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Happy Thanksgiving, patriots! Thankful for liberty, all of you, & your continued support 🇺🇸
Let’s try this again… Happy Thanksgiving, patriots! Thankful for liberty, all of you, & your continued support 🇺🇸
Thankful that prohibition is no longer in effect…
The CULTURE WAR exists because we’ve allowed a government to go unchecked long enough for generations of Americans to become ignorant on the very history and constitution that recognizes our God-given rights.

The courts (Judiciary branch of government) were never intended to be the final decision on the Constitution…

…they were meant to be held accountable to the Legislative (Congress) and Executive (President) branches of our government.

This means the courts are not as final and accurate as we have been led to believe.

And this is why we must elect the right people to represent us, the people, at every level of government.

Because if we don’t, liberty will become but a luxury afforded only to those with the power to have it at the expense of the very people who ignorantly handed it over to them.

And instead of having a government that operates with the consent of the people, we will have one that governs at our expense.

#Jameson2024 #RestoreLiberty #PreserveAmerica
It’s time for We The People to mobilize. How? Join me LIVE on either Facebook or YouTube Sunday at 7pm CST.
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The Covid vax is a bioweapon. Let us never forget what they’ve done #DiedSuddenly
Ready to take action in the fight to Restore Liberty but don't exactly know where to go, what to do, or how to start?

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The time has come to mobilize, equip ourselves, and take clear and concise action.

If you're:

• Feeling disenfranchised by the current political climate
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• Eager to hold elected officials accountable

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In your opinion, what is the #1 most pressing issue we’re facing right now here in America.

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Government mandates destroy liberty & are an authoritarian abuse of power. Furthermore, if the covid vaccine actually worked, you wouldn’t have to bribe people to take it.
Just passed the Senate 61-36 with 11 so-called “Republicans” voting YEA... and now it goes back to the House where 47 so-called “Republicans” had previously approved.

Then on to Biden's desk.

#Jameson2024 #RestoreLiberty #PreserveAmerica
I’m honored to announce that Chad Prather will be my very first special guest next Thursday! This will be an exclusive real, raw and uncut interview with Chad…

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A very heartfelt message this morning.

Due to the raw nature of it, it is available to supporters only… mainly because the haters, trolls and people that would try to exploit me have no interest in supporting me.

Walker, Texas Ranger should be mandatory viewing for all kids today.

RIP Clarence Gilyard Jr.