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To pre—opening of a Corona Cocktail exhibition and a Trojan Tactics residency aka Toulouse — Prague — Berlin — Tiraspol — Seoul Cultural Embassy.
Corona Cocktail reflects upon a current global crises and brings together artworks, which present different layers of pandemic experience. Artist from various corners of the world share personal expressions and collected materials of our physical and online realities. Exhibition questions new behaviours and points out structural problems We face.

Melanie Garland, Gemini Kim & Jaemin Paik & Cholhee Han, Ki Hyun Park, Sebastien Mazauric, Jakub Valenta, Viktor Vejvoda.

Trojan Tactics Art collective will work in INI Gallery during a month of July as a 'Toulouse — Prague — Berlin — Tiraspol — Seoul Cultural Embassy’. In addition to a mediated international exchange and a laboratory concept of the gallery space, we will present a Thermal—print—publishing, a solidarity Cardamom Café, an indoor Laser Constellation and a bit more. An aim of this residency is to open a gallery space as a shared office for interaction. Composed evenings for public and open office days will be specified. Whole program will be composed by Jana Doudová, Viktor Vejvoda and guests.

TODAY 20h, INI Gallery Prague
Forwarded from Viktor 📠 Robot
Book! More books on way! Books Pandemia!
29. 7. 2020
Jeronýmova 88, Praha ~ Žižkov
19.øø H.

Reverse Mantra Vinyl release party and Trojan Tactics open studio
Reverse Mantra project is pleased to invite you to a release party of a holographic vinyl designed by Gabriela Těthalová. Name refers to sound and repetition ― «mantra» as a song or a poem and a meditative state of mind in a painting process, «reverse» ties to a point where an order is disrupted to create something new and unpredictable. Single track was composed by Pia Achternkamp based on mutual improvised sessions.

Trojan Tactics open studio will present Samizdat Publishing outputs, Indoor Laser▧Graphite Constellation and Cardamom Street Coffee Bar, 12cm Deep.

Program will be accompanied by music sets from Pia Achternkamp and dj AJE.

Activity is held as part of Trojan Tactics and Curatorial Collaborative residency
aka Toulouse ― Prague ― Berlin ― Tiraspol ― Seoul Cultural Embassy at Žižkov.
Warm invitation to collectively work with колхоз.
"Kim Gemini and his friends" at AM 180 gallery, 14th August, 18:00

Presentation of "Bublina" publication
Viktor Vejvoda & Thermal House
This publication contents diagrams and observations of my surroundings. Phenomena I live in or think about. A booklet was created during a residency of Trojan Tactics in INI Project gallery, July 2020.
Published on recycled printer with a folding unit.
Bublina Element, 60 pages, 210 x 297 mm
Bublina Light, 16 pages, 210 x 297 mm
Bublina Micro, 2 pages, 105 x 148 mm
Bublina Beach, 20 pages, 148 x 210 mm

Introduction to, an online application created by Sébastien Mazauric and Jakub Valenta.

A tessellation is a space covering technique using combinatory shapes aka tiling. Unlike simple tessellation systems, allows its users to create rules for combinations, hence providing the instant creation of a large amount of patterns using a very limited graphical input. Beside its playfulness and numerous design applications, the ideas leading to its creation bring a different point of view to city planning or even human relations, offering a more organic vision for connections in times of tragically absurd polarizations.

Program was organised in cooperation with curatorial collaborative association,
Invitation to participate in one step towards collectivity.

«Death of the Ego, Birth of the Collectivity»

Kolxoz invites You to participate in collective publication of necrologues.
Necrologue is a short text, written about you after your death.

Follow steps
1. You have passed away. Next step is You write your own necrologue.
2. It can be an autobiography or any other text. It can be drawing. It can be both.
As You wish.
3. Please use only office white A4 paper divided to «Panorama Stripes» ¼ of A4.
208 x 78mm size. Use black Pen only.
4. Take quality photos with flash of your Necrologue.
5. Send it to Kolxoz. Kolxoz will glue all into one anthology publication, copy with FAX and send you back with a post.
6. You reincarnated as Kolektiv. Privet!

You have 7 days to write Your Necrolog. It will be collected Until end of September.
Kolxoz and Others In Kišiněv
Forwarded from Viktor 📠 Robot


Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 5:00 PM UTC+03

Zpațiu / Zpace
str. Șciusev 103, Chisinau, Moldova
After ONE year. One POSTCARD is at its birth place; CIOCANA.
Thermal House Publications
31. 10. 2020
17.00 h → +
3rd space studio
Muzeul Zemstvie
Sciuseva 103
Chisinau ~ MD
almost melancholic
autumn necrologue
Zpace Zemstvie
Orbita Bufet
Clara Abdullah [RO] (1990) - adopted by Chișinău back in 2018. Currently living there as an artist trapped inside an NGO worker’s body. Her interests meet at the corner of ecology and community. Has never seen ‘Lion King’.

Bermet Borubaeva [KG] is a researcher, curator and artist born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. In her multi-faceted practice, she engages with the politico-economic issues of food production, labour, urban environment, and gender emancipation.

«Trash Touring and Food Rescue Missions»
Paper trail of a food waste workshop spanning across 4 days in October. A recollection of events interrupted by reflections, photos, quotes and drawings. Can serve as a local food saving guide, although it wasn't written as such.