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Forwarded from Jessie_thethinker 💭
🟠 URGENT: The Covid vaccine paper on declining sperm counts is even worse than it seems at first

As other writers have pointed out, the actual data in the paper do not really support the argument that sperm levels returned to normal after five months. In fact, by some measures, levels continued to decline.

Even more importantly, the fall in sperm counts CANNOT be blamed on short- or even medium-term inflammation as mRNA-generated spike proteins causes our immune cells to ramp up the systemic production of anti-spike antibodies. If that were the case, one would expect to see a short term decrease in sperm count that reverses over time. Instead, total sperm counts are unaffected shortly after the mRNA shots, then decrease months later and hardly recover.
Forwarded from David Avocado Wolfe
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The rubbery clot structures showing up in the blood of the “fully vaccinated” shown live under the microscope with Mike Adams (2 min 20 seconds)
Forwarded from Jessie_thethinker 💭
Forwarded from Jessie_thethinker 💭
🧪🧬 A new kind of RNA shot -"Self Amplifying"- is coming

When you hear BNT162c(2), run, don't walk, RUN away.It's already in the clinical 'trials'

So as we all know by now, the messenger RNA in the COVID-19 Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna products, is the mode of delivery of information for the cells in our bodies to make lots and lots of modified spike proteins. That’s what these folks are now calling ‘conventional’ mRNA.1 Well now! That was fast. Now it’s a CONVENTION?

So the claim is that this self amplifying messenger RNA is awesome because you need to inject less of it. But here’s the thing: it encodes its own replicase enzyme - it makes copies of the RNA (whatever it is) once inside the cells. Does that sound problematic to you?
Forwarded from General McInerneyFAKE
The Department of Homeland Security is communicating with Catholic Churches and pregnancy centers, telling them to be prepared for a "Night of Rage" by pro-abortion groups pledging "extreme violence" the night of the Dobbs decision.

Use any means to protect yourself, your family, your property, and your country.

Forwarded from Dr Jane Ruby (Dr Jane Ruby)
Board-certified, 20+ year experienced Embalmer, Mr. Hirschman verified that when he put samples he pulled out of dead bodies of these white fibrous clots, into baggies with formulin, a preservative, they tripled in size just in a few days.
Forwarded from Christiane Northrup M.D (Christiane Northrup)
Forwarded from General McInerneyFAKE
These were the new world order commandments that were written in the guidestones.

You can see why this thing coming down was such a big deal.

Can't help but think a curse is being lifted off of America with the overturning of Roe v Wade.

Whether it was blown up by man or not, the stones no longer stand.

Media is too big
The real reason why they’re pushing the vaccine on children. Indemnity shield against liability
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