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Toshify Finance is a community driven project to build real DeFi products.
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Forwarded from REHAN
How to bridge FAST tokens to BSC?

In order to successfully cross over the bridge from ETH to BSC. You’ll need a Metamask wallet holding $FAST and some $ETH to cover the bridge fee.

For those holding on a CEX, you'll need to send your $FAST tokens to your Metamask wallet, along with ETH to cover the fees.

Please configure BSC network to your Metamask (If you haven't already) to see your $FAST Tokens after completing the steps. To configure the Binance network to your Metamask wallet please follow the steps below:

1. Open your Metamask wallet
2. On the top where it says “Ethereum Mainnet” Click on the arrow to open the dropdown
3. Select “Custom RPC”
4. Copy and paste the following for each field:
Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:
5.Click on “Save”


Now let's bridge some tokens.

1. On your browser open:
2. Connect your wallet to Multichain by clicking “Connect Wallet” on the top right (If you get an error “Wrong network” make sure you're on the Ethereum Network in Metamask)
3. Below “From”, Select the Multichain icon and search FAST
4. Select the FAST token with the ETH icon
To bridge ETH to BSC you select first the icon with ETH
To bridge BSC to ETH you first select the icon with BSC
7. Enter the amount you want to bridge.
8. Click on “Transfer”
9. Metamask will open for you to confirm the gas price, Click on confirm once you’re ready.


This may take 1 - 5 minutes. Once completed, to see you BSC Fast tokens Follow steps below:

1. Open Metamask
2. Click on “Ethereum Network ”
3. Select the Binance Network

If FAST isn't showing in your wallet on the Binance network, you will need to add the token address to show your holdings.

BSC Token Address:
Forwarded from REHAN have completed Fast Swap. Trading will begin in few hours.
Forwarded from REHAN have completed Fast Swap. Trading will begin in few hours.
Forwarded from REHAN have completed Fast Swap. Trading will begin in few hours.
Forwarded from REHAN
LaunchSpot update:

There will be Five Tiers. One Tier will be for public whitelist. Four Tiers for Fast & Duke Holders. All four Tiers will be guaranteed allocation for Fast & Duke holders
We have a lot going right now in pipeline:
1. We are almost through implementing aggregator on
2. Fastswap new design implementation just kickoff
3. Cointools design and development coming through
4. Launchspot development on top gear to final launch 🚀
5. NFT marketingplace api issues will be totally fix soon and we launch.

The team spirit is high to launch two products this month and impressive updates on fastswap advance features. Thenks for your support and understanding.
Forwarded from REHAN
I understand that the community is anxious because of the delay in launching NFT Marketplace & LaunchSpot. It might seem like we are only working on this, but that's not the case. There has been major progress over the last two months

1) Liquidity aggregator for both Ethereum Network & Binance Smart Chain is getting closed to full launch. We never talked about this product, but now we are getting close to full launch

2) Cointools website design is completed. Fast holders will enjoy pro features for free

3) Complete revamp and update of FastSwap website have started

4) Swap features such as limit orders, stop loss and more is being developed

5) NFT marketplace only api issues remained. Everything else is completed

6) LaunchSpot is in advance stage. We will support IDOs for different network such as Solana, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon, etc

7) Bridge to transfer token between different networks is in development

8) Farms v5 will be completed and ready for launch when v4 ends

9) Single side Fast Staking to launch next month

Progress is being done on multiple front. Even if we want, development is not completed in days. It takes time. Trust the process. We keep the community updated on every aspect of development, even if there are issues. We are transparent. When the time comes, product launch will be combined with marketing.

Market condition is not good. Not only Fast, every token and project is affected. This, too, will pass. It takes just a bit of a stable market situation and good product launches to change the sentiments and with it the price. We are getting ready for it; that's why we building and working on products. We are not planning for next few days or weeks but rather months and quarters. Trust that we will launch more products than what we promise
Forwarded from REHAN
Good morning/evening everyone. As promised we are working towards more marketing push

Tomorrow - Friday we will have more influencers and groups posting about us

Ads on different pages and channels will be starting in couple of days. Confirmed from our side waiting for them to start. Shill post about LaunchSpot will be pushed on multiple channels

We are also talking with an agency for a top celebrity. If we can verify authenticity we will work together
Forwarded from Dontoshi
🔥 Two Launches!! Friday, 10 June 2022 🔥

⚔️ NFT Marketplace & Seamammon NFT Collection ⚔️

👉🏻 Cost: 0.15 BNB / One Seamammon
👉🏻 Site:

List your NFTs with $Fast or $Duke and get 50% discount on fees!

Time: 12 pm UTC
Forwarded from REHAN
Seamammon Collection will undergo the changes and correction: It will now be assorted and mixed rarity. Page will be offline, temporarily to prevent mints. More update once it is live again
Forwarded from REHAN
We will be having a buy competition this upcoming week. Once details are finalized, I will post an announcement
Forwarded from REHAN
All issues of NFT Marketplace have been fixed. Latest codes will be pushed to server later today. Once completed, I will update the community again. Thanks for all the feedback
Forwarded from REHAN
Marketing Poll

Do front page banner ad on AVE DEX (all 3 Websites) or do AMA at Caesars Call first
Anonymous Poll
AMA first
Banner Ad first
This will be the new design of cointools homepage as we promised to build tools and features that will allow traders to discover the top performing projects on every chain starting with bsc. This will also allow projects to submit their projects to be listed and rank base on their performance etc.