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WAVES between 30500 - 31000
Sell: 32900 - 34500 - 37000 - 40000
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PHB trading begins ( RED PULSE)
#GNT Binance

BullFlag on The Charts
We will see a Next Major Leg up Anytime

Buy at: 1140 - 1190 Satoshi
Sell at: 1248 - 1305 - 1358 - 1440 - 1470 - 1600+
STOP at: 1044 Satoshi

Buy and Wait, it will Pump Hard
No Recovery Yet So Far
#ELF Big News 🚀
Amazon Web Services (#AWS), the world's largest cloud computing platform, officially supports #ELF
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BTC Again 8K 🚀
Trading Crypto Coach®
#ELF Big News 🚀
ELF Reached 4180 Satoshi

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Current Price 3516 Satoshi
Buy Zone 3400 - 3520 Satoshi

Targets: 3750 - 3900 - 4200 - 4500 - 5000+

Rumor: HTC Integrating #KNC into Exodus Phone
KNC was Posted in VIP 👆
3 Targets Chased
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Forwarded from Trading Crypto Coach®
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BTC Next Resistance Areas
8100 - 8150
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Binance Coin Re-Buy
Between 390K - 400K Satoshi

Targeets: 419K - 430K - 440K - 460K