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Jim and Louise Shockey: Canadian television producer, hunting guide develops mysterious post-injection paralysis; wife dies from post-injection cancer.
Friday Update V: Pfizer faces mass layoffs as vaccine racket dries up, House Speaker drama continues, plus 25 more sudden deaths.
Kirsty Smitten: 29-year-old British biochemist who developed new class of antibiotics, dies from hyper-aggressive heart cancer.
Atrocity propaganda: the age old war tactic, particularly involving babies, is being implemented with Israel since Ukraine failed in covering up the vaccine genocide.
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Arne Burkhardt: mysterious death of German doctor after declaring young women "should not start families with vaccinated men"; died shortly after Dr. Rashid Buttar.
Zakaria Attal: 12-year-old Michigan boy dies from hyper-aggressive pancreatic cancer.
Glenn Smith: 55-year-old Indiana man suffers gruesome post-injection eye injury.
Halloween Headlines: New Zealand whistleblower comes forward, South Africa-Pfizer agreement leaked, J&J bankruptcy woes, plus 25 more sudden deaths.
Hocus Pocus: the 300-year usurpation of Judaism by Zionism, the fiat currency blood sacrament, and the vaccine pogrom pre-genocide of World War III.
Did you know that there's no such thing as Daylight Savings Time in Arizona? It's been a state law since 1968. We're Pacific time from late March to early November, and Mountain time from late November to early March. The clock never changes, like the rest of the country sets their clocks back/forward an hour. Kickoff times for NFL games are an hour later in November than they were in October.
Social media insemination: Facebook non-vaccinated sperm donor group has honeypot characteristics; while other e-pregnancy pages aid depopulation, propaganda agendas.
Melody Rain Palombi: 15-month-old New York baby dies two days after receiving three vaccines on same day; mother wants to spread awareness.
Paradoxical serendipity? 13 total current and former cast members, production crew from daytime soap opera General Hospital have died since 2021.
Friday Update VI: airlines pairing non-vaccinated co-pilots with vaxxed pilots to mitigate potential risk, #vaxxidents galore and 35-plus more sudden deaths.
How the powers-that-be turned "education" into permanent indoctrination and manipulation, with standardized tests as the primary weapon.
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