ - ends Nov 1st:

SmolSweep x Eggsfam - Sweep Incentives event (ends Friday Oct 28th):

LifeDao x The Beacon:

πŸ“° Treasure Daily

TIP-19 has been revised and informal voting has started - ends Oct 26th

BridgeWorld SOON πŸ‘€

@Mushrohms will be launching on November 22nd:

Tales of Elleria Exploration ✨

Realm is removing cooldowns on Construction:

@TallyCash has added support for Arbitrum:

🧡 Giga Brain Tweets

@Treasure_DAO is sitting in an amazing position:

Arbitrum has a higher TVL than Solana and Optimism:

Smol Radio x @Skyscraper_Game πŸ“»:
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BW OpenAI art contest - ends Nov 1st:

Beacon x Moonbirds (TheHootList):

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BW Updates:

KOTE - UnderDark Gameplay:

Tales of Elleria Explorations are live:

Power Plins x Toadstoolz:

@KasumiDungeons will be coming in November:

Arbitrum Nova Block Explorer is now live:

@Smulips Update:

🧡 Giga Brain Tweets

Something seems to be cooking at @arbitrum:

Large increase in the number of people holding $Magic

Reach out to Smol Radio to get featured:
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The Beacon AMA - Tomorrow at 3pm EST:

BW lore contest - ends November 8th:

KPR is Trading on Trove:

πŸ“° Treasure Daily

The Beacon October Update - Settlement Launch is coming November 25th:

The Smolove Halloween Rings will be given away as prizes:

Smol Brains will be able to help @TheLostDonkeys on Quests:

@DeFragDAO alpha testing will start November 7th:

Renaming of your Realm is live:

Karel will be speaking @MEF_digital this Friday:

Castle Dao is moving to Arb Nova:

🧡 Giga Brain Tweets

Arbitrum is responsible for 62% of All Ethereum transactions:

$Magic Wallet Update:

Realm Podcast episode is out:

Bridgeworld Helper has applied for a Treasure Grant:

New Smol Radio episode:
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TIP-20 is now open for informal voting - ends Nov 6th:

Vote for your favorite @smolove__ Halloween ring:

@LifeVerse_GG Colosseum of Phanes (COP) Is now open for registration βš”οΈ

@Treasure_DAO Builder Series w/ @LifeVerse_GG - Nov 7th at 5pm EST:

πŸ“° Treasure Daily

Next Smol Social will be held in Tokyo, Japan - Nov 12th:

Big 30k $Magic Pink Smol Sale:

Battlefly Flywheel 2.0 is set to launch November 21st. gFLY will also come out on Nov 21st:

KOTE - Live Playthrough Event, Sunday, Nov 13th:

Sneak Peek @Smulips an M3 Mutant:

🧡 Giga Brain Tweets

Smol Hall Summary

Bullish words from Karel:

New Treasure Hunt Realm game guide is out
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Eternal Station Discord is now open:

Smoloween and Smol racing season 1 ends next week:

πŸ“° Treasure Daily

TIP - 20 has been ratified by the DAO

Winners for the @playbridgeworld AI Art Contest have been picked:

KOTE Playthrough Event this Sunday Nov, 13th at 1:30pm EST / 10:30am PST:

@BattleFlyGame drops info on Wastelands

@RuffionReborn is delaying their launch:

Toadstool has created an Arbinaut Gacha:

Realm Rewards are coming soon πŸ‘€

@SmolAge_NFT Animals are coming soon:

@TalesofElleria has a bounty out for those that can make some great community content:||

🧡 Giga Brain Tweets

Massive 1/1 Smol Sale

@Skyscraper_Game released their Theme Tune:

New Treasure Hunt Realm Guide:
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Less then 24hrs till Season 1 of Smol Racing Ends:

@eggfamlol x @lamboc0rp EGGSGIVING is live:

πŸ“° Treasure Daily

KOTE playtest alpha:

A new @TalesofElleria class is coming soon "THE MACHINIST"

@The_Beacon_GG Settlement starts on November 25th

$gFLY the governance token of @BattleFlyGame is set to launch next week on November 21st

If you hold a @TalesofElleria hero you can now mint @smoldomains

@SmolAge_NFT Animals are on Trove

@Smulips will be helping @MagicPotionsNFT with their development

@TheLostDonkeys has won a grant from @swipelux

@powerplins has crossed 1k in volume on Trove:

🧡 Giga Brain Tweets

@mikelauofficial amazing custom smol for @ScottiePippen has been featured in many publications

New episode of the @MagicHourPod featuring @Skyscraper_Game

Treasure Times Trove Recap ✨
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@Treasure_DAO is hosting a community call tomorrow

gFLY Launch Party event - Nov 17th - Nov 20th

28 Tickets left for @smolverse x @eggfamlol EGGSGIVING

πŸ“° Treasure Daily

Smol Racing Season 1 has been extended by 2 weeks

The Treasure team will work with @Strider_DAO to build out a new Treasure Game Studio

New Section on Trove:

Tokenbound Skins are coming for the Smols

Realm has partnered with @KnightsOfTheEth to bring Adventurers of the Void (AOV) into the UnderDark game

The Lost Paper with Lambo part 2

@toadstoolzNFT Houses (ToadzPads) are live on Trove

@Onigiri_NFTs x @toadstoolzNFT

Sneak peek/prototype first look at the @syndicatelabz raffle platform

🧡 Giga Brain Tweets

A new @rlmverse game guide by @0x_zughead is out

KOTE Squire Sweep:
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Day 2 of @BattleFlyGame gFLY Launch Party is live

@toadstoolzNFT Padz are out

Realm AMA - Tomorrow Nov 19th:

πŸ“° Treasure Daily

@Treasure_DAO Community Call Summary:

Trove adds Arbitrum Nova Support:

Offical @AcrossProtocol Token Launch party is set for November 28th:

@The_Beacon_GG Genesis (Timeline) + Mint Prices:

A new @TalesofElleria class "The Berserker"

@KasumiDungeons Artifacts

🧡 Giga Brain Tweets

Sneak peek at the Spore Gun

The team @powerplins has been building
Missed the Realm AMA (11/17/2022)

Don't worry Treasure Times has you covered ✨

Catch up on all the Alpha Dropped πŸ‘‡
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gFLY is live and trading on MagicSwap:

Only 4 days till The Beacon Settlement Launch:

πŸ“° Treasure Daily

BattleFLy Founder NFT holders could be playing the main game in the coming days (Alpha Leak)

A new class coming to Tales of Elleria - The Spiritualist :

Big Tales of Elleria medium article dropping tomorrow (Alpha Leak)

The Beacon team will be hosting an AMA on November 23rd:

Realm crosses 1 million $Magic volume on Trove

Smithy DAO Updates

@Onigiri_NFTs will be dropping their own NFT collection soon

🧡 Giga Brain Tweets

Super great thread covering all things gFLY

Realm AMA Summary:

Launch monsters for @KasumiDungeons

NFT Sales Volume by Blockchain
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The Beacon Settlement Launch is live - Mint your Founding CharacterπŸ‘‡

@Mushrohms Bridging and Minting is live

Bridgeworld - Summoning Circle has been turned off (for the time being)

πŸ“° Treasure Daily

Trove website design change:

Smol World Cup jerseys are coming soon

Enjoyooooor Update

@toadstoolzNFT 1st Birthday

@LifeVerse_GG x @Skyscraper_Game

@Smulips / @MagicPotionsNFT Update

The main Battefly game is almost here

🧡 Giga Brain Tweets

Ecosystem Update

The 0 to 1 moment is going to happen

Amazing writeup about the Beacon: