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Crate of the week: cargo-pgo

This week's crate is cargo-pgo, a cargo subcommand to compile your code with profile-guided optimization and BOLT for good measure.
Updates from Rust Community

Project/Tooling Updates
rust-analyzer changelog #143

Slint UI crate weekly updates

This week in Databend #56: A Modern Cloud Data Warehouse for Everyone

What's new in axum 0.6.0-rc.1

HexoSynth Modular Synthesizer in Rust - Devlog #10: Alpha-1 Release

Fornjot (code-first CAD in Rust) - Weekly Release - 2022-W34

Come contribute to Salsa 2022!

State Machines II

Rust Walkthroughs
Tauri + Async Rust Process

Writing a container in Rust

Experimentally compiling PHP code to Rust - Ryan Chandler

STM32F4 Embedded Rust at the HAL: GPIO Interrupts

[video] Rust Traits vs C++ Concepts

[video] Writing Procedural Macros

[video] Get under the hood of Rust Language with Assembly!!

[video] Scoped threads in Rust 1.63

[video] 1Password Developer Fireside Chat: Demystifying Atomics
Crate of the week: sass-embedded

This week's crate is sass-embedded, a library to communicate with Embedded Dart Sass.
Updates from core

add the armv4t-none-eabi target to the supported_targets

stabilize split debuginfo on linux

add GDB/LLDB pretty-printers for NonZero types

fix const: dynamic checks for accessing statics

improve const mismatch FulfillmentError

provide structured suggestion for hashmap[idx] = val

suggest adding a missing semicolon before an item

suggest alternatives when trying to mutate a HashMap/BTreeMap via indexing

use smaller span for suggestions

migrate rustc_attr crate diagnostics

migrate rustc_interface diagnostics

migrate rustc_lint errors to SessionDiagnostic

migrate rustc_plugin_impl to SessionDiagnostic

migrate rustc_ty_utils to SessionDiagnostic

migrate ast lowering to session diagnostic

migrate part of rustc_infer to session diagnostic

migrate rustc_driver to SessionDiagnostic

migrate rustc_mir_dataflow to diagnostic structs

miri: adding support for external C functions that have integer (or empty) args and/or returns

miri: skip field retagging on ZSTs, it can take forever

miri: strengthen C++20 SC accesses

avoid cloning a collection only to iterate over it

reduce code size of assert_matches_failed

shrink FnAbi

shrink thir::Expr

stabilize #![feature(label_break_value)]

stabilize const_ptr_offset_from

stabilize std::io::read_to_string

add a File::create_new constructor

add next_up and next_down for f32/f64

is_whitespace() performance improvements

add pointer masking convenience functions

BTree: evaluate static type-related check at compile time

fix Ipv6Addr::is_unicast_global to check for unicast global scope rebase

windows: optimize Wtf8Buf::into_string for the case where it contains UTF-8

properly forward ByRefSized::fold to the inner iterator

make slice::{split_at, split_at_unchecked} const functions

std::io: migrate ReadBuf to BorrowBuf/BorrowCursor

rustdoc: rewrite error index generator to greatly reduce the size of the pages

clippy: implemented suspicious_to_owned lint to check if to_owned is called on a Cow

clippy: new lint: Raw slice pointer cast

clippy: new multi_assignment lint

clippy: don't lint needless_return if return has attrs

clippy: don't lint literal None from expansion

clippy: ignore match_like_matches_macro when there is comment

clippy: remove parenthesis from unnecessary_cast suggestion

clippy: rename manual_empty_string_creation and move to pedantic

rust-analyzer: do not substitute Self when in same impl block

rust-analyzer: move empty diagnostics workaround back into the server

rust-analyzer: resolve doc links on impl blocks

rustc-perf: add a metric containing the size of generated documentation
Updates from Rust Community

Project/Tooling Updates
rust-analyzer - changelog #144

IntelliJ Rust Changelog #177

Diesel 2.0.0

Helix editor 22.08 released

This Month in hyper: August 2022

Fornjot - Weekly Release - 2022-W35

Announcing Sycamore v0.8.0

Announcing finl_unicode 1.0.0

Slint UI crate weekly updates

argmin 0.7.0 and argmin-math 0.2.0 released

Update-informer v0.5.0

This week in Databend #57: A Modern Cloud Data Warehouse for Everyone

Solving The Witness with Z3 (Part 1)

Static streams for faster async proxies

Building an authentication system in Rust using session tokens

OpenTelemetry Distributed Tracing in Rust

Toward fearless cargo update

Rust Walkthroughs
Learning Rust: Combinators

Integrating Rust With Android Development — Final Part

Rewriting my blog in Rust for fun and profit

Building A Gamedev Maths Library In Rust From Scratch – Alex Dixon

Pattern Matching and Backwards Compatibility

Writing FreeBSD Kernel Modules in Rust

[series] Ruxel - Building a Ray Tracer with Rust Part 1

[series] STM32F4 Embedded Rust at the HAL: Timer Interrupts - Part 2

[video] Using Rust to understand The Little Schemer

[video] Building a Rust Multithreaded Web Server (chapter 20 of Rust Book)

The Bombercrab Challenge 💥💣🦀

[video] Unsafe Rust is not C

[video] Building a space station in Rust (Simple Rust patterns)

[video] Arvid Norberg: What C++ engineers can learn from Rust
Crate of the week: bytehound

This week's crate is bytehound a memory profiler for Rust.
Updates from Rust Community

Hello JFrog!

This Month in Rust OSDev: August 2022

Project/Tooling Updates
Announcing Unreal Rust

Introducing cxx-async

Arti 1.0.0 is released: Our Rust Tor implementation is ready for production use

rust-analyzer changelog #145

rustc_codegen_gcc: Progress Report #15

Lapce editor 0.2.0 released

This week in Databend #58: A Modern Cloud Data Warehouse for Everyone

HexoSynth 2022 - Devlog #11: VST3/CLAP Plugin Integration

Fornjot (code-first CAD in Rust) - Weekly Release - 2022-W36

One year of Relm4

Slint UI crate weekly updates

How to Use Rust Traits, Generics and Bounds

Wasmtime 1.0: A Look at Performance

Understanding primitive data types in Rust

[video] RustConf 2022 Talks

[video] Rust Education Workshop 2022

[audio] Fyrox with Dmitry Stepanov

Rust Walkthroughs
Filtering a Vector with SIMD Instructions (AVX-2 and AVX-512)

Learning Rust: Async Combinators

Solving The Witness with Z3 (Part 2)

How to build a (simple) blog using Rust

STM32F4 Embedded Rust at the HAL: The RTIC Framework

[video] Nine Rules for Elegant Rust Library APIs


[DE] Security: FreeBSD-Kernel bekommt experimentelle Rust-Patches

[DE] Security: FreeBSD-Kernel bekommt experimentelle Rust-Patches

Random File Lines and Iterator Items: Understanding Reservoir Sampling with Rust

Random File Lines and Iterator Items: Understanding Reservoir Sampling with Rust
Crate of the week: sql-query-builder

This week's crate is sql-query-builder, a library to write SQL queries in a simple and composable way.
Updates from Rust Community

Security advisories for Cargo (CVE-2022-36113, CVE-2022-36114)

Rust Foundation Establishes Security Team to Support and Advance Rust Programming Language

Rust Nigeria Issue #9

Project/Tooling Updates
rust-analyzer changelog #146

IntelliJ Rust Changelog #178

A byte string library for Rust

Pomsky 0.7 released

Slint weekly updates (The GUI framework)

Fang 0.9 - new version of the background processing framework for rust

Fornjot (code-first CAD in Rust) - Weekly Release - 2022-W37

This week in Databend #59: A Modern Cloud Data Warehouse for Everyone

HexoSynth 2022 - Devlog #12 - Documentation for me and you

You Can't Do That: Abstracting over Ownership in Rust with Higher-Rank Type Bounds. Or Can You?

Security and Correctness in Wasmtime

Attacking Firecracker: AWS' microVM Monitor Written in Rust

&stress about &Strings

A pair of Rust kernel modules

GNU ld Discards Section Containing Code – Section Flags are Important for ELF Files

Use Rust to Reduce the Size of Your SQLite Database

[video] Coroutines: C++ vs Rust - Jonathan Müller - C++ on Sea 2022

[video] Rust on Rails (write code that never crashes)

[video] Let's Code Asteroids in Rust with a First-Time Bevy User

[video] Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 - Rust MC

[video] [series] Rust Day on Google Open Source Live

Rust Walkthroughs
Kernighan software tools in rust

Speeding up incremental Rust compilation with dynamic libraries

Learning Rust by implementing a SHA-1 hash cracker

Chat Blast! A TCP chat server in Rust

Concurrency in RustDb

Beginners guide to Solana NFTs in Rust.

STM32F4 Embedded Rust at the HAL: DMA Controllers

[FR] Rejoignez la communauté Rust (et devenez un "rustacé")

[DE] Moderne Spieleprogrammierung mit dem Entity Component System und der Engine Bevy

[DE] Programmieren mit Rust für den FreeBSD-Kernel
Crate of the week: bstr

This week's crate is bstr, a fast and featureful byte-string library.
Updates from Rust Community

Const Eval (Un)Safety Rules

Project/Tooling Updates
Wasmtime Reaches 1.0: Fast, Safe and Production Ready!

clap 4.0, a Rust CLI argument parser

rust-analyzer changelog #147

Announcing tauri-egui 0.1.0

Aembit: Why We Chose Rust

Ten challenges for Rust

Futures Concurrency IV: Join Ergonomics

Dyn async traits, part 8: the soul of Rust

What I meant by the "soul of Rust"

PostgresML is Moving to Rust for our 2.0 Release

Bringing Up TLS on Precursor

[video] curl-up 2022: hyper in curl

[audio] Rust at Microsoft with Nell Shamrell-Harrington

[audio] Axum with David Pedersen

Rust Walkthroughs
Implementing the Display Trait on a Generic Array using Newtype Pattern

A Strong Typing Example

Rust Bevy Entity Component System

[video] 1Password Developer Fireside Chat: Serde Deserializers

[video] Introduction to Async

Linus Torvalds: Rust will go into Linux 6.1
Crate of the week: match_deref

This week's crate is match_deref, a macro crate to implement deref patterns on stable Rust.
Updates from Rust Community

Announcing Rust 1.64.0 | Rust Blog

This Month in Rust GameDev #37 - August 2022

Project/Tooling Updates
rust-analyzer - changelog #148

IntelliJ Rust Changelog #179

Announcing async-dns

Fornjot - Weekly Release - 2022-W39

gitoxide - August: Useful rev-spec parsing and an abstraction for remotes

Getting Started with Seaography - A GraphQL framework for SeaORM

Internship Projects 2022: Concrete Playback

Why Volvo thinks you should have Rust in your car

Linux embracing Rust will boost robotics community

Better Java logging, inspired by Clojure and Rust

Why Async Rust

Apache APISIX loves Rust! (and me too)

Safe pinned initialization

Enabling Rapid Pulumi Prototyping with Rust

STM32F4 Embedded Rust at the HAL: SPI with the MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix

[audio] Rustacean Station: Ockam with Mrinal Wadhwa

Rust Walkthroughs
Building a Real-Time Web Cipher with Rust, Sycamore and Trunk

Dyn async traits, part 9: call-site selection

Rust 2024...the year of everywhere?

Building Nix flakes from Rust workspaces

Accessing Firebird With Diesel and Rust

Multithreading in Rust

Flutter and Rust combined

[DE] CTO von MS Azure: Nehmt Rust für neue Projekte und erklärt C/C++ für überholt!

[DE] Rust Foundation erhält 460.000 US-Dollar und gründet ein Team für Security

[DE] Programmiersprache Rust 1.64 erweitert asynchrone Programmierung mit IntoFuture

[video] Rust & Wasm (Safe and fast web development)

[video] Crust of Rust: Build Scripts and Foreign-Function Interfaces (FFI)

[video] Bevy Basics Reflect
Crate of the week: serde-transcode

This week's crate is serde-transcode, a crate to efficiently convert between various serde-supporting formats