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#British #passport applications will see a huge change next month - and everyone is affected

The fee for a standard online application made from within the #UK will rise from £75.50 to £82.50 for adults and £49 to £53.50 for children, the Government has announced
Residents of Wales have been leaving some strange and unusual items at local charity shops during the annual post-Christmas declutter. Among the donations have been used sex toys, taxidermy pets, and even someone's ashes.

British Red Cross regional manager Patrick Jackson commented on the bizarre donations, saying that they could be accidental or that some people may be leaving them as a joke. He emphasized that while these items may not be suitable for sale in the charity shop, they still require time and resources to dispose of properly.

Jackson urged residents to think carefully about their donations and to consider whether an item is actually in good enough condition to be resold before leaving it at a charity shop. He also reminded donors that charity shops rely on the support of the community and that all donations, no matter how small, can make a big difference to those in need.

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Mohammed Rayaz, the victim of the Birmingham attack, suffered burns to his face, hands and chest
#Birmingham #uk