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Pls send your deck lists to Bryan Quah (not Soh) when you’re here. He’s wearing maroon
we will start at 1245. Samuel Tong if you're arriving please contact us!
R5. Last round of Swiss GLHF
Thank you all for attending our TCG event today! We heard your feedback and will consider top cut for future editions. Reminder to sign up for our VGC Monotype event in 2 weeks, mono water is banned
Unwrap the Battle: Christmas Monotype Showdown! Only one type will reign supreme in this festive Pokémon tournament. Who will jingle all the way to victory? 🎄🔥💧⚡️🌿❄️

We will be following whatever Reg F rules OR allowing all DLC mons but banning restricted mons depending on whether GF releases the rules.

Monotype is a format where all Pokémon on your team must share a common type. Both single- and dual-type Pokémon are allowed. For instance, Gengar is eligible for both mono-Ghost and mono-Poison teams. (Smogon, n.d.)

You are free to choose any tera type you want

Monotype Christmas Showdown
📅17 December Sunday, arrive at 12pm
🧾 REG F OPEN Team sheets.
🎮 BO3 Swiss, Single elimination cut. Rentals: Allowed
🎟️ $5 | Prizes for T4/8
📋Teamsheets available at $0.50
📍*SCAPE HubQuarters. #04-01
📝 Signup link:
👥 40 slots

*Mono water teams are banned
Final standings