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To follow up on the tapering subject, we expect USDJPY to get comfortably above 112.000…

Base case is that the Jackson Hole will signal a shift in FED’s rhetoric, or better, Powell’s rhetoric, enough for us to expect USDJPY at 112.000, tho don’t expect the market to move in a straight line
USDJPY taking its time, sideways action so far but Powell sent the right clues last week at the Jackson Hole and our base case is that tapering will start in November, which means we expect USDJPY to continue to move towards 112.000 going forward, we continue to trade it accordingly
Ask yourself the right questions when you trade, shut the noise from the average trading guru, follow the right minds, and your trading will benefit
USDJPY still ongoing, so far sideways action but still on track for a move to 112.000, notice also how the POC has shifted higher in the range, decent clue of what’s going
A lot of noise around on the China real estate matter, here’s the ONE thing you need to know…

Besides short term emotional moves which we have been seeing yesterday (and that may continue for a couple more days) the matter shouldn’t be a catalyst for a large correction as many are yelling about, the Chinese gov will (should) take the matter in their hands and when the CCP gets involved to control the situation that’s when medium to longer term dip buyers will show up in US markets too.

4700 is our expected S&P500 year end target and risk reward just got better, just a matter of timing entries right and keeping some breathing room to suit the volatility, again, beware of the noise, keep it smart and make sure you have the right minds around you, and again, markets will get volatile
USD/JPY broke 112 today, hitting a 1 month high

The big question now is whether trend has completely shifted for USD/JPY making 114 more likely to be hit before 110
CADJPY is due for a big sell over 200 pips our sell entry will be at the 61.8% fibonacci retracement level or 50% retracement level
Expect a rise in AUDUSD Over the next couple of days as Wall Street Sentiment Warms. RBNZ at Hand for APAC Traders
USD/JPY has today hit its highest level since December 2018, extending the upward move evident earlier in the year.
Divergent Fed/ECB policy to leave euro vulnerable and rate hikes speculation could see EURUSD move to low of 1.15
As expected, yesterday we saw another downside push on EURUSD.
Today we've also got important news coming out.
There is a higher probability for a downside continuation and we're still looking for a move below 1,1500.
1.15 target already reached
New target 1.14
Eurusd surpassed our final target and reached a low of 1.1265 with hawkish fed and divergent fed/ECB policy
BREAKING: Bank of England raises interest rate to 0.25%
Eurusd still ongoing, so far sideways action but still on track to 1.1