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Registration for our Fall 2021 season has closed, we ended up with 50 teams including 8 new teams to the league!! You can see how the divisions are shaping up on the website under the football > standings page. Just a heads up, I might move some teams around to even up the divisions. As mentioned before, any schedule request are due today by noon. But before you send in your request, please make sure you have sent in at minimal a $250 team deposit.

I will be working on the schedules starting this evening (8/11/21), it is a long process that involves a lot of swearing, questioning my will to live, wondering where things went wrong, and eventually a lot of wine consumption. Speaking of wine consumption, because we are having our wine tournament this Saturday, the schedules release will be delayed until Monday evening. I will probably release the week 1 schedule when completed on Sunday just so you have time to plan your week.

Again, please get your schedule requests in by today at noon!



Previous sent information on the fall 2021 season
Please only send in your schedule request after payment has been sent

Payments can be made 2 ways:
1. Via Paypal to
2. Via Venmo Patrick-McGovern-8

Teams will be limited to only 2 schedule requests this season. (game times will be 10am, 11am, noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm) Early games are considered 10-12, late games are considered 1-3pm. After you have registered and paid in full, you may then send in your schedule requests. Please do so in a separate email with your team name and division in the subject line.

• Please remember that ref fees are not included and each team must pay $25/ref fee per game (paid at the coin flip)
• Each player must sign a waiver prior to playing this session. Waivers can be found at
• Rosters will be limited to 12 people. If you have not sent in a roster, please do so immediately.
• Only rostered players are allowed to play. If you are caught using a player not on your roster, you will forfeit the game
• If you require a sub, please reach out the to request a sub.
• Top 8 teams in each division make the playoffs.

Terms & Conditions and FAQs
1. All players must be 21 years of age and over to play.
2. All Players Must Have a new signed waiver on file for the calendar year, please fill it out here
3. Rules & Schedules can be found under Downloads section on the website
4. Check the football page for divisions/standings and upcoming games/results.
5. For those of you new to the league, be sure to check out the Godfathers page. There you will find insights into this weeks games and predictions as well. Very good reading entertainment can be found here!
6. Substitutions -please send an email to the sublist master by the Thursday before your game regarding using subs. (
7. You and your teammates are encouraged to sign up for our telegram channel, it’s the first place we’ll announce if there are any cancellations and other league news.
8. The best way to get a hold of Topper is through telegram: this is preferred over normal text messaging.
9. Team Fees Please note, Payment will be due in Full upon registration
• Team Fee: $450
• Forfeit Fee: $50
• Total Amount due: $500
• (note- if you did not forfeit a game in the previous season, the $50 forfeit fee will be reimbursed at the end of the season, or carried over to your next season registration)
• If you are unable to field a team for the upcoming week, you must notify us by 5pm on the Thursday prior to your game to avoid being charged the $50 forfeit fee.
10. Schedule Requests: Teams will be limited to only 2 schedule requests this season. (game times will be 10am, 11am, noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm) Early games are considered 10-12, late games are considered 1-3pm. After you have registered and paid, you may then send in your schedule requests. Please do so in a separate email with your team name and division in the subject line.
11. Topper Sports reserves the right to alter divisions as necessary based on registrations, knowledge of rosters, competitiveness of individuals, and to even out divisions
12. The web site is for entertainment purposes only, any reference to you or your teammates or people who pop over here from other leagues may or may not be true, or slightly exaggerated.

Players playing on Multiple Teams:
My primary concern is players playing on multiple teams, it’s becoming a huge issue and we can go a couple different ways on this. People love Saturday football, and hanging out all day, and lets face it, the last year we’ve been couped up, so I’m kind of leaning towards allowing more of this so long as rosters are handed in ahead of time so that teams can be in their proper divisions. But I also want to keep the competitiveness of our divisions in mind.

We have to have some rules/limitations such as the following:
1. If a player can’t play, another player cannot sub in for him/her. For example, Aaron plays for Hobrahaus, but can’t play for Tox at 2pm, Tox cannot ask for Drew to fill in, they can get a sub off the sublist if needed, but that’s it.
2. Players who play on one team cannot get added to a roster once the season is started. For example, Tox registers for D5, season starts, then they try and add Aaron to their roster, this won’t be allowed. Once the season begins rosters are set.
3. A player cannot play on two teams within the same division.
4. Topper Sports reserves the right to move a team from one division into another division more suitable of their competitiveness.
5. Females that play on all gender team as well as a primary team may not play on a second team.
6. Do not take advantage of this, do not try to stack teams in lower divisions, and no more than 2 maybe 3 players from D1 and D2 teams can be on lower team rosters(think winter session rosters)
An even bigger concern though is come playoffs, there are going to be conflicts. I have some flexibility with the schedule round 1, but the semi’s and finals are locked in.
If a player plays on two teams, and those two teams happen to play at the same time, said player cannot jump from team to team, they can only choose to play for one of their teams, even if one game ends earlier they cannot go and play for their second team.


Here is the week 1 schedule, the rest of the schedule will be completed tomorrow
does any team out there need a QB? how about a girl? if so, shoot topper a message
schedules are just being reviewed and will be out later today pending any major issues :)
Master Schedule Fall 2021 R1.pdf
465.3 KB
here is the Fall 2021 schedule
week 1 field assignment's and ref schedule
Do we have an electrician in the league? If so please come into the bar..ask for scott
Please see the below message from the Veterans One-stop Center of WNY. For the next two Saturdays we will be collecting items at the fields. If you can please help out and pass this along to your teammates, it would be great for the TSL to come through in a big way for them.

Thank You,


From: Katherine Zunner <>
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2021 11:33 AM
Subject: Donation

Good morning!

Here is list of items that we could use for the Stand Down event. It is the 20th anniversary of the event in Buffalo and it is a resource event for veterans that are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It is open to all veterans though, because they’re great resources for all to know. If you wanted to do a collection at football that would be awesome, we’d greatly appreciate it. All of the items will still need to be in packaging.

We are in need of the following:
• Socks
• Underwear- all sizes
• Soap
• Shampoo
• Toothbrushes/Toothpaste
• Blankets

Kathy Zunner
Chief Development Officer
Veterans One-stop Center of WNY
1280 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14209
716-898-0110 ext.131 |

Thank you to those of you who brought donations out to the fields this past Saturday. Once again you came through in a big way for us. We will still be collecting this Saturday, so if you can pass this along to your teammates, we’d appreciate it. We will also have the wheel of Prizes and Punishments setup featuring $5.00 spins and your chance to win various prizes or deal with various punishments, just a fun way to raise funds for a great charity event.

We are still in need of the following:
• New Socks
• New Underwear- all sizes
• New Blankets

Thank You,

here is this weeks schedule in case you haven't seen it on the website.
updated schedule for this week. added a couple 9am games, and at 11am and noon i switched a couple D1 games around. please double check, a couple of you have double headers.
just moved a 3pm game to 9am. saturday looks like another great weather day!!
Morning All, here is the playoff schedule for this saturday October 16th
As you might be aware, the weather forecast for tomorrow is not looking great. It does look like things won’t be as bad as it looked earlier this week. (Practice Squad Players can stop reading here because you didn’t make the playoffs and this email doesn’t apply to you)

So regarding tomorrow: we will try to get the games in, there might be some delays, we will keep you posted as best we can. Our telegram channel this will be the only way you’ll know about the games tomorrow. It will be wet, so bring raingear and extra clothing. There are a lot of unknowns at this time, maybe we get all of the games in, which would be ideal. Depending on what happens tomorrow, we might push next weeks games back a couple time slots and try to get all playoff games in next Saturday (if we have enough time slots to handle that) or we push things back a week and play championship games on October 30th. Again, we just have to wait and see. I know a lot of people are heading to Nashville or might have plans on the 30th, nothing is set in stone and everything is weather dependent.

On a totally different topic, I have been asked to “watch the bar” tonight at Cabernet Café from 6-10pm. If you like wine, or just want to bother me about football stuff, stop on out.
Cabernet Café is located at 9 N Ellicott St, Williamsville, NY 14221

Games are canceled for today.
Save the Date: Fall 2021 Season Banquet will be on Friday January 14th, 2022 at The Hotel Lafayette
Save the date!! TSL Christmas Pub crawl Saturday December 11th.
anyone looking for a staycation, check out rates and availability for my house in Ellicottville, and use Promotion code TSL when booking