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Top DeFi Projects based on Annualized Revenue

We believe that crypto protocols aimed at adoption should share conceptual similarities with traditional companies. Specifically for a fair evaluation of DeFi projects, cash flows and revenues should be considered, as one the best marks for determining an objective cost and potential. In fact, the lower the ratio of the fully diluted market cap to approximate revenue, the more fair current project’s estimation. Data by
$FYZ | 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

🎻 What is Fyooz?

Fyooz empowers you to invest in anything you love. It can be your favourite artist, brand or influencer. Fyooz combines the power of Social Media with state-of-the-art Fintech solutions – in a decentralized way.

Medium :

🎻 Token Metrics

Total Supply
: 50,000,000 $FYZ
Circulating Supply: 650,000 $FYZ
Initial Market Cap: ~275k

Presale Terms
Presale 1 - $0.45 (50% initial, 25% for another 2 months)
Presale 2 - $0.55 (25% initial, 25% for another 3 months)
Listing Price : $1.50

🎻 Uniswap Listing and Liquidity

Listing in Uniswap in August with liquidity pool of 150 $ETH & 40k $FYZ

🎻 With a tokenization platform built on a DEX, anyone can open an account, create a token and promote that token to the Fyooz universe and to their own fans.

We have participated in the PRESALE and are looking forward to the listing event.

See you on the moon!
#Aegis is proud to launch "Private-sale Allocation Contest" as our tribute and thanks to the COMMUNITY💪

🏆The reserved and last available $30K of $AGS Private-sale Allocation will be rewarded to the 3 winners of the Contest‼️

Find more info here👇:
From 12th August to 17th August 2020, users can deposit and hold FET tokens in their Bitfinex wallet to be eligible for rewards.

In order to be eligible, the user’s deposit needs to be among the first 500,000 FET tokens deposited into Bitfinex wallets on that day.

Only the first 50,000 FET tokens deposited by the user will be eligible for the reward. Every day, a total of 50,000 FET tokens will be distributed to eligible users on a pro rata basis.

FET withdrawals will be enabled on Bitfinex when FET based pairs get listed on 18th August.

Click for more details
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WARREN BUFFET: "I was wrong" Hyperinflation Inevitable, Bitcoin Mania 2020, Altcoin Update - Programmer explains

YBDAO Overview

YBDAO is a fork of CBDAO, a DAO, focused on researching and developing efficient Decentralized Consensus Protocols (DCP) on the blockchain, but with integrated a yield-aware farming aspect that allows governance token holders to not only farm YBREE by locking MKR, COMP, YAM, YFI etc. but also use the underlying tokens to farm on their own protocols. Public sale on Bamboo Relay to be launched on August 17th, 12 PM UTC.

Site 👉
TG 👉 @yieldbreederdaogroup
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There would be no Gas war. All of us have been paying too much gas in the past few weeks and we dont intend to cause anymore hussle.

There would be a cap of 1-3 ETH / person to spread out to as many people as possible.

The details will be announced soon.

PS. No Auction as well, we DO NOT intend to raise more than we need.

PS2. There is NO TOKEN SALES / LISTING going on right now, please beware of scammers!!!!
Top 7 Upcoming Low Cap DeFi Projects

The TVL in DeFi has just crossed $6 billion mark. The amount of the projects aiming (at least on words) to reshape financial space through blockchain is enormous. But there is still a space to grow and develop, and lots of projects are coming into market. We compiled a list of promising low cap DeFi projects, that are going to enter the market with public sale or initial listing soon.
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This week in Crypto- week 33

— Major South Korean bank, KB Kookmin Bank, joined the crypto custody business
— Grayscale launched ad campaign, telling investors to move to digital currencies
— DEX protocol Uniswap added nearly 58,000 users in July
— Decentralized exchange 1inch has closed $2.8M USD private fund
— IBM executive revealed plans to help banks capitalize on DeFi
— Hong Kong’s Greater Bay area to launch China’s Digital Yuan
— CoinMarketCap launched earn program, rewards starting with BAND
— Coinbase to offer Bitcoin-backed loans to US customers
— South Korean city to issue Blockchain-based payments aimed at the elderly
— Crypto Exchange INX plans $117M US IPO with small Israeli underwriter

🔹 Cool tech fact:
The current CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, rented her garage to Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September of 1998. The two men had just incorporated their new company, Google

💬 Quote of the day:
“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh

🔹 Brought to you by @GainsANN
​​The Biggest University Program on a Layer 1 Network Just Launched on the Oasis Network!

Oasis Foundation partners with over 25 top universities and university clubs
from Cambridge, Oxford, and Berkeley to further enable its mission of building a responsible data economy.
In an effort to connect universities with other members and experts within the Oasis Network ecosystem, the Oasis Foundation has partnered with a number of infrastructure and community partners, like Bison Trails, to work with universities to provide technical and staking support. Support from infrastructure and community partners include Bison Trails, Blockdaemon, En[code] Club, and Simply VC, who will work with universities to provide technical and staking support as needed.

Projects with Possible Coinbase Listing by Price Performance in the last 30 days

During the last 30 days, Coinbase and Coinbase Pro have announced listings of Band Protocol (BAND) and Numeraire (NMR) tokens, that caused their rapid growth of several Xs. So we decided to consider the top 15 projects by price performance in the last 30 days, that have the potential of Coinbase and Coinbase Pro listings, based on current Coinbase Custody listings, Coinbase Ventures investments and previous Coinbase announcements about explorations of new assets for the listing.
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