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This is the place to get the latest info for The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation in January 18-22, 2023! Brought to you by The Freedom Cell Network.
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If you are coming to Morelia, Mexico for The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation we are excited to share a sample of the community workshops and excursions to local areas happening BEFORE and AFTER the main event! Each of these workshops and excursions have their own separate cost from the main event, check out this page for details!

Here's what it's looking like:


Patzcuaro, Santa Clara & Mezcal Tour

The Greater Hike! Ichaqueo Waterfalls

Sightseeing in Morelia

Trip to "Los Azufres" the Healing Hot Springs

Ayahuasca Ceremony


Activate & Integrate with Spanish

Ceremonia de Cacao y Armonización Sonora

Decision-making Techniques: Should I move to Mexico?

Activate & Free Your Mind: Powerful Shifts of Thoughts & Spoken Words

Yoga - Restorative and Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Manifestation Techniques for Visionaries

A New Earth Visualisation

Nature Always Wins! : Step Out of Your Own Way to Re-Balance Your Body, Mind, Spirit & Environment

Master Class de Cuencos del Himalaya

Authentic Connection: The Crucible for Profound Personal Growth & Sovereignty

Singing Circle

How to find Freedom in the Five Levels of Existence: Vital, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual

How to Stay Safe in Mexico (and avoid being scammed)

Harmonize Your Tribe

Aesthetic Finishing in Bioconstruction

The Art of Selecting Your Tribe (Members)

What We Learned In 2 Years of Organizing an Intentional Community
Ash Wiecek is joining The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation in Texas!

Ash Wiecek is a homeschooling mom, homesteader, naturalist, farm-to-table chef, local and slow food entrepreneur, horticulturist, herbalist, and forager. Life forever changed for her in 2011 when her son was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that was healed through supporting his body with proper nutrition rather than conventional medical treatment. From this point on, her priorities changed and grew into educating others on how food can be a natural medicine to support them in the journey through life as well. Her passions include connecting other humans, especially tiny humans, with the natural world around us. As an educator at Greenbriar Community School, she loves teaching others to grow, produce, and process food in relation to their nutrition and where it comes from.

The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation
January 18- 22, 2023
Live in Central Texas and Morelia, Mexico
Streaming free at
Announcing The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation Schedule + Workshops and Excursions!


Derrick Broze here with a few exciting announcements for The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation! Let's get right to it...

First, we are 7 weeks away from the 4th Activation in Central Texas and Morelia, Mexico! As the countdown begins we are now releasing the official schedule for TGR4! 

Visit our site now to see the schedule for January 18th to 22nd, 2023, for all 5 themes! Don't forget that some of our speakers are live in Texas, some are live in Mexico, and a few are appearing virtually. Click on the profile of the individual speakers to find out where they are speaking! 

Also, we have now posted the schedule for workshops and excursions for the Morelia, Mexico Activation! Visit our main page for the Morelia event to register for your ticket, and view the Excursions and Workshops schedule.

The workshops are being organized by members of the community and a few speakers. Excursions are tours to local towns and even an Ayahuasca ceremony! These are being organized by a Morelia local and we are excited to show you this wonderful area!

Also, if you can't make it to Mexico, come in person to our Texas Activation in Bastrop, Texas! Purchase your tickets to Texas NOW! 

And, if you can't make it in person at all, remember that The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation will be given away for FREE online for anyone to watch!

Thanks for making this event possible. We truly hope you understand this is not just another online gathering, or a party, or a festival. 

We call it an "Activation" because our goal is to activate, motivate, and inspire all of you to Exit from the slavery systems and Build the better world the future generations are counting on.

Together we can do this.
On the power of aligning with your why...
Miguel Peña is joining The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation in Mexico!

Miguel Peña is a Kombucha producer and community developer from Mexico. Miguel is one of the founders of the Chrysalis Project in Mexico.

The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation
January 18- 22, 2023
Live in Central Texas and Morelia, Mexico
Streaming free at
Forwarded from Live Free w/ John Bush
LIVESTREAM - 9:00 - 10:00 AM Central - Texas Slim of the Beef Initiative on Decentralizing the Food Supply

Watch LIVE on YouTube -

Join me for an empowering conversation with Texas Slim of the Beef Initiative. We will learn about his Texas cattle ranchin' roots and how a major health crisis led him to see that something just ain't right in the world when it comes to food and health.

Healing himself against all odds led him to pursue his passion for food by connecting local cattle ranchers directly with consumers and cutting out the middle man all together.

Slim is also a proponent of cutting out the middle man when it comes to payments and he's made Bitcoin a key piece of the work he does to decentralize the food supply.

Texas Slim is the Keynote Rancher for our upcoming Food Resiliency Town Hall taking place December 3rd at 11AM Central. You can sign up to watch for FREE online or get tickets to join us for a Cattleman's Feat in person in Bastrop, TX. More info and tickets here -

Learn more about the Beef Initiative -

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Join us on December 3rd for the FREE Food Resiliency Town Hall w/ special guests Texas Slim, Beau Brotherton, and John Pantalone -

Texas Slim is speaking at the Greater Reset IV: Co-Creation Jan 18 - 22nd in Bastrop, TX. Join in person or watch online at

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Rebecca Bush is joining The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation in Texas!

Rebecca Bush is the CEO of Exit and Build Property Solutions, a land development firm connecting investors and buyers to guide them in collectively purchasing large plots of land for building homesteads and establishing communities together. She is a tiny home specialist, ecovillage enthusiast, connoisseur of intentional community, and advocate for the “Agrihood” – residential neighborhoods integrating agriculture into their communities. Bush is passionate about promoting permaculture, tiny home living, food forestry, net-zero energy, and self-sufficiency. She aims to build community – common unity – as a viable alternative to traditional residential development.

Follow Rebecca's work:

Exit and Build Property Solutions

The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation
January 18- 22, 2023
Live in Central Texas and Morelia, Mexico
Streaming free at
“Winter is coming.”

It’s nearly become the slogan for Game of Thrones that even non-GOT fans have heard.

I’m re-watching it for the 4th or 5th time with my wife.

And hearing the phrase echoed by so many characters in the show inspired me to remind you…

The Great Reset is coming.

Or rather…

The Great Reset is here.

The difference between talking about anything regarding the New World Order 20 or 30 years ago and discussing it now is…

The technology to implement it is finally here.

Facial recognition software installed on cameras across cities…

The Internet of Things…

And the even creepier Internet of Bodies…

5G and soon-to-be 6G wireless networks…

The ability to transmit and store unthinkable amounts of data on every human being in the world on small hard drives in secret bunkers…

Global vaccine passports…

And especially Central Bank Digital Currencies…

Are all being used in conjunction with even more technological developments to create a corporate and government-designed global control system.

This is why I can’t stress enough how VITAL it is to take major action RIGHT NOW to preemptively opt out and create alternative systems and infrastructure to enable us to enjoy a free life and maintain a high standard of living even as they try to shut us out of their systems for noncompliance (or worse).

Which is why I’m reaching out today.

I want to empower and motivate you to do something about the problems we face to help avoid the nightmarish system being constructed around us and hopefully prevent it from being built in the first place before it becomes irreversible.

So I’m going to share with you a technique I’ve used and still use daily to move forward even when I’m feeling down and out.

Here’s what you do:

Clear your mind by going on a walk or meditating or taking a shower or whatever you need to do to wash away other thoughts to clear your mind and contemplate these questions:

WHY do you want to be free?

WHAT motivates you to fight for liberty now and into the future?

WHO do you want to save from the tyrants?

When you’re alone at night and worried about the state of the world, search your heart for the answers to these questions.

For me, it’s my kids.

I’m a dedicated entrepreneur, and many people put off being an entrepreneur for fear of their kids tearing away their focus, but in reality, the opposite happens.

My kids have been the strongest influence over my journey to become more productive and effective, to take more and bigger action.

I want to do good and more of it more often because of them.

I want to give them incredible experiences.

I want to provide for them.

I want to co-create a beautiful world for them to live in so they don’t have to inherit all the problems I inherited from the previous generations.

They’re my WHY for building a free world.

If you’re feeling as if you’re not doing enough, that there’s more to be done, you’ve put off learning that tech or that skill, you still don’t even have a garden going…

Then dig deep to uncover your WHY to make yourself get up and go after it.

Maybe it's growing up in poverty and you never want to live like that again.

Maybe it’s providing for your family.

Maybe it’s caring for an elderly parent.

Maybe it’s wanting to help other family members or friends who are struggling.

Whatever it is…

Identify your WHY…

Write it down…

Focus on it…

Meditate on it…

And when you find yourself struggling, focus on your WHY to help you push through adversity and pull you through the hard times.

Now imagine your WHY is a tiny fire burning inside of you.

The hotter it burns, the more you’ll get done and the more obstacles you can overcome.

Like a coal-fired engine. The more coal you pump into it, the more powerful it becomes.

Oftentimes that little fire can grow dim, especially if you don’t feed it enough.

Which is why I want to invite you to…

The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation.

Being around hundreds and hundreds of ordinary freedom-minded people doing extraordinary things…
And dozens of passionate expert speakers sharing their stories, insights, strategies, and techniques for overcoming adversity, changing lives, and living freer than ever…

Will be like pouring 500 gallons of gasoline being poured on your internal fire to fuel you to accomplish more than you ever thought you could.

TGR 4 will reignite your passion for freedom and realign you with yourself and your purpose.

Joining us LIVE and IN PERSON will push you to do more for the cause of freedom and self-improvement than ever before.

I know it because I’ve seen it and past attendees have told me as much.

It’s one of the most incredible and life-changing freedom-focused events on the planet.

And you can join us for it in Morelia, Mexico or Bastrop, Texas.

It goes LIVE January 18th-22nd.

See all the details about it here

Of course, you can watch it all online 100% FREE.

But I want to encourage as many of you as possible to get out of your homes and get into a real life gathering of really awesome folks.

It’s what the powers behind the Great Reset fear the most - real human connection, cooperation, and co-creation.

If you want the little fire inside of you to burn as hot as it can be…

Hot enough to melt steel beams in skyscrapers like on 9/11 (of course, jet fuel can’t melt steel and WTC 7 revealed the truth that it was all a controlled demolition, but I digress)...

You gotta join The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation.

And you gotta get here LIVE and IN PERSON.

That’s where the magic happens.

That’s where you’ll be more motivated and pumped up than ever.

That’s where you’ll overcome any feelings of fear and anxiety and lean into your true nature of courage and confidence as a co-creator of freedom.

It all goes down on January 18th-22nd.

General info about the event here:

Get tickets for the in person Texas event here:

Reserve your spot for the in person Mexico event here:

John Bush

Here are the latest announcements for The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation on January 18-22, 2023:

- The list of 40+ speakers is now live! Check out our lineup and see if your favorite speaker is in Central Texas or Morelia!

- The official schedule is also live! Check it out to see who is speaking when and plan your schedule!

- We have updated the Morelia page with community workshops and excursions to local towns!

We hope to see you in Texas or Mexico! If you can't make it in person it's always free to watch online at our website!

#TheGreaterReset #CoCreation #ThePeoplesReset
Forwarded from #TBOT: Take Back Our Tech (Ramiro Romani)
"Plants don't need permission, and neither do you"

My friend and Greater Reset IV speaker Blue lotus will be giving us a preview of the Vegilante philosophy and her experience at the DC Food March on Freedoms Phoenix at 12 PM CST.
Dr. Lydia Gian. de Leon & Arturo Ponce de Leon are joining The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation in Mexico!

Lydia is a Greek Architect and Wellness Coach, with a focus on the relation of buildings on health and well-being. She holds a Ph.D in Physiology on the subject of the effect on geophysical anomalies on biology, as well as an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design. Arturo is a Mexican Architect, Engineer, Psychologist and expert in Sacred Geometry, which he has been teaching for 20 years and applying to architectural design in all scale projects. He is founder of the companies Psicogeometria, Arqka, University of Sacred Geometry and cofounder of Geophilia. He is the author of two books, “Psychogeometry: the power of life”, and “Biofractal: the science of Sacred Geometry and Biological Architecture”.

Follow Lydia and Arturo's work:


The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation
January 18- 22, 2023
Live in Central Texas and Morelia, Mexico
Streaming free at
Yoshi Pantera is joining The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation in Mexico!

Yoshi is a Permaculture Designer, Plant Based Vegan Chef, Event Producer, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Poetry Writer and Salsa Dancer.

Follow Yoshi's work:

Sikuanga Eco-Village

Flora Plant Based Cuisine

The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation
January 18- 22, 2023
Live in Central Texas and Morelia, Mexico
Streaming free at
Barre Lando is joining The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation virtually!

As founder and formulator for Alfa Vedic, Dr. Barre Lando traveled an eclectic path through athletics and academics in becoming a Physician, Bioterrain Specialist & Permaculture farmer. Dr. Lando was both a pre-law and pre medicine undergraduate student recognized for maintaining a 4.0 GPA as a division I scholarship football player, and competitive power-lifter. His lifelong passion for the Martial Arts and surfing would eventually lead to studies in Chinese Medicine and other alternative therapies, while raising his family in exotic locations from Fiji to Hawaii in search of better waves. Dr. Lando is noted amongst his peers for his innovative clinical strategies, and developed an international following for people suffering from chronic degenerative conditions.

Follow Barre Lando's work:

Alfa Vedic

The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation
January 18- 22, 2023
Live in Central Texas and Morelia, Mexico
Streaming free at
Iran has a strict rule for women:

They must wear a Hijab covering every single hair on their head, and wear loose clothing to conceal their female figure.

In September, a woman named Mahsa Amini was arrested by Iranian authorities for supposedly showing too much of her hair outside of her Hijab.

Shortly after she was in a coma in a hospital and died 3 days after being admitted.

Many believe the police murdered her.

This has sparked huge protests in 155 cities across Iran against the "morality police" and the Iranian government in general.

The protests are STILL raging on.

And over 400 protesters have been killed, including dozens of children.

Here’s why I’m bringing this up:

The Iranian government has attempted to put down the protest by censoring WhatsApp and Instagram. If people can’t easily share information or communicate, then they can’t easily organize demonstrations or create more outrage among citizens.

But the Iranian people have figured out a way to evade censorship…

By using VPNs.

VPN usage increased by 3000% just in September when the protests began. A VPN is a simple but extremely powerful tool that hides your IP address and allows you to access websites and internet services without your ISP knowing about it.

I would bet it has continued climbing in use as the protests show no signs of slowing down.

We saw the same phenomenon happen in Sri Lanka in April of this year.

The Sri Lankan government banned Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. Then suddenly, VPN usage skyrocketed over 17,000%.

What I’m seeing with these two stories and probably plenty more is that people living under extremely oppressive governments are learning the hard way that privacy is essential to freedom…

And that governments will routinely try to censor you…


That there is always a way to overcome authoritarianism.

You don’t have to wait for your government to become more tyrannical before you start guarding your privacy.

In fact, if a critical mass of people learned about and consistently used technology with privacy as the main component, rather than technology tailor-made to spy on you, we would be living in a much freer society.

The good news is, you can start living this way right now.

And we’ll show you how at…

The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation

This is a FREE TO WATCH ONLINE 5-day event featuring top experts from around the world sharing what they know to give you actionable strategies, tactics, and resources to liberate yourself from the Great Reset agenda and build a freer, better world.

Each day covers a different topic.

Day 4 is the "Take Back Our Tech" day.

And if you’re excited by the prospect of unshackling yourself from mass surveillance on your phone and computer, then this is the day to look forward to.

Glenn Meder of the Privacy Action Plan will present ways to enhance your cybersecurity online.

Aleksandr Litreev of Sentinel and Solar Labs will show you the path to completely private and censorship-resistant internet access.

Parazyd of Darkfi will unveil a whole new blockchain to allow anyone to create any software application anonymously and privately and build systems for the future web that keep your identity and information hidden from the government and other authorities.

Riccardo Spagni of Monero will discuss being the "lead maintainer" of the biggest privacy-focused decentralized cryptocurrency and why it's one of the most important tools for evading financial censorship and building a truly free market economy

Ramiro Romani of Take Back Our Tech and the Above.Phone will close down the day with a ton of real-world solutions to the NSA and FBI spying on us and tracking us through our phones and other devices, and making privacy a key part of your life.

There’s so much more but you can check out all the speakers and everything else about the Greater Reset 4: Co-creation here:

And while it’s free to watch online…

Derrick Broze and I are hosting IN-PERSON, LIVE events with many of the speakers and hundreds of attendees.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Participating in real life with other freedom-minded people is the absolute BEST way to experience The Greater Reset.

The people that show up usually end up paying more attention, using more of what they learned, and accelerating themselves down the path of freedom.

Derrick Broze and Ramiro are hosting the event in Morelia, Mexico, with all the details here:

And I’m hosting the event in Bastrop, Texas, with all the details here:

The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation starts on January 18th and ends on January 22nd.

I hope all of you who can show up LIVE and IN PERSON make the decision to show up.

You won’t be disappointed.

Tickets are selling. And there is limited space. So make sure to get a ticket soon.

John Bush