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“He is absolutely right [white men are the biggest terror threat in this country] & I’m a white man” - DEMOCRAT Boomer Ken “I think there should be a nationwide roundup of white supremacists” Spitz (KenSpitz1)

Meet multimillionaire kosher meat kingpin Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin. In 2008, ICE raided Sholom’s meat processing plant and arrested 389 illegals in “the largest single raid of a workplace in US history.” In addition to finding hundreds of illegals, ICE agents also discovered dozens of children working illegally for Sholom. Rubashkin was later convicted on 86 federal counts of bank fraud for cheating banks and others out of more than $26 million. Sholom received a 27 year prison sentence for his crimes. Despite having run on an America First, anti-illegal immigrant platform, Trump’s first presidential pardon went to Sholom 🤔

“BREAKING: We just filed suit against Trump inhumane & unlawful family separation policy” - Verified Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh “we know that hate speech begets hate crimes. Law enforcement needs to listen & learn” Shapiro (JoshShapiroPA)

“As a trans person and catholic, I want to work to get the church to what, imo, is the core of the faith: community, fellowship, love and acceptance” - Gay, Sex Positive, Goth, Kinky, Trans Pale Mexican Catholic with White Privilege Judith “we always need to be there for young trans kids figuring it out” Bones (DracuLesbian)

“If you’re trans/enby and your parents have embraced theories like ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria,’ frequent ‘gender critical’ forums or talk about issues like ‘female erasure,’ I’d love to chat with you” - Verified Journalist and NBC Reporter Ben “whiteness is malleable and changes over time” Kesslen (benkesslen)

“The chief white supremacist [Trump] throwing a hissy fit because his homophobic supporters have been banned [from social media]. Hopefully more conservative bans to come” - Gay Couple Des & Phil (DesPhil1)

#1019 & 1020
“I might do blind reads after some kind of filtering process, but it would never really be blind. If blind reads led to a decision to only hire 5 straight white men, for example, I would not follow through with it no matter what I said up front” - Verified “White Baby Boomer” Hollywood Producer (Arrested Development, Silicon Valley, etc.) John “White people...just don’t call 911” Levenstein (johnlevenstein)

“Free speech does not guarantee the right for a prominent individual to blast constant anti Jewish hate on a privately owned platform” - Mass Reporter of Groypers and “White Supremacists,” “Conservative” Filmmaker, and Hedgefund Manager Gabe “I promise to report all your hateful tweets until your account is suspended” Hoffman (GabeHoff)

“It wasn’t a lie. It was my imagination. And in my imagination, in my mind, I believed it, that she was there and she threw the apple to me...In my imagination, it was true” - Holocaust Faker, Author of “The Angel At The Fence: The True Story of a Love that Survived,” and Unrepentant Grifter Herman Rosenblat

“Rosenblat’s son said his real motivation was money”

In 1994, Californians overwhelmingly passed Proposition 187 in a last ditch effort to curb the third world invasion of their state. Prop 187 prohibited illegal immigrants from receiving non-emergency healthcare, public education, and other public services and benefits. Just weeks after its passage, federal judge Mariana Pfaelzer issued an injunction preventing the law from being implemented. Pfaelzer then sat on the case for three years before finally issuing a permanent injunction in 1997. In her decision, Pfaelzer stated: “California is powerless to enact its own legislative scheme to regulate immigration. It is likewise powerless to enact its own legislative scheme to regulate alien access to public benefits.” Because she slow walked her ruling, the invasion continued and California’s leadership moved further left. In 1999, California’s Democrat government halted state appeals of Pfaelzer’s ruling. California is now officially a third world shithole.

Can you guess Judge Pfaelzer’s ethnicity?

“Was there a ‘quid pro quo’? The answer is yes” - US Ambassador to the EU and Key Impeachment Witness against Trump Gordon Sondland

“Dear GOP, you need to decide whether to let Trump turn your party into the ‘white power’ party or denounce and dethrone him” - Verified “White Male” Scientist and Software Engineer Kevin “From it’s founding, America has been a nation of immigrants and immigration. If you don’t like it, you can leave” Fox (kfury)

“Old white guy in silly hat celebrates zombies...but at least this Pope is pro-gay rights” - Verified Atheist, Composer, and Diversity in Tech Advocate Adam “you need to not put 3 white men on a panel ever again. It’s glaring & bad. W/o equal representation we can’t make progress” Singer (AdamSinger)

“Of ‘nationalism’ and anti-semitism in history; the Yiddish term for non Jews, goyim, means ‘nations,’ the idea being that in the Diaspora all other peoples but the Jews had a home...Now a self-proclaimed nationalist — never a good term to Jewish ears — Trump is, at best, indifferent to the effect of his dog-whistle demonizing on his more rabid followers” - Verified Attorney and Journalist Harry “[Trump wants to use the military to protect the southern border] precisely what he can’t do under the law” Litman (harrylitman)

“My [story about a] queer polyamorous geneticist’s adventure will be available for your ears and eyes soon!” - “White” Queer, Polyamorous, Bi, Pan Mother and Author of Queer Jewish Stories Rivqa “gender is a social construct” Rafael (enoughsnark)

I think it’s time we turn our attention to the music industry
“I love creative people and I like difficult people. I like eccentric people and characters...It’s fun transforming everything that they are, into this new industry that we’re all hurtling towards” - Universal Music CEO and Billboard Power 100’s No. 1 Most Powerful Person Lucian “we can accelerate artist careers beyond anyone else” Grainge

Meet Irzing and Jeffrey Azoff. This father son duo heads the most wealthy, successful, and powerful management company in the music industry—which is why they share the honor of fourth place on Billboard’s Power 100. When asked why he decided to manage recording artists, Irving (who has previously held down no. 1 on Billboard’s Power 100) stated: “I keep going back to management because that’s really the power source. The power all flows from the artists.”

#1031 & 1032