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BTC update:~ looking very very weak also selling pressure is heavy What I see here is a perfect Head and Shoulder on 4hr. chart possible dump till $10400 - 9900 levels once the neckline 10900 gets broken down targets are in the above btc update Picture…
BTC Hit Below $9900 on Both Binance & BitMEX
All Correction Targets Achieved

We Must Give a Big Shout Out to This Guy @TecnicalCrypto For The Amazing Catch of Head & Shoulder

Congrats to Those Who SHORTED BTC & Made Profits
ALTS are Not Moving Much Due to High Dominance of BTC
Even IF BTC Dipping at The Moment But The Dominance is Still at 68.53% According to TrdaingView

Which is Making ALTS Dip Slightly
Don't Worry About That
BTC Dominance will Drop
ALTS Will Rise

Our Expectation is Aug & Sept 2019 will be Very Big Months for ALTS, They Will Rise

Just Keep Them Accumulating
Also BTC So Far Respecting $9900 Support and Now Trading at $10250
#WAVES Big News
#WAVES Buy Back Plan for 2 Million #WAVES
That's Pretty Big for WAVES
Forwarded from TechnicalCRYPTO-Analyst
BTC dominance update 👆

What I see here is BTC dominance is reaching the next strong resistance area (around 69-70%)

I don't see Dominance will breakout this level
what I believe is dominance will drop from here, also BTC will take a chill pill for a while
and we will see a good alt season

Yes, Dominance will drop I strongly feel that
Yes, Once dominance drops ALTS will spike

#ALTSzN within a week or two
Yes ALTSzN is coming 👆
Nice BTC Dominance Update By @TecnicalCrypto
7M contracts bought at $10268
9.85M contracts bought at $10210

And BTC Pump 📈
Forwarded from Trading Crypto Coach VIP
#POLY has a very active Dev. Team behind
and few days back they Already Released Polymath Core v2.0 on MainNET
Forwarded from Trading Crypto Coach VIP
#POLY Will Soon Reach Beyond 1000 Satoshi
Just Let The Alt Szn Come

it Will Spike Up
Forwarded from Trading Crypto Coach VIP
Soon hit 700
Forwarded from Trading Crypto Coach VIP
That's The FOMO in POLY
Hold What We Said

Just HodL
IF You Sell Now You Will Regret Later

Don't Sell Now, Hold for More Gain
Forwarded from Trading Crypto Coach VIP
Did You Know #POLY is More Than 10x Down from ATH
What Does it Tell You

It Will Do Good in ALT Season

See The FOMO 🚀
750 Satoshi Target is Next for #POLY
Crazy Volume Coming in #POLY
Moon Time

Just Keep Hodling
#POLY Already TOP Gainer
More FOMO is About To Come
Wait for That FOMO
POLY Technical Review

Bullish Divergence = Bullish
Bottomed Out = Bullish
More Than 10x Down from ATH

Better You Just Hold #POLY
Buy again poly