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TIP1 : With TC 7.3.3.X you can change your maximum disk file up to 400GB it's good for new games that are bigger than 100GB.
TIP2: With TC 7.3.3.X you can change cleaner cron time.
Your network adapters are in the limit? With ThunderCache you can bond many adapters and multiply your throughput!
Good Morning Guys! Just a advertise: Who still using the last 7.3.2-Stable or older version should reinstall software using the iso image file. ThunderCache Kernel was updated from Freebsd 10 to Freebsd 12.1, due this the firmware can't be upgraded by panel.
Download the iso image in website and write the image using the program WIN32 the link to download is in the video called STEP 1 in the bmsoftware's site.
Cache will be not loosed. Thanks!
(FIX A CORRUPTED OBJECT IN CACHE) - Good Morning Guys, one commun question made to us is: what can i do if i have some file corrupted in Thunder?! The Answer is Recycle, We always have a command to make Thunder Recycle files from a specific host, but it means that needed to be executed in the customer subnet, for example, if some playstation game file are corrupeted you should execute the recycle command behind the customer router what is a bit annoying. To avoid this Thunder 7.3.3 has now the GLOBAL RECYCLE via ssh, it means you can exec recycle for your entire network, when you execute the globalrecycle command thunder will refresh all objects being downloaded taking from the internet a new copy. So in this case you can execute the command and ask for your customer download the game again, when finish you should stop the recycle, in the end you will fix the issue by downloading the game again.
Start Global Recycle command:
curl --proxy 'local/thunderlocalinfo?tp=startglobalrecycle'
Stop Recycle:
curl --proxy 'local/thunderlocalinfo?tp=endrecycle'
Good Night Guys!

Thunder 7.3.3-Beta4 Released!


+ 7.3.3-beta4:
 * ThunderCache (7.3.3-beta4):
  - Implemented identification logic for new Steam CDN on Smart Plugins Subsystem
  - Fixed regression for PlayStation Network object identification

Special Thanks to Mr. Antoine Melhem who provide us useful logs. 👍🏻
PS: Also Mr Eng Ammar who provide us logs too 😁
Guys, since some few Days we have alot of support tickets about low caching performance and issues in PS4 updates for example. We work for many days looking for issues by our side and not found anyone. Thanks for two special friends who are Antoine Malhem that helped from 1am til 6am in last saturnday and Mohammad Hassan we discover that the problem is in the LIMELIGHT! Not in Thunder !!!! So if u have akamai please redirect all ur dns Entries to akamai intead Limelight and everything will work like a charm. If you have Just Limelight comment all dns entries, at least the PS4 ones , and all others that you have noticed issues in cache performance and corrupted updates/files.
This is the example of DNS entries in unbound that should be commented:
These entries are sent by Mohammad Hassan from Proservices but should be the same or very similar in all isps who have Limelight.
Hello Guys, if u have issues with creditcard to pay ur invoices in USD from lebanon... please contact-us. +5554991761259.
Hello Guys,
We were being asked about a way to pay an invoice with multiple credit cards. We are releasing functionality today.
In the video bellow we teach you how to do it using the gateway STONE.
ThunderCache 7.3.3-beta5 Released!

* ThunderCache (7.3.3-beta5):
- Changed ThunderCache initialization code to require at least ONE Cache Disk mounted
- Implemented function to start Log and Cache Recycle Sessions to specific IP address
- Implemented function to retrieve remote connections for the ThunderCache Dashboard
- Improved identification for extra capabilites of the active ThunderCache License
- Implemented missing handlers for SSL socket functions of ThunderCache Proxy
- Optmized write path to avoid needless memory copy on Disk Cache files
- Removed unnecessary locking on Cache Disk initialization procedure
- Fixed finalization function for Full Cache Recycle Session
* ThunderCache Control Panel (2.8.3):
- Improved identification of active ThunderCache License capabilites
ThunderCache 7.3.3-Beta6 Released!

+ 7.3.3-beta6:
* ThunderCache (7.3.3-beta6):
- Rewrited Cache Recycle Session to allow cleaning of objects in use in the Disk Descriptor Table
- Improved identification of Epic Games CDN Objects to allow caching of dynamic content
- Fixed regression in Disk Cache code that prevented delivery of last bytes of objects
- Installed system base for upcoming release of ThunderCache Dashboard and SSL Proxy
- Improved LocalInfo code to remove calculations on locked thread sessions