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Today, we look beyond the numbers when evaluating a prospective company. Learn how to look beyond the financial statements and into the soft metrics. This will allow one to make a more well-rounded and informed decision !
New to ETFs? Don’t even know what ETFs even mean or do? Exchange Traded Funds are a fairly easy way to introduce oneself to the world of stocks and equities. Don’t worry we got you covered in our beginner’s guide!
Labelled as the “Shiny New Toy” in the investing world and the up and coming fintech. We answer the basic questions one would ask regarding these Robo-advisors, comparing their pros and cons. Read all about it below !
What is the REIT Symposium? Very simply, it’s a full day event at Marina Bay Sands where they invite all the bigger REITs down to give a presentation, and invite some prominent executives and VIPs for a panel discussion. Interested? Sign up by clicking the link below.
Today, we go back to basics and discuss what is Inflation and how it affects one’s wealth! We would also like to take this time to introduce our new writer, Esther, who produced this informative post on inflation ! 👍🏻
Ever heard the term “Mutual Funds” but have absolutely no idea what it is? This post serves to educate you on the basics of investing in Mutual Funds, the varieties and its benefits. Have a read! 📖
Recently, Berkshire Hathaway released their Annual Report for 2018. Within the report, for non-shareholders, includes Warren Buffet’s golden message to shareholders. We feel that the Fifth Person neatly rounded up the key golden nuggets found within the message to shareholders this year.
“In addition, we think the very term “value investing” is redundant. What is “investing” if it is not the act of seeking value at least sufficient to justify the amount paid? Consciously paying more for a stock than its calculated value –– in the hope that it can soon be sold for a still-higher price — should be labeled speculation (which is neither illegal, immoral nor — in our view — financially fattening).”
Investing is a real long-term endeavor. You would have to suffer periods of frustration at times in order to enjoy eventual gains. Even one of Warren Buffet’s greatest ever long term investments (Washington Post) looked like a complete loser for the first few years.
Been to Resorts World Sentosa? or more prominently, Universal Studios Singapore?

Genting Singapore is no stranger to most locals !

An analysis on one of the more common names we hear being passed around to determine whether it is worth a buy as of now, along with some future prospects that might affect the decision!

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