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What can we do to take the anti-austerity and pro-Palestine, anti-genocide anti-Nato movement forward after the general election and facing the newly installed neoliberal Starmer ‘Labour party’ regime?

Advance the demands for mass non-cooperation. Workers must act together to:

Refuse to make or move any weapons or supplies that are bound for Israel.

Actively block all such shipments that are known to be on British roads and rails or in British ports.

Refuse to write, print or assist in the broadcast of information that justifies or whitewashes Israeli crimes or reinforces fake zionist narratives, remembering that journalism which justifies aggressive war is a war crime in itself.

Refuse to put Israeli products or zionist-promoting newspapers and magazines on supermarket shelves.

Cut all academic, scientific, technological and research links with Israel and force the government to break its mlitary and diplomatic ties – there must be no normalisation of genocide.

Unions must mobilise workers to carry out this programme and defend any group or individual who is victimised for taking this principled stand.

The power is in our hands to end these terrible crimes. We must organise and use it!

Join us in Durham on Saturday 13 July: