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Welcome to our dream to promote Human Development & Self-Healing through Music and Performing Arts!

This is the official "The Music Medicine" Telegram channel, where we share news & updates related to:
1. Music (obviously)
2. Projects & Collaborations
3. Workshops
4. Events & Performances
5. Gifts & Contests

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“The Music Medicine” is currently setting a foundation for the preservation & distribution of the cultural heritage in World Music and an online channel to distribute related content.

We are grateful to have you on board and we are open to receive your questions, requests and suggestions in the fields of:
1. Music & Local Music
2. Science & Music
3. Spirituality & Music
4. Local Hymns & Songs
5. Local Dances
6. Local Instruments
7. Local Musicians & Talents

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For any communication and sharing regarding the fields above and for any question please contact us via email at:

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May you be in tune, with the music within you!
Dimitrios - The Music Medicine
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we release a Global call to promote "Love, Peace & Harmony"!

Join us on a one-of-a-kind free online festival, where we bring together a global community of:
1. Musicians
2. Artists
3. World, Indigenous & Spiritual leaders
4. Innovators & Enterpreuners
5. Scientists and
6. Speakers

to Unite, Give Voice, Bridge and Inspire hope for all humanity!

How to participate?
1. Like our official "The Music Medicine" page on Facebook
2. Attend the festival to follow up with updates here
3. Subscribe on our official website
4. Spread Love, Peace & Harmony with yor friends and the World!

"Love, Peace & Harmony" festival is coming to a screen near you!

Our line up is here and vibrating in every color of the rainbow and in every part of the Earth!

World... are you ready?

Visit our official Facebook event to find out more!

A small act of gratitude for the big generosity of our supporters.

A rainbow is not a rainbow if one color is missing.
A human race is not a human race if one of us is missing.
Our diversity is what makes us whole!

This is the whole-istic perspective through which we see life and this festival.

We join hearts and souls from every school of thought... together!

Thank you for you from the heart!
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13 days left for "Love, Peace & Harmony" festival!
What to expect?

Dimitrios, founder and host of The Music Medicine shares a message and sets the tone from the arms of the nature of Southern Turkey!


A message of Love, Peace & Harmony by dear friend, partner-in-harmony and great inspiration Queen Diambi Kabatusuila!

Queen Diambi Kabatusuila works on promoting the restoration of the African Identity by encouraging people to learn about their true history, and by promoting the appreciation of their African Ancestral heritage in cultures, languages, folklore and traditions, all of which place the greatest value on compassion, respect, solidarity and the primordial role of the Creator in all aspects of existence.

She strongly believes in promoting a culture of peace in the world. She thinks that to ensure that we got to create a peaceful environment and to foster a compassionate attitude, mutual respect and a desire for understanding people who are different and who often have opposing interests.

Queen Diambi was crowned as the ruler of the Bena Tshiyamba People of Bakwa Indu of Central Kasaï Region part of the ancient Luba Empire in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She has been enthroned by all the Bakwa Luntu Chiefs and now holds the Title of Diambi Mukalenga Mukaji Wa Nkashama Wa Bakwa Luntu (Queen of the Order of the Leopard of the Bakwa Luntu People).

She is crowned Queen Mother of the Bantu People of Brazil, in Salvador de Bahia, the Historical African Diaspora, which has a population of nearly ninety million people and has been awarded with the title of Grande Mãe do Povo Bantu do Brasil receiving the Tiradentes Medal, the highest honor from Parliament in Brazil.

She has worked as an infants and children Mental Health Therapist as well as a Substance Addiction Specialist and has consecrated much time mastering issues relating to trauma and how it affects identity. and holds a Degree as a Practitioner of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
9 Days left for Love, Peace & Harmony!

As we get closer to our festival, we want to share with you a glimpse of our amazing featured musicians and speakers!

Meet Ali Deniz Kardelen
Ali Deniz Kardelen is an Award-Winning Guitarist and one of the masterminds of fingerstyle guitar with his creative modern approach on this specific genre. As a worldwide touring musician and father of one.

Ali developed new skills to reach his goal of discovering the edges of storytelling.

His unique live setup and choice of setlist add an intimate essence to the experience. Live concerts of this artist are warm, tender and liquid. Alternative tunings, ten-finger tappings, percussive playing, eastern scales and polyrhythms contribute to the creative process for a more expressive taste.

After releasing his debut album "First Steps" in 2016, Ali got first place at Indiana State and second place at the Canadian Guitar Festival which are some of the most prestigious competitions in the fingerstyle genre.

Ali has performed at NAMM Show main stage in Los Angeles, California which is the world’s largest trade-only event for music products.

Mathematics Engineer (BE) Ali performed Led Zeppelin’s "Stairway to Heaven" while paragliding at 1800 meters in Southern Anatolia.
Dear friends,
we took a deep breath after our "Love, Peace & Harmony" Festival, and we are back-on-track!

The live recordings are now available on Youtube with timestamps for those who want to direct into specific sections / acts / performances of the festival.

We had the honor to have onboard people like:
Diambi Kabatusuila (Queen of the people of Congo)
Kristina Mand Lakhiani (Mindvalley)
Ninawa Pai da Mata (Indigenous leader of the Huni Kuin Tribe of Brazilian Amazon)
Alexandre Lora (Grammy Nominated Handpan Musician)
Jorge Alfano (Multi-Instrumentalist & Pioneer in Music Healing)
among others.

Here are the links for those who want to enjoy all our content:

Love, Peace & Harmony Festival | 11.11.20
Part 01

Part 02

Part 03
New music has been just released on our digital platforms!

The very first soundtrack of The Music Medicine, produced by Dimitrios, for the mini movie of Turkish Director and Photographer, Erhan Karaca, called NOVA.

Listen on Soundcloud
Buy on Bandcamp

* * *

Witnessing the challenges posed by climate change, Nova asks her mother what she is curious about the world she has never seen before.

Nova is a short movie film written, directed by produced by Turkish filmmaker and photographer Erhan Karaca based upon the threats that are causing the extinction of our natural resources and presenting a dystopian future, where common goods (such as water, plant and animal kingdom) are no longer existing.
In the beginning was the Word.

We heard it, we red it, but have we understood and embodied it?


It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started to work in ways I haven’t known before, alongside a person that today I can call mentor and brother, Arkin Çelik and that has introduced me to a school of thought and a school of expression that changed my life!

Arkin introduced me to a text that said to work as a command/contract with life and aimed for the higher benefit and joy of humanity.

He invited me to re-visit it and to add music.

A year ago the “Prayer of the Highest Good & Potential” has been released to the world from the social media accounts of The Music Medicine and got incredible feedback from all around the world.

A text composed in years and that is a distilled extract of all the knowledge and wisdom of ourselves and our teachers.

Arkin says he does not believe in miracles and I disagree.
But I understood later on that miracles are simply the result of precise wording and undoubtable faith and trust and today I can say that within a year, I have experienced many!

A year after we have re-visited the same text, I added 100% self composed music and I am more than happy to release the updated version to the world!

Tomorrow is the day!

Join us for the official release and a live Q&A, where we will share our story and experience and of course the Prayer!

We will be Live on Instagram!
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The Re-Vision 20/20 version of the “Prayer of the Highest Good & Potential” is out now on the SoundCloud and Bandcamp accounts of The Music Medicine!

A text meticulously composed to empower and direct the listener to focused intention and embodiment of clarity, goodness, potential and joy within their lives, in everything they think, say and do and with everyone they involve with!

🎶 Listen and grab your copy HERE!

📝 Get your PDF BOOK with the text HERE.

📺 Youtube video HERE.

As we promised yesterday, myself and Arkin Çelik fulfiled our appearance on Instagram Live and shared a brief Q&A about the power of intention, expression and of course... the Prayer!

📺 Watch on IGTV HERE.
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Dear Friends,

This is how I celebrate the year and era to come, sharing the vibration of Love, Peace, Harmony & Unity through this work and inviting you to emanate this frequency for yourselves and your surroundings!

On 07.11.2020 we recorded this material that meant to set this frequency through the universal language of music.

We set an experiment, in which musicians from different backgrounds, ethnicities and schools of thought would come together to co-create in the name of Love, Peace & Harmony.

We had little idea of what to do, little time to prepare ourselves but a big desire to come together, to unite our voices and to pray for this intention to manifest.

This is the message that we carry to the new era.

In faith and unity we can find a way to put all our differences aside and unite.

May you enjoy this music and find your own message in it!

Watch HERE
Listen & Get your Copy HERE
Dear friends,
new year came with a lot of excitement and surprises, one of them delivered and shared right here... and now!

I’ll be honest... I’ve been waiting for long time to see the name of The Music Medicine with its own music on the digital platforms and today is the day!

The very first collective release of an ensemble of 11 musicians inspired by a healing song that has its origins in China!

“Love, Peace & Harmony - Live Improvisation”
Out Now... Everywhere!

Click link bellow and enjoy our live inprovisation in the platform of your preference!
To all the Spotify lovers out there... we have just updated The Music Medicine account with all our releases!

Listen & enjoy, follow and share the Medicine with your friends and stay updated as we will keep updating with new releases and weekly playlists!

* * *
🌞 👋🏻
Happy New Week friends!

Starting of today, I invite you to embark with me on long journey of a weekly commitment of sharing my discoveries in the vast world of music through the form of playlists, and maybe bring inspiration and joy to the ears and heart of the listeners!

🔊👂🏻🎶 🧘🏻‍♂️
Starting of today, I created a “Best of” compilation of world, ethnic, ambient and meditational music, ideal to be used for easy listening, relaxation, meditation, yoga, work or sleep!

Click HERE and enjoy a nearly 8 hour journey of my favorite picks!