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Hello CFX Family,

We are getting close to the end of the first quarter of the year, and we are continuing
to review and working to improve every aspect of your business looking ahead without letting recognize the positive change and the impact you are creating in communities, families, and leaders around the globe.

We would like to covert a quick update today about 3 key important items we should know and learn about.

1- The process CFX employs as they pay members.

2- Technical development to meeting future needs.

3- Actions members make that can affect the withdrawal process.

The process of Bitcoin payments to CFX members.

When CFX received Bitcoin 100% is immediately converted to a stable coin to avoid currency fluctuation, therefore, all withdraw payout batches start with a conversion/buy of the bitcoin (BTC). If a sudden drop in BTC occurs during this process, withdrawal payouts are temporarily frozen to protect CFX. If the drop continues for a prolonged period, a NEW batch of BTC is converted from stable coin to resume member withdraws. This is the primary reason for payouts arriving in or more
than 5 or 7 business days from time to time. When the situation is different and the BTC price is gaining value CFX payouts even on the same day on many occasions.

This process is carefully orchestrated by the CFX finance division for the long-term wellbeing of the company. CFX intends to be your partner in success for many years to come and must act responsibly to ensure this end.

New technical developments to support rapid growth.

Since our pre-launch during the summer of 2019, the CFX membership has quickly grown around the world, and keeping up with the needs of this growth is of critical importance. One such area is withdrawal requests and payments to members.

Our technical team has been working very hard on a new payment processing system that will dramatically increase our ability to pay member withdrawals. There are 2 important advantages to this new system:
1. Significant increase in speed and number of member payouts at a time. 2. New system will make resolving
financial-based Support Ticket resolution a much faster process.

This has been a lengthy process, as there are approvals required as well as testing at a high level to ensure security and reliability. These processes are in the final stages now.

Member actions that can slow withdrawals.

We are very aware of the fact that timely withdrawals are important to members for many reasons.

As members continue to receive bonuses, they sometimes choose to cancel a withdrawal request to submit a new one to include new earnings; this action will delay your withdraw as it affects your place in the withdraw order, day/hour/minute of request.

Some members have reported more recent withdrawal requests of friends or team members being processed sooner than older withdrawal requests. This situation occurs last week as a result of an example of testing the NEW payment processing system. Several thousand withdrawals were recently completed as part of this testing process as we prepare for the implementation and release of the new system.

We value all of you in the CFX family very much.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we move forward toward the next phase of the CFX growth and development.

To your success,

CFX Corporate Team.
Hello CFX family! 😊

As you may know, unfortunately, there are some people with bad intentions making their living on the internet by stealing from others; creating fake pages and phone apps to deceive many including CFX members.

To prevent these fake pages from stealing from your CFX team, remember, all of our official channels are 👉 @TheCFXGroup.

Share this information so everyone can be aware and prevent any type of scam over the internet.
And don't forget to follow CFX on all social networks to further strengthen our reach! 🚀

Have a great day! 💚
Hello, family! 😊
We hope everyone is doing great!

It is finally time for our next END OF THE MONTH EVENT!

Let’s talk about:
🟢 Corporate updates
🟢 Training for success
🟢 Celebrating global CFX Leadership

TODAY, Wednesday, March 31st
3pm EST | 8pm UK time | 9pm CET
We'll see you there! 👋🏻

Let's transform the world! Let's be CFX! 💚
Hello, everyone! 🙌🏼💚

Tomorrow, we are welcoming May. So, let's say goodbye to April in our CFX style! 😎

It's time for the END OF THE MONTH EVENT! The moment we have been waiting for!

Let’s talk about:
Corporate updates
Training for success
Celebrating global CFX Leadership

🇬🇧 English:
TODAY, Friday, April 30th
3pm EST | 8pm UK time | 9pm CET

🇪🇸 Español:
HOY, Viernes, 30 de Abril
8:30pm EST | 1:30am UK time | 2:30am CET

¡Hasta luego! See you there! 👋🏻

Let's transform the world! Let's be CFX! 💚
Attention CFX Family!

Our amazing technical staff are currently completing CFX Site maintenance, and we wanted to make sure you were informed. We will be back shortly! 💪🏻

In addition, we also want to invite you to join us for our April End of the Month Event happening today! There is much to discuss and celebrate together!

Information above! 👆🏻
Hello CFX Family, 

Since the beginning of this amazing journey together, we have had the privilege to address you, the CFX family, on many occasions, to make you aware of our plans and where our energy has been focused.   

As a corporate team, our commitment and motivation to build something special is as high today
as it was at our launch event.  This new week in May has already shown many members achieving
new ranks, and others very close to reaching them.  We are also seeing many of you working towards
success in our current promotion, the CFX Corporate Office Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Panama. 

This past week has also shown us some black swan events in the media, causing some massive
adjustments within the cryptocurrency space.  Bitcoin’s sharp drop from over $59K only a few
days ago to today’s $42K surprised even the most flexible analysts.  

As a result of these market events, we would ask you to remind your newest team members of the
changes CFX has made with the launch of our new payment technology.  As a company, we now have
the ability to process mass payout requests in less than 24 to 48 hours with our new advanced payment processor tool.

This tool dramatically reduces the window required to issues tens of thousands of payments to members,
which is especially important during these times of extreme market volatility. We understand that delays in
payouts are a significant burden to our CFX family members, please know that we are doing everything we
can to ensure a timely withdrawal process for all members.

Each week the finance team identifies how much USDT is needed to convert for Bitcoin payments to our global
membership.  When this process is interrupted by a significant market correction, we must either wait for the
market to recover or the team must create another payout batch with the new price and leaving the previous
one until the price levels up again. 

The purpose of all this behind-the-scenes work is for the well-being of our business to ensure a long and very
healthy future for our CFX global family. We know that most of our members already understand the process
and our commitment to it, and we love you for that.  We also understand that some of our members are frustrated
and do not understand, but we also love all of you as well!

Thank you for your passion and continued efforts as members of the CFX family.
God bless you and we will see you soon on the stage awarding you for the trust and for your achievements.

Huascar Lopez 
Hello, CFX Family! 😊

We are heading to the end of another month! Let’s welcome June together? 🤜🏼🤛🏼

It’s time for another END OF THE MONTH EVENT! 🎉

Let’s talk about:
✔️Corporate updates
✔️Training for success
✔️Celebrating global CFX Leadership

TODAY, Monday, May 31st
3pm EST | 8pm UK time | 9pm CET

HOY, Lunes, 31 de Mayo
8:30pm EST | 1:30am UK time | 2:30am CET

¡Hasta luego! See you later! 👋🏼


Please protect your business account.
Hello CFX Family,

We are keenly aware of the high number of companies in the Network Marketing trading, cryptocurrency, and arbitrage space that have had significant issues and gone out of business, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without their starting funds, without their earnings, and even worse, without a future. The emotional devastation from the actions of these companies are difficult to quantify, as many young entrepreneurs are not able to bounce back from such losses. Relationships can be destroyed, and financial dreams are destroyed as well.

At CFX, we invest a great deal of time in our strategies and business practices, allowing us to proudly state that CFX will not be one of these statistics of failure. Risk management is something that both trader and corporate executives must always be aware of, and our attention to detail in these areas are unsurpassed.

We understand delays in routines that you have grown used to over 24 months of successful operations can be a cause of fear for many members, please remember that CFX has never failed to pay our global membership in 2 years of business. These delays are not a warning of a future failure, but rather our unwavering focus and diligence in taking the correct actions to ensure a long, healthy, and successful business partnership with you, the CFX family.

We are also proud that we have grown and continued to grow by thousands more every month. Your hard work and dedication never go unnoticed. You are indeed our partners in success. Helping many families around the world gives us a great deal of daily satisfaction and no situation would ever cause the CFX Corporate team to do anything to compromise our partnership with you. Our goal continues to be the same as it was from day one, to offer a future of success and financial freedom for you and your families.

We recently sent a message regarding withdrawal status and is posted in the message center in your back office. In addition, our corporate executives and programming teams work hard each day to ensure your funds and those of the company are always safe and secure so that we are able to continue enjoying success for many years to come.

Thank you for your patience, for your passion, and understanding!

We are all together building a legacy! 💪🏻
Hola Familia CFX,

Somos muy conscientes de la gran cantidad de empresas en mercadeo en red, trading y las criptomonedas y el espacio de arbitraje que han tenido problemas importantes y quebraron, dejando a cientos de miles de personas sin sus fondos iniciales, sin sus ganancias y aún peor, sin futuro. La devastación emocional de las acciones de estas empresas es difícil de cuantificar, ya que muchos jóvenes emprendedores no pueden recuperarse de tales pérdidas. Las relaciones pueden destruirse y los sueños financieros también.

En CFX, invertimos una gran cantidad de tiempo en nuestras estrategias y prácticas comerciales, lo que nos permite afirmar con orgullo que CFX no será una de estas estadísticas de fracaso. La gestión de riesgos es algo que tanto el equipo de traders como los ejecutivos corporativos deben tener siempre en cuenta, y nuestra atención al detalle en estas áreas es insuperable.

También entendemos que las demoras en las rutinas a las que no esta acostumbrado durante meses de operaciones exitosas pueden ser una causa real de temor para muchos miembros, recuerde que CFX nunca ha dejado de pagar a nuestra membresía global en 2 años de negocios. Estos retrasos no son una advertencia de un fracaso futuro, sino más bien nuestro enfoque y diligencia inquebrantables en tomar las acciones correctas para garantizar una asociación comercial larga, saludable y exitosa con usted, la familia CFX.

También estamos orgullosos de haber crecido y seguido creciendo miles más cada mes. Tu arduo trabajo y dedicación nunca pasan desapercibidos. De hecho, ustedes son nuestros socios en el éxito. Ayudar a muchas familias en todo el mundo nos da una gran satisfacción diaria y ninguna situación haría que el equipo corporativo de CFX hiciera algo para comprometer nuestra asociación con usted. Nuestro objetivo sigue siendo el mismo desde el primer día, ofrecer un futuro de éxito y libertad financiera para usted y sus familias.

Recientemente enviamos un mensaje sobre el estado de los retiros y está publicado en el centro de mensajes de su oficina administrativa. Además, nuestros ejecutivos corporativos y equipos de programación trabajan arduamente todos los días para garantizar que sus fondos y los de la empresa estén siempre seguros y protegidos para que podamos seguir disfrutando del éxito durante muchos años.

¡Gracias por su paciencia, por su pasión y comprensión!

¡Estamos todos juntos construyendo un legado! 💪🏻
Happy Wednesday, CFX Family! 🤗

We are heading to the end of the first Semester of this challenging 2021! So let’s go to another END OF THE MONTH EVENT!

We will talk about:
☑️ Corporate updates
☑️ Training for success
☑️ Celebrating global CFX Leadership

TODAY, Wednesday, June 30th
3pm EST | 8pm UK time | 9pm CET

HOY, Miércoles, 30 de Junio
8:30pm EST | 1:30am UK time | 2:30am CET

See you in 1h! ¡Hasta luego! 👋🏼
Hello CFX Family,

Our programming team has been implementing payment system corrections regarding the issue of failed withdrawal tickets and overpayments.   

Testing of these adjustments begins tonight and will continue over the weekend, with batch payouts to commence for June 5th and forward with the intention of completing WD dates for all of June. We are looking to complete these payout batches as quickly as possible. 

We understand your team members in the fieldwork hard and are expecting news regarding these issues and the timeline for completion.  CFX corporate appreciates the patience and leadership of everyone here, we know your job is not an easy one. 

It is important that we communicate as a company, and that the highest priority for CFX to our global membership is completing the outstanding WD process and ultimately bringing this timeline to a current and up-to-date status. We are also taking the actions required to correct these issues permanently as these types of growing challenges also bring an unfair additional workload to other divisions of CFX as well.    

The corporate staff knows it makes it much easier to have patience when we post regular updates, we are working late with very long hours to ensure success in overcoming this recent challenge and are determined to continue to deliver for the company and global CFX family that we all love. 

Thank you again and have a great weekend! 💚

CFX Corporate Team
Hola Familia CFX,

Nuestro equipo de programación ha estado implementando correcciones al sistema de pago con respecto al problema de los retiros fallidos y los pagos en duplicados.

Las pruebas de estos ajustes comienzan esta noche y continuarán durante el fin de semana con pagos por lotes que comenzarán el 5 de junio en adelante con la intención de completar las fechas de retiros para todo junio. Estamos buscando completar estos pagos lo más rápido posible.

Entendemos que los miembros de su equipo esperan noticias con respecto a estos temas y
el cronograma para su finalización. Apreciamos la paciencia y el liderazgo de todos, sabemos
que su trabajo es mas fácil al recibir informaciones de avances.

Es importante comunicarles que como empresa CFX tiene la máxima prioridad para con nuestra membresía global completar el proceso de cada retiro y, a una instancia posterior, llevar esta línea de tiempo a un estado actual y actualizado. También estamos tomando las acciones necesario para corregir estos problemas de forma permanente, ya que este tipo de desafíos crecientes también traen una carga de trabajo adicional injusta a otras divisiones de CFX también.

El personal corporativo sabe que es mucho más fácil tener paciencia cuando publicamos actualizaciones periódicas. Trabajamos hasta tarde con horas muy largas para asegurar el éxito en la superación de este desafío reciente, y estamos decididos a seguir cumpliendo con la empresa y la familia CFX global que todos amamos.

¡Gracias de nuevo y que tengan un gran fin de semana! 💚

Equipo Corporativo de CFX
Hello, CFX Family! 💚

July has already ended and we are so excited for all the amazing things August will bring to us! So let’s make the best out of this Monday and get ready for our END OF THE MONTH EVENT! 🙌🏼🚀

Join us to talk about:
✔️ Corporate updates
✔️ Training for success
✔️ Celebrating global CFX Leadership

TODAY, Monday, August 2nd
3pm EST | 8pm UK time | 9pm CET

HOY, Lunes, 02 de Agosto
8:30pm EST | 1:30am UK time | 2:30am CET

See you soon! ¡Hasta luego!