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​​#TheFutureisNowFilm for the first time, dives into the world of iGaming! Episode 11 of our documentary series brings you head on into #SiGMA World's iGaming Festival filmed in Malta in late 2019.

Created by the community for the community, this film will be your guide into the iGaming industry as it explores the crossing of Blockchain, AI and iGaming before, during and after the post-COVID world! Featuring prominent pioneers in these vectors like Eman Pulis of SiGMA Group, Dinos Stranomitis & Stanislav Silin of Altenar, David Wainwright of HollywoodTV, Angelo Dalli of Umnai, John McAfee of McAfee DEX and even Dr. Craig Wright of N-Chain and Bitcoin SV! Get ready for a thrilling, informative and exciting ride through The World of iGaming together with your roving crypto documentarist Miguel Francis-Santiago.

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One day we will change the world!

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Up next on our decentralized menu, its time for Hong Kong! This is #Chain2020, the largest auditorium we've ever been to! 12,000 thousand actual people all packed inside at Asia Expo Center in HK, happening late January 2020, just a few days before #COVID19 made headline news in the world. (BTW very weird but no COVID was present there). Join Miguel Francis-Santiago and Mark Hamade as we embark on a journey through "Unchaining Asia" with Alex Reinhardt, Jorge Sebastiao, Henri Arslanian, Susan Oh, Chris MMCrypto and many more decentralized nomads in Episode 12 of #TheFutureisNowFilm by Oneday Productions & #TheFutureisNowMedia! Created together with Digital Service Network #DSN in association with #Coinsbit Exchange.

Join us for the full feature premiering THIS Wednesday!

​​Our recent market analysis has been getting raving reviews and was just updated today with a whole new section on UniSwap and what to expect! Only at The Future Is Now!

Exclusive in-depth analysis with on-chain fundamentals in regards to UniSwap, ETH, BTC and the looming U.S. elections with data prepared by our market analysis team to bring all these pieces into one salad!
#UniSwap #BTC #ETH #Cryptocurrency #Airdrop
​​We are hosting a 60 minute session at DigitalWeek.Online! Welcome to The Future is Now Gathering; Image-Making & Global Public Relations. Our CEO Miguel Francis-Santiago, President & COO Mark Hamade and CTO Vlad Antonov will keynote respectively on Visual Branding & Digital Marketing / Executive Coaching & Consultancy / Tech Audit, Analytics & Strategy.

As well as host a 30 minute panel with Toufi Saliba of Toda.Network (San Francisco), Christopher Attard at Chris on Crypto (Malta), and Morvareed Salehpour at Salehpour Legal Consulting (LA) discussing - How to build a proper community to ensure a proper project in today's market?

Join us with this free promocode when you register at Digital Week Online - DWOVIP! Our Gathering is on October 16th from 16:30 to 17:30 PDT. Hope to see you exploring the future of disruptive tech together with us!
​​JOIN US TODAY - March 11th at 11:00 AM PACIFIC US Time (good for Dubai, EU and MIA) for our first Clubhouse The Future is Now Digest. A series of weekly firesides with tech entrepreneurs, blockchain innovators and cool futurists.

This weeks guest - Anthem Blanchard CEO @ AnthemGold

With a one on one interview and group discussion on everything in the world of blockchain and beyond! 👾🚀⚡️👍🏻

The Room - The Future is Now Digest on #Clubhouse with The Future is Now Media Group 🔰

Don't miss the future, the future is now!
The Future is Now Media Group pinned «​​JOIN US TODAY - March 11th at 11:00 AM PACIFIC US Time (good for Dubai, EU and MIA) for our first Clubhouse The Future is Now Digest. A series of weekly firesides with tech entrepreneurs, blockchain innovators and cool futurists. This weeks guest - Anthem…»
​​The #NFT search demand in google overtakes #DEFI as expected. The new gold-rush involves bringing in a plethora of established entertainers and artists, which in turn bring in a whole new level of community in both quality and numbers to the crypto space. While the Bitcoin Maximalists will kick you out of a chat room on any platform if you mention NFT's, we here at TFIN believe in innovation and willing to discuss the future that may be a win for one but in reality is a win for all of us. Join our NFT discussion on #Clubhouse at "The Future is Now Digest" Club.
​​Elon Musk said that he is working with the developers of Dogecoin to " improve the efficiency of transactions."

The coin reacts with growth again.

​​MicroStrategy additionally acquired 229 BTC worth $10 million at an average price of ~$43,663, CEO Michael Saylor said in a statement.

In total, the company today owns 92,079 BTC for which it spent $2.25 billion on the overall purchase. The average purchase price for MS is $24,450.

​​What happend to the market? A coordinated attack on someone big, by a group of big whales and potentially governments involved, who are now shaking out that someone at the expense or the market. This is not a bear market as our CTO predicted. This is not a market trend it is a market event. The shaking will be subtle and short. The next big leg up is eyeing #BTC at $70k. Be ready.
​​What's happening? We are finally witnessing a bit of crumbs from the world of centralization. We will outline two real reasons in the following two posts on our channel.

At about 6 hours ago, Facebook rolled out an update to all its network equipment engaged in BGP announcements, which transmits routing to their services.

This led to a complete shutdown of communication between FACEBOOK services, and along with this, the suspension of their DNS service:

Inputs by literally replied to the whole world -

"can't resolve domain"

WhatsApp and Instagram also belong to FB and are hosted on their servers, which is why they have also become unavailable.

Manual intervention is required for repair:

1. To all BGP routers

2. In all data centers

3. All points / countries of FACEBOOK

What is the difficulty of the situation: there is no physical access to all the necessary data centers, and on the ground and on duty the staff that is currently stationed there are not capable in fixing this.

With whose hands it is necessary to perform manipulations with a long delay, since engineers cannot instantly "fly" from the head office to all the necessary data centers.

The situation is complicated by pandemic type environment: the physical presence of personnel in data centers is greatly reduced.

In addition, FACEBOOK employees, due to such a large-scale impact of the problem, have also lost all internal means of communication - for this reason, they are forced to coordinate all the work that is happening now through other platforms. Which also slows down the solution.

Others? Via TELEGRAM, of course.

Not to mention that such a long break interrupted all their data replication between data centers, and it will now take some time to analyze the consequences of the accident, due to the fact that automation will not resolve them after resuming network communication.

Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp have not been working for too long, so the audience of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is smoothly flowing into other networks and messengers that are experiencing a very sharp influx of traffic, which looks like a slowdown in their work but has certainly nothing to do with the outages FB, Netflix, Microsoft and other big tech centralized players have experienced. Its interesting that the so called dark forces of big tech are experiencing this.

Mark Zickerberg's networth went down by 6 billion in 6 hours. Facebooks stock as well as most big tech stocks have crashed accordingly.
​​Tomorrow, former Facebook employee Frances Haugen will testify in Congress.

Before she was fired, she copied about a thousand "TOP SECRET" documents.

Now mister Zuckerberg is slightly dissatisfied and is making backups. Chronology:

- The insider sent internal Facebook documents to the media and regulators and sent several complaints to the SEC

- A recording of Haugen's conversation with journalists was published on the website of a TV channel on October 4th 2021.

According to her, she got a job at Facebook as a manager in 2019 and immediately began secretly copying tens of thousands of pages of internal documents of the company, which contained evidence of the company deliberately pitting its users for the sake of making a profit from it.

- Francis Haugen states that the company regularly puts profit above the interests of users and the public.

- Frances Haugen stated in plain text that Facebook often uses the algorithms of its social networks to incite hatred.

- The recent proceedings on the harm of Instagram on the mental health of children and adolescents were considered, among other things.

- The documents show that the company's management was aware of the negative consequences.

Watch FB stock closely. Enjoy the show. Decentralization is the future.
​​The year of 2020-21 has been perhaps nothing short of a Sci-Fi novel written by Orwell or H.G. Wells. We watched in detail at what is operation COVID-19. From the inception in the University of Louisiana and Wuhan Lab, to the World Economic Forum discussing quote "In 2030 you will own nothing yet you will be happy about it" along with the introduction of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Bodies (IoB). The concepts are drenched in centralization losing control and becoming very aware of something so real and so prevalent that is disrupting these plans and megatrends. For the first time in world's history, the powers that be saw a real loss of control through the decentralization of media and decentralization of value with the coming of Web 3.0 or the New Internet of Money. In 2019 many interesting events took place, leading up and almost setting up a rehearsal to the upcoming pandemic, like another WEF 2019 side event held in New York in October of 2019 called Event 201, where heads of many leading corporations across most industries, discussed how they would treat a novel-Coronavirus pandemic, should one occur. Little did they know that one was just around the corner (or did they?).

There are still people in the industry of digital currencies that are undecided whether a new experimental technology dubbed a "vaccine" is a good choice for them. For those undecided decentralized futurists out there, without swaying you in any which way, we would like to share a video that has surfaced from CSPAN 2019. In this video, we see a cohort of some of the leading bio-technology, big pharma and manipulative mainstream media representatives hold a conference discussing how would they force a population to use an unapproved and untested mRNA vaccine as a rebranded flu-shot. Experts from the Milken Institute are discussing a kind of a universal flu vaccine that will be significantly different from current vaccines, and will instead be based on mRNA. Anthony Fauci participates in the discussion, where he explains that the introduction of a new, untested type of vaccine, such as an mRNA-based vaccine, will take at least ten years ("if everything goes perfectly") to pass proper trials and receive FDA approval. While the only way to shorten that period, the group continues, would be to see an introduction of a novel virus that would create a short-cut for distributing a technology that needs at least 10 years of testing.
The Future is Now Market Analysis is our household stable that we create for the overall education and analysis for the community and by the community. Enjoy a fresh one delivered to you by our team! This is not financial advice, it is simply the story shared by our CTO for education purposes.
​​From Editor-in-Chief Miguel Francis-Santiago --
Happy Diwali! After 5 tedious months of hard work, and a year long hibernation post COVID 2020, a film that we decided to literally wing during the 2nd ARRA Global Summit of Innovation & Integration held by Irina Litchfield in her 100 acre Texas ranch, finally comes to a release! It’s been a very grounding and awakening experience to be together with people and innovators that have come together from ALL industries including Blockchain, Space, VR, AI and the Arts, after the long year of COVID. This gathering was my first conference following 2020, held in early summer 2021, bringing together people like Brittany Kaiser of Own Your Data Foundation, Bart Black Womack of #EdenGrowSystems, Matt McKibbin of #DecentraNet, Hrish Lotlikar of #SuperWorld, Eric Salwan of #FireflyAerospace, Bryan Talebi of #AhuraAI and Salavat Abdullin of Swiss-based #GrowBank. The amount of kids present was also amazing, the whole experience was like something out of a dream, people hugging, dancing, sharing food, co-creating and sitting around campfires discussing breakthrough ideas on how to change the world for the better. This is truly what innovation is all about. I was there without my crew, the whole film filmed by myself, something I haven’t done since film school, so take it easy on me 😅 This is my experience at ARRA Global, Episode 13, shot through the lends of The Future is Now Media Group Film Series “Welcome to The Global Autonomous Network”. We named this episode after the think-tank and a united network of futurists that aims to positively impact the world through autonomy and decentralization called GAN. I express my deepest gratitude to Irina and her husband Justin, all the futurists who took part in this crazy endeavour, THANK YOU, and I am sincerely happy that we have now an intricate story set in stone down in full HD digital world that hopefully will inspire many to join the movement. The next ARRA is around the corner happening later this month - stay tuned for updates! PLEASE support this work by liking it and sharing it within your network and may the future be bright! ❤️

P.S. Tagging more featured stars - Rick Tumlinson, Meagan Crawford, Darryll DiPietro, Cory Dean, Kim Macharia, Art by Angelo J. Moretti ⚡️
​​One of the toughest films we've ever done, yet it is also certainly the best. The first ever documentary film series on Bitcoin's disruption across the world, #TheFutureisNowFilm welcomes you to Dubai with a comprehensive look at current and future themes in the industry of decentralization from the Mecca of Blockchain which today is no doubt, The Emirate of Dubai.

We begin 2022 with a look back on the progress of disruptive tech in the MENA region and an outlook into its future, highlighting the incredible progress made by Dubai, at one of the largest blockchain events of 2021 the #AIBCSummit!

Under the impeccable leadership by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, with so many initiatives like #DubaiBlockchainCenter & the work of its CEO Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, Dubai is setting a precedent in the world of blockchain for its mass-adoption. Enjoy the journey of our crypto roving documentarist Miguel Francis-Santiago at AIBC Summit UAE 2021, as one of the biggest gatherings for the space of disruption in the world, headed by Eman Pulis & SiGMA Group. We meet with Tim Draper of Draper Goren Holm, Brock Pierce a former 2020 US Presidential candidate from the Bitcoin Foundation, Crystal Rose Pierce of Sense.Chat, Sergej Kunz of 1inch Network that is taking the DeFi space by storm, Matthias Mende of Bonuz Market an innovative celebrity marketplace, Ilya Churakov of Global Digital Club, a sustainable decentralized eco-system, the brilliant Salim Ismail of OpenExO who authored incredible books on business transformation and ran Singularity University, Tone Vays a prominent Bitcoin Maximalist and founder of Unconfiscatable Bitcoin Conference and our soul sister Irina Litchfield, a Partner at Percival and the Global Autonomous Network, are just some of the featured stars of our decentralized film series by the community for the community.

On behalf of TFIN Family we extend our most warm hearted congratulations to all of you out there in the industry of decentralization for the progress you've achieved, as we embark on our 5th year of covering this space and seeing the transformation as it happens! May you have a Blessed and Happy 2022! This is "Transforming The Future" Episode 14 of The Future is Now Film, the first ever documentary film series about the disruption that Bitcoin has created around the world.

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We strive for freedom, equality and financial upbringing of humanity with The Future is Now Film being a vehicle for mass adoption, education and exploration of intricate themes within our industry of decentralization.

Created by Oneday Productions

"One day, we will change the world together."

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​​NEWS: As we see the ever growing crypto adoption we continue witnessing the shake outs. We all wanted that institutional capital to come in remember? Well here it its. Remember, bear markets bear the fruits, bull markets produce the bullshit. It's interesting to observe how crypto funds are dealing with the current scale of mass adoption. This is #3AC.
​​If you haven't watched our last episode for 2021 filmed in December and released in February of 2022, you really missed out on some action packed scenes with H.E. Justin Sun of TRON, Founder of ERC20 protocol Fabian Vogelsteller & prominent Bitcoin advocate and a Congressman from El Salvador - William Soriano. This is Blockchance EU from Hamburg, Germany.

Welcome to the premiere of our latest release "Aligning The Future" starring H.E. Justin Sun, Wolfgang Pinegger & Fabian Friedrich!

We are living through The Great Reset. It’s time for us to travel to the locus of control, the European Union as we continue our story on disruption that Bitcoin has created around the world! After several postponements due to COVID, #Blockchance EU successfully hosted over 2000 decentralized nomads and government officials in Hamburg Germany in December of 2021. Together with Blockchance Group and its founder Fabian Friedrich, we glimpse into the future of New Space as we visit Geneva, Switzerland to meet with Justin Sun of TRON Dao, who recently won the bid to be taken to space by Blue Origin. Back in Hamburg, we meet more builders of the future like Wolfgang Pinegger of GAMB, the first global alliance of merchants on the Blockchain. We also get to speak to several government officials who are truly paving the way for Bitcoin and decentralization as we run into Congressman William Soriano from El Salvador, he shares with us his vision of Bitcoin’s rise as his homelands legal tender. We even meet an SDG Advocate from United Nations, Marc Buckley, who is spearheading a decentralized approach to a sustainable future. And of course, Women in Blockchain, Veronika Kuett from Tipolis Corp, creating actual autonomous city pilots right now in the world. Together with our roving futurist Miguel Francis-Santiago, it's time to dive back into the Holiday cheer and submerge into the latest from the world of disruption! This is #TheFutureisNowFilm, the first ever documentary film series on Bitcoin's progress across the world.

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Created by Oneday Productions

"One day, we will change the world together."

© The Future is Now Media Group 2020 - 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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