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Yeah yeah, we get it, you're a Communist parasite looking for gibs and you want White people to be slaves to ZOG via social credit system, UBI, and central bank digital currencies.

Notice how pinkos like Keith Woods never say that they're proposing solutions for an idealized future state, it's always "Well, the browns are leeching welfare from ZOG so why can't Whites?"

To quote Apollonian Germ: If you can’t imagine how the state will use a fully digitized monetary system for “security” purposes against “extremists” like ourselves, you’re borderline braindead.
You typed a textwall of pseud bullshit just to say "I think Whites should be even more financially enslaved by the NWO." Deranged argument. You're lucky I responded at all.
"The Third Positionist case for turning Whites into eternally enslaved Last Men"
Pop quiz: Globalists have successfully demolished the Western economy and are on the verge of implementing UBI, one of their long term goals. How do self-styled "nationalist dissidents" respond?

A) They sound the alarm and warn everybody about the impending tyranny.

B) They try to convince everyone that Globalists implementing UBI is actually a good thing (uhh, it's free money, don't you want FREE money???).

The answer my surprise you! It's B.

Bonus homework assignment for the hot take merchants:

Leave your ivory basements and tell a few Right-Wing normies that you think the woke government should control their money via UBI. Let everyone know how that pans out :)
I think the De-Trans reddit will be shut down soon. Too many stories like this:

"Im a 17 year old girl with a flat chest, a deep voice, a visible Adam’s apple and some facial hair. There’s no reason for me to continue to live."

A girl who was bullied for being a tomboy was brainwashed by transgender propaganda and began "transitioning" at age 14. She realized that she had made a terrible mistake at age 17, a few months after doctors cut off her breasts.

She says that had some mental health and body issues that could have been resolved with counseling.

"I feel like a girl and wanting to be a boy was just me wanting to be accepted. I didn’t want people to make fun of me anymore. Now I’m 17 and I’ve thrown away my whole life. [...] I’m mentally completely destroyed."

All of her most recent reddit posts are about suicide:

"no one can help me. The people who did this to me they don’t care and they continue to do this to other children."
Based Putin at it again:

"The West ... began its colonial policy back in the Middle Ages, and then followed the slave trade, the genocide of Indian tribes in America, the plunder of India, of Africa, the wars of England and France against China ...

"What they did was hooking entire nations on drugs, deliberately exterminate entire ethnic groups. For the sake of land and resources they hunted people like animals. This is contrary to the very nature of man, truth, freedom and justice."
Putin throws out some noncontroversial stuff about trannies and degeneracy and everyone gives him a free pass for being an anti-White globalist pushing the same Agenda 21 shit as elites in the West.

ZOG setting up a nice little false dichotomy here: You get to choose between global techno-communism with trannies or global techno-communism with an Orthodox veneer. Aren't you lucky?
America off the hook: Putin blamed "Anglo-Saxons" for destroying the Nord Stream pipeline, absolving the Biden administration, which is Afro-Judeo-Irish.
Why is Putin crying about imperialism and colonialism anyway?

Russia is a multiracial empire and the largest European colonial project. It's nearly twice the size of America, even after losing a lot of Central and East Asian territory.

Siberia went from almost 100% East Asian to ~85% European due to Russian colonialism. Russians don't have clean hands when it comes to ethnically cleansing "aboriginal" peoples; they used the same methods as Western Europeans when we conquered America and Oceania.

I don't care about that, of course. Caucasians inhabited Siberia before East Asians anyway, until they were cleared out by conquest and assimilation. My point is that Russia is an imperial power. Even their modern state ideology, Neo-Eurasianism, is nothing more than imperialism.

Like their Marxist-Leninist forebears, the modern Russian government claim to fight against imperialism while engaging in it themselves.
"No, you don't get it guys... Putin using anti-White blood libel to galvanize Third Worlders who have genocidal revenge fantasies against Western Europeans is tactical. This is strategic pre-genocide propaganda - it's totally different to what ZOG is doing in the West!"
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Director Of UN World Food Programme David Beasley: In 2023 We Will Have A Food Availability Problem And It’s Going To Be Hell On Earth

"I'm asking world leaders, I don't care how you feel about Russia, China, or anything. Fertilizers have got to move to bring food security to the rest of the world. Otherwise, there's gonna be chaos all over the world."

✳️ Watch - Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game - HERE

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You can hate on SD all you want. Hell, I'm also a hater. They suck in so many ways...

But this is unquestionably a step in the right direction for normalization of nationalism.

A party that was largely made up of skinheads in the '90s and are routinely called "Nazis" in the Swedish media, are now in top positions in the Swedish Parliament.

No one can say that nationalism is fringe.
"McKinsey billed the Quebec government $6.6 million — or $35,000 a day — and played a key role in the Quebec government's pandemic response"