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Thursday flipping🔥

👤 | Varane - Prices above!

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Our Thursday flipping profits in the discord, Varane rose also nicely!! :)
I also shared more thursday flips on www.facebook.com/groups/futtradingempire

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TOTW Investment🔥

👤 | 87 Nkoulou 🇸🇳 - 21k

💸 | More thursday flips: www.patreon.com/futtradingempire

If you still wanna snipe some players, have fun!💸
TOTW Investment🔥

👤 | 84 Monreal 🇪🇸 - 11k

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Rewards Bidding / Out of pack investments🔥

👤 | Berardi 🇮🇹 - 1.4k

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👤 | 90 Handanovic 🇸🇮 - 40k

💸 | More Investments: www.patreon.com/futtradingempire
My patreon fifa 21 season starts now!💸

I'll prepare you to have the best possible start and I can promise that you'll make way more couns with my help than without!

I have more than 25+ guides, ready to get shared with you, so you understand every single part of the webapp trading.

I know, fifa 21 isn't even out yet, but you have to prepare yourself for the webapp. You won't make a lot of coins without preparation. Also you'd miss the whole first day webapp release on the discord, which is probably the most important time.

So I can just recommend you to join, you'll not regret it!

I'll start to be more active the next months/weeks aswell💸

Fifa 21 will be a huge year
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Be prepared for FIFA 21 with daily guides to get the first million as soon as possible, maybe even during the webapp time

You guys here will get 2 webapp guides as soon as the webapp arrives!
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Puzzle Master SBC Investments OTW 2

🇩🇪 - CB - Get them for max. 550c

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