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The React Cheatsheet for 2020 📄

This Cheatsheet is broken down into 3 sections - Core Concepts, React Hooks, & Advanced Hooks. It's a helpful resource for React beginners looking to solidify these concepts for the first time, and a valuable reference guide for more experienced React devs.
What React Does (and Doesn't Do)

Back to the basics. In this article Dave goes over exactly what React does (and more importantly, what it doesn't do).
How to (unit) test in React

This comprehensive article explains what unit testing is, why it’s needed, and the best practices for small to large React applications.
5 React Projects You Need In Your Portfolio

In this post, Reed Barger walks through 5 different types of apps that you should be looking to build after the basic to-do app if your still fairly new to React. Each type of app includes popular examples for inspiration, recommended tools to build each app feature, and a short demo of similar apps built by Reed
Best React open-source projects

This article by Eugene Stepnov is a great resource for any developer interested in contributing to high-quality open-source React projects. He briefly discusses how to identify good open-source projects and then provides a fairly exhaustive list of open-source React projects he recommends.
Building a Piano with React Hooks 🎹

This tutorial specifically covers how to map the laptop keys to piano notes, how to map the audio with key press, and how to render the piano keyboard in react
React keyboard shortcut library 🐆

This package provides two React components that enable keyboard shortcuts in React.

High Quality Dashboard / Admin / Analytics template that works great on any smartphone, tablet or desktop. Available as Open Source as MIT license
CRA Redux template v 1.0.0

You can use this template to set up a brand new create-react-app project that will be automatically set up with:
• Redux Toolkit and React-Redux dependencies included
• A Redux store configured and created
• The React-Redux <Provider> passing the store to your React components
• A small "counter" example showing how to add Redux logic using Redux Toolkit and a "ducks" / feature-based structure, and using the React-Redux hooks API to interact with the store from inside your components
Thinking in React isn’t enough

A quick read on how Ohans cleaned up some complicated React code at work using the Compound Components pattern

Custom implementation of react hook useReducer that allows to dispatch thunk actions and will cancel all dispatched actions if the component is unmounted
React Tiger Transition

Easy page transitions for react-router. Built with react-transition-group. Use the provided transitions or create your own
Hacker UI | a design system for developers

Hacker UI is an open source React design system, currently in early alpha stages. If you want to be involved in building a brandless, simple, responsive design system, the team is looking for contributors
When to use React context or Redux / Redux Toolkit

This post draws from the Redux Docs and various other articles and talks to give a quick, condensed answer about this specific topic.
Writing unit tests with React, Typescript, and react-testing-library

In this article, Wojciech Matuszewski shares a pattern he came up with for writing tests which avoids unnecessary repetition and makes it clear how Typescript can be more of tool and less of a burden
Persisting React State in localStorage

In this tutorial, Josh Comeau walks though how to create a custom React hook (useStickyState) to abstract away the "stickiness" of a React app, so we get it for free whenever we need it.

Webcodesk is a front-end visual development tool for React apps
react-query ⚛️

Hooks library for fetching, caching and updating asynchronous data in React