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Social Media on the Blockchain.
The LoveChain is a tech project that aims to give users a platform dedicated to recording and celebrating the people and things they love. And the ability to share those moments with other users.
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The team at the LoveChain are excited to bring in the new year which will see the release of the LoveChain social media app and marketplace. The LoveChain is a unique social media platform that will allow users to record and share content about the people and things they love and earn rewards for doing so. Utilising blockchain technology that will enable the creation of permanent records where desired and an on chain token LOV that has diverse utility on the platform. Get ready to see more soon. #socialmedia #blockchain #cryptocurrency
What is The LoveChain?

A new social media platform with its own e-commerce marketplace on the Algorand blockchain incorporating its own cryptocurrency (and payment system) that celebrates all the people and things we love.

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Coming shortly...

Our Presale Information:
- Gleam Whitelist Giveaway
- Discord Invite Giveaway
- Supporter Giveaway
- Early Access

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Welcome to The LoveChain!

Presale will be in November (Date TBA).

We have a few ways to get into the whitelist.

First: Gleam Giveaway

Second: Discord Invites!
- Join our Discord
- Create your invite for πŸ’–the-lovechainπŸ’– channel and share it with your friends!
- 5 invites are required to go into the draw to make the whitelist!
- 50 invites and you are guaranteed a whitelist spot!
- Check your invites by typing "-invite" in πŸ†-invite-tracker channel

Good luck all and we will be in touch soon with more updates and information!
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The Love Chain being picked up by mainstream news outlets...

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πŸ’– Asia One
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We would LOVE to connect!

We have centralised all our socials so you can quickly and easier connect with us! Its all about sharing the LOVE!

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We are pleased to release our whitepaper for The Love Chain!

Please take the time to get across this amazing project
- are sure you are going to LOVE it! ‡️

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The Love Chain being picked up by even more mainstream news outlets as we get closer to our presale and launch...

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πŸ’– Fox 47
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The Love Chain is now featured in YAHOO!

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The Love Chain is now featured across the whole YAHOO network!

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πŸ’– Yahoo UK
πŸ’– Yahoo Australia
πŸ’– Yahoo Canada
πŸ’– Yahoo New Zealand
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Yahoo Italy
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