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News and updates regarding the Trace Web Extension
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News about Trace updates:
At the moment I currently don't have much time to work on Trace, I am aware of the issues that have been raised and will get updates out to address them as soon as I have the time to do so. This is only temporary and I will be doing more work on Trace in the future.
News about Trace updates:

Development on Trace has started again, and some large changes are planned for the user interface as well as the underlying code that runs Trace's protections.

Beta updates will be coming out on Chrome, if you would like to test the new version please email me at or message me on Telegram.

This version will be updated regularly and so will not be tested as well as stable releases of Trace so if you do decide to request the beta expect bugs.

For those who do not wish to participate in the beta, I'm hoping to have an update out early 2020.

Thanks for your patience
For those who would like to participate in the beta, or for those who already have contacted me, the beta version is now available as a direct download via a new update channel:

This new method of distributing the beta is due to Google making the process of pushing updates quite difficult.

As always, feedback is welcome, you can email me at or message me on Telegram.

Trace 3.0 Released! (Firefox Only)

It has been a long time since the last major Trace update so this one is a big one!

Enabled new settings UI
Soon Trace will be available for the new Microsoft Edge browser!
Updated Chart.js from 2.8.0 to 2.9.3
Move content of information panel to separate page
Changed scope of variables to improve code quality
Changed minimum version of Chrome from 32 to 41
Move protection scope chooser into table UI
Change whitelist protections UI to use traffic controls instead of checkboxes
Moved all protections to new more efficient injection method
Canvas Fingerprinting code updated
WebGL fingerprinting code more efficient
Audio fingerprinting code updated
Battery API fingerprinting code updated
Network information spoofer code updated
Fixed issue with blocked page
Made preference changes more efficient
Made alarm events more efficient
Improved efficiency of Google Header protection code
WebGL image hash now properly spoofed
WebGL report hash has more parameters modified
Change whitelist protections UI in report page
Updated User-Agent list
Added configuration options for getClientRects protection
Move Trace options into their own UI section
Updated research sources
Updated CSS for mobile devices
Updated screen resolution settings, added depth modification support
Updated screen resolution protection methods
Updated useragent protection code
Improved overview text refresh function
Started work on French translations
Added new GPU models

Please note: This update is only available for Firefox at the moment, a Chrome update will be released as soon as Google get their act together and let me release one.
Trace 3.0.1 Released! (Firefox only)

Testing fix for Canvas Fingerprinting and Client Rects protection
Updated meta data for better compatibility with Firefox
Trace - News & Updates pinned «Trace 3.0 Released! (Firefox Only) It has been a long time since the last major Trace update so this one is a big one! Changelog: Enabled new settings UI Soon Trace will be available for the new Microsoft Edge browser! Updated Chart.js from 2.8.0 to 2.9.3…»
Trace 3.0.2 Released (Firefox only)

Fixed issue with WebGL string
Updated Canvas Fingerprinting random values
Fixed firefox meta data issue
Trace News Announcement:

Trace v3 is now available through the new Microsoft Edge Addon store!

Hopefully Trace v3 will be pushed to Chrome by next week. Meanwhile Firefox users are able to enjoy all the latest features and protection improvements that Trace v3 can offer!

As always, please contact me via Telegram or email if you have any issues or feature suggestions.
Trace News Announcement:

The Trace v3 update for Chrome has been delayed further.
This is due to Google rejecting the extension from the webstore. I cannot give an estimate as to when the update will be released as I need to figure out what to change in order for them to approve it and then wait for them to do so.

I apologise to the Chrome users for this delay.
Trace 3.0.3 Released (Firefox & Edge only)

Updated CSS for small screens
Clean up code
Work on Font Fingerprinting Protection (for 3.1)
Trace 3.0.4 Released (Firefox & Edge only)

Please note: This update is being reviewed by Google for Chrome

Fixed rare bug with Hardware Fingerprinting protection
Fixed issue with runtime variable
Trace News Announcement:

Trace v3.0.4 has been pushed to Google Chrome
Trace 3.0.5 Released (Firefox only)

Please note this update is under review for Chrome and Edge

Updated User Agents
Added temporary fix for Google docs
Updated CSS for future feature