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Forwarded from YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer (Amandha Vollmer)
See Veda Austin's work on how healthy water heals damaged water. I remember a story years, maybe even decades ago, of a little boy who was very very sick in the hospital. His mother had been by his side and praying for his recovery. One night she had an insight to gather all of his relatives and friends into the room to put their hands upon him. So she did this. By the next day he was completely healed. When I think about the concept of the healthy lending to the sick I always remember that story.

I also have told the story many times of when I was in India and I was invited to see a guru. When I went into the temple and sat near the guru there was nothing that we talked about which was meaningful. I was trying to understand the purpose of the meeting. I used to ride public transit when I was in school. The bus would be totally empty except for me but all the time people would sit immediately next to me and proceed to fall asleep. I could never understand this, but I do now. This was all energy lending.
Forwarded from YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer (Amandha Vollmer)
A doctor from 1958 predicted what is happening today.

By Alonzo J.Shadman, M.D.

Page 14. It must be remembered that all living organisms have an innate power to recover from sickness without help. At least 90 per cent of all who become sick can eventually get well without a doctor.

Page 16. I gave the matter a lot of thought and study and finally concluded that in washing out the wounds, more harm than good resulted, because the healing serum supplied by Nature was washed away too. As soon as I got the opportunity to put my ideas into practice, wounds healed very quickly without disinfectants, and so I was finally convinced that there were no known germicides--except Nature's own.

Page 17. Germs are not the cause but the result of disease. (That goes for virus too, as there is no such thing.)

Page 106. Now all this mess of deadly drugs is advertised, recommended and sold to people of the world right now and no one seems to care how many people it will kill or make into chronic invalids, or who will develop the morphine habit from the opium, nor how many hearts will be affected and damaged by the caffeine this foolish prescription contains.

The prompt elimination of the natural body poison is essential if health is to be preserved.

It is a known fact that a large percent of drug addicts get their start from physicians' prescriptions containing opium, heroin and allied drugs.

Page 133. A lot of propaganda is circulated about purifying the blood and only using the clean residue. It cannot be done. The bloodletting of yore has been superseded by blood transfusion. Of all the ridiculous medical practices of the past and present times, this present blood craze is the worst. It is not only useless where fractional blood is used, but often deadly where whole blood is used. Blood once removed from the living body becomes a dead, abhorrent, loathsome substance no matter how fractionized or preserved. It can serve no purpose whatever in sickness of any kind. In performing upwards of twenty thousands surgical operations, I never gave a blood transfusion and never had a patient die from lack of it.

Page 138. If the general public were presented honestly with the abundant medical data available proving the most harmful effects of vaccine, they could understand why cancer, tuberculosis, heart disease, etc., can and quite often do result from these poisonous substances introduced directly into the blood by pointed needles. The inoculations lay the foundation for such diseases as syphilis, tetanus, meningitis, erysipelas, cancer tuberculosis, polio, and many other manifestations of pathology.

Page 142. In England and Wales in the 38 years ending December 1937, only 118 children died of smallpox, but 291 died of vaccination.

Page 166. One should be safe in relying on his doctor, but unfortunately history has proved beyond of a shadow of doubt that this is not so. Fifty years ago all so-called authorities stated that polio occurred in the first four, five or six years of life. That is why it has been referred to as Infantile Paralysis. Today, fifty years later, it seems that it may be developed by anyone regardless of age. If you and I give no opposition, then one day in the not too distant future, the Salk vaccine will be instituted as a compulsory procedure like the smallpox vaccination measure is right now. It may come to the point that every man, woman and child in the United States will be compelled by Law to submit to this wholesale poisoning.

(transcribed by Jim O'Kelly)

Repetition of the lie ad infinitum.
Maximum media exposure to the lie and minimum media exposure to the truth.
Implanting the suggestion that the truth is an elaborate lie by labeling it a “conspiracy theory”.
At the same time, suggesting that the truth is obnoxious by calling it “hate speech”. Truth telling allegedly leads to public disorder and the death of certain targeted individuals, and so the expression of unpopular truths must be classified as “terrorism”.
The systematic fabrication of false conspiracy theoriesby paid agents, in order to create maximum obfuscation and bring the truth into disrepute by associating it with a plethora of discredited ideas and far-fetched, ludicrous lies.
Exposure of the truth to mockery and contempt.
Character assassination of truth tellers by a variety of underhand means, including misquoting them, telling lies about them, and digging up the dirt on them.
Organized outrage at any expression of the truth by a public figure, i.e., systematic intimidation.
Severe punishment for telling the truth.
The use of bribery and blackmail, the carrot and the stick, to reward the promoters of the lie and deter potential truth tellers from speaking out.
🔅'Virus' isolation is not purification as you would expect. Virology is 100% pseudo science and uses the word isolation for the contamination of the sample with all kinds of genetic material.

Then they search for a few small generic pieces of DNA to fit their computermodel of a 'virus' and 'voila', they found a 'virus': this way an unicorn can be proven to exist with some hair from a horse and a piece of rhino horn.

🔅No Virus Has Ever Been Proven To Exist
Virology is pseudoscience, read this article to see how.

🔅How do they prove that viruses cause disease?

🔅The Emperor Has No Corona
An investigation into the "isolation" of the SARS-COV2 virus.

🔅'virus' facts @NLvirusWAAN
Forwarded from Reality Creation
One of the many findings of research presented in this strange book (1981, Manchester University) I'm
currently reading, is that POLYESTER disrupts human "#Magnetoreception", the orientation and navigation-ability based on geomagnetic
fields. I'll be exchanging all my dry-fit sports shirts with COTTON shirts.
Forwarded from Dr. Melissa Sell (Dr. Melissa Sell)