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Dear Tokeny community,

We have won KPMG Luxembourg Fintech Awards! We're absolutely ecstatic to be awarded with this trophy given the level of all of the other FinTech's participating. What an honour!

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"Euronext, the leading exchange in the Eurozone, announced today that it has subscribed the entire €5 million capital increase of #tokenization platform Tokeny Solutions."

The investment complements Euronext’s position in the nascent #digitalasset industry through the use of our token management expertise.

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Tokeny Solutions powers the first #blockchain #realestate transaction in Luxembourg.

Our CEO commented, “We see real estate as one of the key asset classes that drives the adoption of #tokenization. Tokenization brings the opportunity to a wider group of investors and in the long term will bring liquidity to an asset where it has been non-existent.”

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Bakari supports the launch of the first property-backed security token in Africa.

"The technology is there to issue compliant tokenized securities but the distribution side is still building. Marketplaces like Bakari, with high-quality projects and access to investors are fundamental for this industry to grow. We’re delighted to be working with them and like-minded firms."

-- Luc Falempin, CEO Tokeny Solutions

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We are thrilled to announce our partner Black Manta Capital Partners issued a German real estate security token offering, and we are glad to see the growth in adoption of the T-REX security token protocol.

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We are delighted to announce that we have been chosen to be the tokenization provider for Principality of Monaco 🇲🇨.

The initiative will take advantage of a new regulatory framework and will welcome projects with environmental and social impacts to the nation for fundraising. The first offering will be from an Oscar-winning filmmaker who is financing his next documentary.

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