The Pyrenees: information and main facts
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The Pyrenees stretched for 430 km from west to east - from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea - with a massive wall that separates France from Spain. From the French side, how showed here the Pyrenees rise with a grand gear line. In contrast to the chaotic structure of the Alps, the Pyrenees form an almost continuous wall with their granite and slate rocks, which is cut only by relatively shallow damage to the passes, opening at a very significant height. " The width of the French Pyrenees - from the Spanish border to the plains of Aquitaine - 30-60 km. They say that the sky in the Eastern Pyrenees is surprisingly bright, and the air is dry and healing. Wonderful Mediterranean landscapes appear in front of you against the backdrop of majestic peaks. On the plains grow grapes and olive trees, on the slopes of the mountains - beech and spruce forests interspersed with evergreen oaks and pines; where soils are especially poor, heaths are found.