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TLS Tunnel 4.1.1 [300].apk
17.8 MB
Bug fix when importing the latest files.

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TLS Tunnel 4.2.0 [307].apk
18.3 MB
Finally the private server (SSH) is available for all Android versions!
Improved connection methods: It is now possible to use ssl/tls proxy with official servers like cdn websockets (official host:
And some more bug fixes

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TLS Tunnel Updates
TLS Tunnel 4.2.0 [307].apk
🟢 Tutorial 🟢
(TLS Tunnel version 4.2.0_307 or later)

Many internet providers use Cloudflare's CDN in their portals and this makes it possible to connect to third party servers.

Use these configs as a template to configure Cloudflare's Websocket CDN with official TLS Tunnel servers and private servers.

The domain used as a proxy will dynamically resolve to a Cloudflare Websocket CDN according to your country, carrier or region.

Is possible that the IP dynamically resolved through this domain does not work as expected, in this case, if you are an experienced user, you can manually set the CDN IP used by your provider, enabling the VPN connection to be established.

This technique can guarantee unlimited and unrestricted access to the internet, and that's what most TLS Tunnel users are looking for.
Depending on the laws in your country or the contract with your internet provider, you may be punished for enjoying this type of technique.
TLS Tunnel is only a tool and is not responsible for any inconvenience or harm that you may suffer from enjoying it.
TLS Tunnel Updates
🇧🇷 For some carriers in Brazil 🇧🇷
Replace the proxy address from the template configuration with the address below with your carrier's name:
Due to a bug that was causing the connection freeze in the latest versions of TLS Tunnel, the intranet feature is being disabled until the next update is released and installed by a certain number of users.
TLS Tunnel 4.2.1 [312].apk
18.4 MB
Fixed the bug that was causing the connection freeze.
Small reduction in interstitial ad display frequency.

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TLS Tunnel 4.3.0 [319].apk
18.4 MB
Pro version subscription available again!
Now you will have the option to pay a monthly fee to have access to all official servers for unlimited time and without any ads!
Improved detection of connection status (Connecting, Reconnecting, Stopping, Stopped and Connected)
Interface changes: The description of closed files will no longer be centered on the screen, and when exporting it will be possible to preview the message in HTML.
Some icons and dimensions were also changed, to make the app more pleasant and understandable.

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TLS Tunnel 4.3.1 [320].apk
18.4 MB
Added option "Block Root and DevMode" to export cfg files
Improved support to Android 12

Download TLS Tunnel 4.3.1 [320]
DNSTT Domain Updated, update your server list!
TLS Tunnel 4.3.3 [323].apk
16 MB
Improved compatibility with Android 12
Update of some implementations
SOAX Removed

Download TLS Tunnel 4.3.3 [323]
〽️ Year-end promotion for the pro subscription!

Pro subscription price has been reduced to BRL 5.99 (approximately USD 1) by the end of the year, take the opportunity to get rid of ads and have unlimited access without interruption.
💚 Happy New Year to everybody! 💚
I thank you all for using and trusting my work, I wish you all prosperity and free internet without censorship and without limits 😁

〽️Today will be the last day of the pro subscription discount, enjoy!
TLS Tunnel 4.4.0 [324].apk
16.2 MB
Updated OpenSSL 1.1.1m, Appodeal 2.11.0, and official server root domains
Improved compatibility with Android 12

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TLS Tunnel DNSTT 1.1.0 [11].apk
10.8 MB
Improved compatibility with Android 12

Download TLS Tunnel DNSTT 1.1.0 [11]
TLS Tunnel 4.4.1 [325].apk
16.2 MB
Improved integrity checking.
Fixed list in app filter on Android 11 and newer

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TLS Tunnel 4.4.2 [327].apk
16.1 MB
Improved server list loading.
Updated Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.
Possible correction of some ANRs.

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TLS Tunnel 4.4.3 [331].apk
16.6 MB
Correction of some bugs and security improvement.

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TLS Tunnel 4.4.4 [332].apk
16.6 MB
OpenSSL 1.1.1n Update
Bug fix in app filter setting
Fixed debug detection (false positives)

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