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​​Local wallet v. 1.1.5 release for macOS, Windows and Linux

πŸ•Ί The agony of waiting is over, meet multithread mining and other great features for Windows and macOS, plus updated version for Linux

The updated versions are already available for download!

βœ… Here is what's new in v.1.1.5:

- multithread mining launch on Window (for the first time);
- mining chances for different hardware are more balanced now;
- mining now can work in the background mode and use less resources;
- Tkeycoin Daemon work in the background as a service, and you can manage it right from your OC terminal;
- mining crash on feeless transactions fixed;
- new simplified commands for console mining;
- other minor improvements and bug fixes.

➑️ Download 1.1.5 version for Windows -
➑️ Download 1.1.5 version for macOS -
➑️ Download 1.1.5 version for Linux -

πŸ”Ž Learn more about 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 version -

Download, install, enjoy :)

Sincerely yours,
Tkeycoin team

⚠️ Tkeycoin listing is re-scheduled for 6th of September

➑️ Official announcement can be found here -

The information on our website as well as in emails, promos and other sources has been planned before so please do not panic.

⏰ Final date of TKEY listing is September 6, 12 pm GMT+3

​​Dear investors and Tkeycoin platform users,

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό We inform you that we will organize a live stream with TKEY CEO Maxim Yakimov this evening. We will answer all the questions you have as detailed as possible.

❗️Kindly request you to keep calm, the time and link will be published in our social media accounts as it will become available.

Thank you for your patience,
Tkeycoin team

​​Windows local wallet update

We are introducing an updated version of Tkeycoin local wallet for Windows. If you face any problems with yesterday's release, this one is just for you.

➑️ Download Tkeycoin Core v.1.1.5 for Windows -

Please note that this version works steadily only if installing it over version. So, we highly recommend to install v. before setting up the 1.1.5 one.

⚠️ Installation guide:

Download and install version -
Launch Tkeycoin Core and wait for blocks sync to complete. Close the app;
Run 1.1.5 installation package. It will take up to 34 seconds.

🀝 Enjoy your multi thread mining and other great features.

Tkeycoin team


Tonight, TKEY DMCC management held a meeting with the market advisers. The subject of the meeting was an upcoming BitForex listing.

As a result, we have decided to reject the platform and cancel all the scheduled trades. TKEY will be listed on other exchanges this month.

❗️ The reasons for cancelling and detailed info on the new exchanges will be announced later today, before 9 pm GMT+3.

Tkeycoin Team

​​Not about BitForex, but about our local wallet. Due to all the problems and bugs, some users face with the 1.5 version on Windows, we have developed a new installation package that will do everything for you. No need for version anymore, no need to do something special - download and install.

➑️ Download here -

⚠️ This version is far more stable and secure. Thus we recommend installing it for all TKEY users. Additionally, we would like to highlight the fact that all crashes and errors during mining are caused not by the client you use but by the network updates that are currently ongoing.

🀝 Anyway, to improve Tkeycoin Core even further, we need your feedback and your error logs. We thank those who regularly send their debug files to and ask every user to follow the example.

If you face any errors or crashes while using Tkeycoin local wallet or installing it, please send a short problem description, screenshots and log file to It will help our team to solve your problems as soon as possible and optimize the software for thousands.

πŸŒ€ Today's Windows OC has numerous different versions; thus, there are plenty of various bugs and errors. The logs you send to help us to fix everything ASAP and predict future problems for thousands.

Just a reminder, you can get debug.log file using GUI. Navigate to Help - Debug Console - Information, and press Open debug.log button.

πŸ“ You can also find the file manually. Follow the path for your OS:

Ubuntu: ~/.tkeycoin/
Win: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\TKeycoin\
Mac: ~/Library/Application/Support/TKeycoin/

🌎 Describe your problems, send your logs - let us make Tkeycoin better and more stable together.

❗️ But, if something extraordinary happens during 1.5 version installation, just complete these three simple steps:

1. Delete the app using Control Panel, Apps & Features;
2. Delete Tkeycoin folder in Program Files directory on your PC;
3. Install the new version.

Your Tkeycoin team

β€‹β€‹πŸŒƒ Tonight TKEY management had a meeting with the company's advisers and professional traders.

As a result, the list of possible exchanges for TKEY listing is now ready, and we are already conducting an in-depth audition of each of them.

πŸŒ‡ We will contact some of them tomorrow. The preliminary list and upcoming listing details will be available in our social networks this Friday, right after finishing all the verification process.

Tkeycoin team

​​Tkeycoin users are waiting for mobile wallet release, and our support service knows it better than anyone else. Where are the mobile apps, and why does it take so long? When will I be able to download Tkeycoin on the iPhone? The answer to those questions and some other is right here.

πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ Even though we have already answered it many times, it is never redundant to speak about it again. You know that mobile wallet on iOS and Android is scheduled for release this Autumn, right after the exchange listing. Sure, thousands of users want it to be released before the trading starts, but trust us - only this exact consistency makes a sense. Firstly, mobile launch after the international listing will attract additional attention of investors and investments itself. Significant investments, for a minute, and that is the second point. And the third reason/point is that if the app has been launched earlier, it would be the app of a very different level in all aspects.

πŸ“Ί Yes, this might be an even more important reason than the previous two since it will affect your daily experience with Tkeycoin mobile wallet. Initially, we wanted a mobile app to be a desktop wallet reflection with the ability to send, receive, and hold, with a simple design and nothing special. Later on, after analyzing all the contemporary trends, we have concluded that we need something more significant.

Millions and billions of people spend the most time with their smartphones; we live in the era of smartphones, and a mobile app should bring to users something unique. We want it to be Tkeycoin's primary platform, so we are going to make it an ecosystem. What does it mean? It means cross-currency exchanges, online and offline FNC payments, accounts, investment, crypto-fiat exchanges, and many more. During the mobile app development, we have three times changed its design as well as its architecture.

πŸ“¦ First versions of Tkeycoin mobile wallet were some monolith software, which was hard to update and develop further. Since we are releasing numerous services and products, our mobile app should be able to easily and fast adjust to every single platform's update. And thanks to the current architecture, Tkeycoin mobile app can do it.

Now it is divided into numerous microservices that will be updated and improved in the future. And we will do it so much easier and safer now.

✊🏻 We know that sometimes there is nothing worse than waiting, especially if you invest in something, but trust us the wait is worthy. The dates and releases are coming, please have patience.

Tkeycoin team

​​Undeniable Advantages of Tkeycoin Mobile Wallet

βœ… your money is always with you, wherever you are;

βœ… you can manage your TKEY without PC or notebook;

βœ… instant notifications on new incoming and outcoming transactions, including mining rewards;

βœ… a safe place to store and operate your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tkeycoin. Future versions will support 16 more cryptocurrencies;

βœ… a unique security system that denies a chance for your money to be stolen or your account to be hacked;

βœ… exchange your cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and vice-versa without having to leave Tkeycoin mobile wallet;

βœ… purchase anything and anywhere using your crypto savings and your smartphone's NFC;

βœ… informative and entertaining content, exclusively available only for Tkeycoin mobile wallet users;

βœ… live cryptocurrencies rates, personal portfolio analysis, market caps and more statistics on the cryptomarket changes in a real-time.

β€‹β€‹πŸš© The first stage of our trading platform audit is now completed.

A huge work has been done in a very short period of time. We have carried out an in-depth analysis and audit of the transparency of the exchanges. We have checked the trading indicators, platforms activity, community interest, and professional traders feedback.

πŸ“‹ According to the SEC official data and our own analysis results, some platforms share very few information about their trading activity. 95% of declared trading volumes are fake, and only 10 exchanges can prove their real trading volume.

πŸ”– Here is the preliminary roster of exchanges for TKEY listing:

β€’ Binance
β€’ BitFinex
β€’ Bithumb
β€’ Gate
β€’ Gemini
β€’ Kraken
β€’ Liquid
β€’ Poloniex

We have already contacted some of the platforms and discussed the conditions in more details. The final decision will be made in the coming days, after the second meeting of TKEY management, company advisers, and professional traders.

More detailed information will be published the next week. Keep eye on our feed πŸ˜‰πŸ’ΌπŸ€

Science is the ocean that is opened both for longships and frigates. One transfer gold, another fish herring. The time for TKEY icebreaker has come. Β©

β€‹β€‹πŸ’° Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss became first-ever bitcoin billionaires thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, they accused Facebook founder in stealing the idea of their website to create the world's most popular social network. In 2008, Zuckerberg paid them $65 million and the incident was closed.

🧠 Winklevoss brothers made the most of the money, and invest $11 million in Bitcoin in 2013. BTC rate, as you know, has significantly grown since then, and now Tyler and Cameron carry the proud title of first bitcoin billionaires in the World.

β€‹β€‹πŸ”Ά Cobra strike - sudden short change (either rise or drop) of a cryptocurrency rate.

πŸ”Ά Dump - this is a form of market manipulation by traders who artificially inflate prices and then exit the market, thus causing a collapse in the price.

πŸ”Ά HODL - an acronym for β€œhold on for dear life”.

πŸ”Ά REKT - shorthand slang for β€œwrecked” and a term used to describe a bad loss in a trade.

πŸ”Ά Moon - a term used to describe a major price movement upwards. For example, Ripple is mooning.

β€‹β€‹βœοΈ Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, like Monero, are often accused of being involved into darknet activities. The clients of such platforms use them to buy drugs, weapons and explosives, people say.

But few of those people can explain what darknet really looks like, most seeing it as some kind of website with limited access, where β€˜authorised’ users can safely trade their BTC for illegal stuff.

πŸ’‘ Let’s shed some light on the dark side. What is darknet, and how does it work?

Let’s start with an interesting fact. Less than 5% of the Internet is accessible by means of Google Chrome, Safari and other mainstream browsers. In this regard the WWW is similar to an iceberg - its β€˜underwater part’ is way bigger than the surface one. This hidden part called Deep Web is invisible for most search engines, though you can easily access many β€˜deep’ sites using normal browser, if you have a direct link. Deep Web is not generally associated with something illegal - rather, it contains private things not available to an unauthorised user, like your emails or bank account.

Darknet is the part of Deep Web, where bad things are done (though it is also used by decent people and companies for decent purposes). To get there, you need special software. For example, to enter Tor darknet you have to use Tor browser. The URLs here end with .onion (Tor is abbreviation for The Onion Router). In a net that uses onion routing all the messages are encapsulated in layers of encryption, ensuring very high level of anonymity. It is convenient for things like fake websites, illegal marketplaces, private forums etc.

πŸ‘€ The infamous Silk Road darknet was located in this .onion zone, too. As you remember, its clients were buying psychedelic substances and other good of daily demand, paying with Bitcoins. It should be noted, that Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road founder, has been arrested and imprisoned despite all these encryption measures.

It means that using crypto for a dark purpose is not as safe people might think.

β€‹β€‹πŸ˜³ Funds Transferring: Why? Where?

Even though this question has been frequently asked for few months by now, the answer is quite obvious. Actually, only after completing fund transferring application you get a real Tkeycoin cryptocurrency. No application - no cryptocurrency.

⏳ It is that simple, but why? The point is that Tkeycoin network hadn’t been launched when the coins became available for sale. How could you store your TKEY cryptocurrency in the blockchain if the blockchain had not even existed then? In order to solve the problem, we had introduced TCD coins that were some kind of equivalents of TKEY cryptocurrency, centralized equivalents.

Tkeycoin network was launched April 5, and those who had applied for fund transferring before that day added their money to the first genesis block. They received real TKEY cryptocurrency among the first. All other applications were added to the consequent blocks, and the owners got the same TKEYs but slightly later.

πŸ“¦ You add your funds to the decentralized Tkeycoin network by completing the fund transferring procedure. No one will be ever able to rewrite the fact. Every single cryptogramm of yours is now forever added to the TKEY blockchain. All you have to do is to make sure your WIF and other secure information is in safe place. Actually, it is like your bank card that you use to get access to your money in bank. The same story so please be careful with your important data.

So, as a conclusion: fund transferring is the process that you need to convert your TCDs into real TKEY cryptocurrency - decentralized, secure, yours. Please, complete the process, and please be careful with your WIF.

See you,
Tkeycoin team

β€‹β€‹βš οΈ Dear Users!

We have received numerous questions on the yesterday’s exchange negotiations subject. So, we are to inform that, as we have stated before, the detailed information on the meeting results will be published on the next week. There is no sense to ask us the same questions below each single post.

πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ The posts we create for our social media accounts are strictly regulated by the content plan. We prepare information as scheduled, and we won’t ever make sensations out of nowhere. When negotiations are successfully completed, we will publish the detailed information on this subject in our social media accounts.

When you leave sarcastic comments regarding exchange listing, it would be great for you to remember that listing on a not good exchange can affect both Tkeycoin project and your funds in a negative way. We can list TKEY on a random exchange tomorrow, but when the rates will begin to drop and you will lose your money, please do not come to us with complains.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§ We, from our side, are interested in successful listing and trading as well since we have come through dozens of difficulties, given the project our time, efforts, energy. If you do not appreciate your assets, we do, so we want Tkeycoin to be listed on a real quality platform with real trades and traders.

The work is carried out 24/7, please do not ask our Support services the same questions every day. Just wait for an official announcement.

Thank you,
Tkeycoin Team

​​Dear users,

⚠️ We are glad to inform you that another online conference with TKEY CEO Maxim Yakimov will be held on October 8, 8 pm (GMT+3). The main subject of the upcoming LIVE is going to be the latest news regarding the exchange listing. Estimated duration: 15-20 minutes.

➑️ Live will be available on official Tkeycoin Youtube channel:

We have preliminary agreements with four exchanges at the moment. Few trading platforms are out of the list due to the inability to list our cryptocurrency on this year. We continue negotiations and different document procedures with the rest of the platforms.

🧠 The company's strategy lies in the listing of TKEY cryptocurrency on an exchange with a positive reputation. We will get access to other leading exchanges after native products release and first official listing.

Wait for the stream and see you soon.

πŸ”– TKEY live conference. Briefly

For your convenience, we have prepared a short text version of yesterday's live conference. Just to remind: the video is available here

πŸ’± Exchanges.

We carried out huge paperwork in the last two weeks. Dozens of agreements are signed, and we are ready to give you a little update on the exchange subject.

βœ… Preliminary agreements: Liquid, Bithumb.
Exchange offers: Digifinex, HitBTC.
Expecting the platform decision: Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex.

Few more exchanges do not have listing slots available this year so we do not consider them at the moment. We also need some more details and expanded audits on the Singaporean exchanges.

Preliminary list of exchanges for Tkeycoin listing includes the following platforms:

β€’ Binance
β€’ BitFinex
β€’ Bithumb
β€’ Gate
β€’ Gemini
β€’ Kraken
β€’ Liquid
β€’ Poloniex

πŸ“† Dates of listing.

We will announce the listing date first without mentioning the exchange name yourself.. After technical integration is completed, we will tell you its name. The approximate time is 3-4 weeks.

🀺 What actions have been taken to avoid previous listing problems?

A legal inspection of contracts on listing, transactions with other companies, check of the physical existence of the company, existence of the trade reporting, the analyst of attendance and other factors is carried out.

β›“ TKEY protocol 2.0. Key characteristics.

β€’ Support of the old version for soft junction;
β€’ The lightweight and fast engine for server applications
β€’ Work with sockets directly, HTTP, Websocket, and also fast serialization of JSON;
β€’ Multilevel logging;
β€’ New managers of the addresses;
β€’ Version control;
β€’ Leaving from the problems which are present at the protocols Litecoin, Bitcoin, etc.
β€’ Carries out several scenarios and it is flexibly integrated with other programming languages;
β€’ Due to the optimization of readability of a programming language, it is possible to reach the high processing speed of scenarios;
β€’ Scripting;
β€’ A solution to the attack of 51% due to the implementation of nchains;
β€’ The foundation for use of a multi-blockchain is laid;
β€’ Blockchain notariate;
β€’ Competently constructed systems of updates allow implementing different types of functionality to the platform that closes any kinds of requirements of the market and users.

πŸ”§ Windows wallet and blockchain explorer crashes

β€’ Blockchain explorer is available in the fully functional mode and crashes are caused by the network tests and updates;
β€’ We prepare new versions for all three operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux;
β€’ The design team is reorganized.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ Community administration

Inadequate users get blacklisted. The punishment can be both temporary and permanent depending on the violation.

If you are blocked by accident, send a corresponding request to (If the request has already been submitted, just wait for the reply).

πŸ“² Liquidity and Tkeycoin application payments

Digital Bank is being developed for the most convenient and efficient use of digital and classic currencies. It supports various currencies, exchange trades, investment solutions, profitable operations with crypto (5-7 times cheaper than the market offers now).

The full list of key features will become available one week before the release. Liquidity is provided by specialized payment gateways for exchange and conversion, which find transactions with minimum exchange commissions.
β€‹β€‹πŸ’°Awards for old investors

A specialized form for getting rewards will become available on within 10 days. Investors who trust us during all these long months will be able to receive deserved prizes after filling the form. Just enter your customer ID (16 digits), and the algorithms will count the amount of your prize.

PS. TKEY company's goal is to create a service that will solve all problems when working with finance. Instant sharing, replenishment, analytics, budgeting and savings tools that help save by offering cheap alternatives to traditional international transfers.

PPS. Tkeycoin is an investment in long-term technology, that does not mean a rapid enrichment. It won't be possible to get $1,000 from $1 at the very start. Instead, the growth will be gradual, as new products and positive news are released.

Thanks for your attention!