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Official channel of the renowned adventure with over 5 thousands downloads. Available on STEAM and Android.
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Exclusive screenshot of "Mine cart madness" plus a new icon. Stay tuned.
Channel name was changed to «The Research Age»
Channel photo updated
A new update is out on the Play Store and Steam! The new game title is "The Research Age" on any platform. Found a bug? Have a question? You can contact me at
Improving Chapter 2. Available soon.
Update is out on both Steam and Play Store. What's new? Snowy tutorial + Chapter 2 graphic improvements!
What... The Golden Age!? Yes, but don't get excited, it's only the "test app" name of The Research Age. I'm testing the new main menù (available soon) and the first zone of Chapter 7 (available early 2022).
I'm still working on Chapter 7 and on the new main menù.
Breaking news! The official release date of Chapter 7 is January 2022.
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BREAKING! Here's the trailer of Chapter 7! (still a few days of waiting and it's ready to play! 😉)
Chapter 1 is beautier than ever! The graphic is now very close to The Silent Age ones, isn't it? Update 1.5.9 is available on both Steam and Play Store. It include a fix for a bug that sometimes was causing game freeze. And some graphics update in Chapter 1.
By the end of January, a full graphic update of Chapter 1 (partially just released) and Chapter 2 will be available!
Most of the graphics work is done, soon I'll start with play tests of the beautier than ever Chapters 1&2!