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Forwarded from Trading Crypto Coach VIP
ALSO, Keep Eyes on #BTT Too

Grab Some at 15 Satoshi and Wait

Targets: 17 - 18 - 19 - 🚀
#BTT was Posted Earlier Too 👆
Already 2 Targets Chased
#SYS Binance

Entry at: 860 - 885 Satoshi
Targets: 926 - 965 - 998 - 1049 - 1200+

Mid-Term Holders Can Expect 2x Profits

STOP at: 815 Satoshi
Keep Eyes on Low Sats Coin Plz
Vol Spike we see
Bull 🤳

Up-trend on Smaller Time Frame
Low Satoshi Coin

Heavy Volume Spike We See

Targeting 350 - 370 - 390 - 450+
Expecting Another Short BULL RUN in ALTS Now
Let's See

Every Single Coin is Being Accumulated By Whales 📈
BTC What a Jump 📈
From 8000 > 8900+

That's Around 900 Dollars Jump Within Few Hrs.

ALTS Dumped As Expected 📉
BTC Amazing Prediction By @TechnicalCrypto
Check Them Out 👆

Yesterday They Said BTC Incoming Move
And it Happened 🚀
Again Hyped By Justin Sun👆
#BTT Big News 📈

BTFS Launching on 30th May
( BTFS Stands for BitTorrent File System )
BTC at it's $8800 Resistance
Can We See 10K Anytime Soon 🚀