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Touriva 2.0

Touriva plans to create a global distributed travel and tourism network with independent providers around the world collaborating through the blockchain to provide a pleasing and uniform customer travel experience.
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We are pleased to announced our first of many articles regarding our transition to Touriva 2.0!
This is our biggest release to date and we are really excited to share it with you.
If you have any questions regarding this update feel free to ask them at Discord #general or at Telegram TOURIVA | Community and we will do our best to answer them.
We are happy to announce that we have published our second article in the Touriva2.0 series.
In this article we will be going over our short and long term goals.
I think it is time for a little bit of an update on the Touriva2.0 update.

During our testing with the Safecoin assetchain technology we have found out that it isn't as mature as we had liked, we ran into multiple problems which would require us to do a lot of work to get some basic functionality such as PoS working.

Because of this we have started looking for alternatives ways to bring the same technology to Touriva. It looks like we have found a viable option in Verus' PBaaS. We are currently in contact with them and exploring our options. Our initial impressions so far are that Verus' PBaaS technolgy has everything that we are looking for and more. along side this they are willing to support us with the technical knowhow on how to setup and maintain the blockchain. On top of that they will also offered help with the transition from Touriva 1.0 to Touriva 2.0 using a faucet system in their wallet. for those interested in this technology you can read more here:

So where does this leave the current Touriva 2.0 upgrade.
As you can probably imagine we will sadly have to delay this upgrade.
We don't have a time frame as to when Verus PBaas will officially be released to the public.
We are getting an early test version for us to develop on but we can't launch the chain before the actual PBaaS release had been released to the public.
So in the mean time we have pledged our devotion to building some other products we are currently looking into what we can best put our time into.
This can be anything that will bring value to the Touriva ecosystem, so a Mobile wallet, Crypto earn platform, or something else.

If you have a good idea or are willing to help out developing something feel free to reach out to us here or in DM.

You can also expect to see a new and improved website in the coming weeks and a revised whitepaper going into more detail as to what we want to accomplish in our upcoming releases.
Touriva public meeting

The team and myself (Discord/Martin) would like to invite you to our first public meeting.

In this meeting we want to talk with everyone about our upcoming Touriva 2.0 update and the future progress of the project.

The meeting will take place on Saturday the 21st of November @ 17:00 UTC.

This meeting is open to everyone no matter how much you have invested in Touirva. In preparation for this meeting we would like to ask everyone to leave any questions they might have in the Discord #questions channel.
All of these questions will be answered during the meeting.

We hope to talk to you there
Touriva Team
The Touriva team want to thank @CamolWarrior for this amazing community edit...
--> It's definitely worth a watch !!