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Incoming, outgoing and video calls, voice chats and live streams in Telegram for users and developers. Information about chats, bots, libs and Telegram updates.

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Forwarded from Marshal 🦁
Серия обновлений связанных со звонками, групповыми голосовыми чатами и прямыми трансляциями закончена или что-то ещё ждать? Поддержка ботов?)
Forwarded from Durov's Chat Russia (Pavel Durov)
Трансляции еще на заре своего развития. Групповые звонки тоже ждет важная итерация.
Il`ya (Marshal): «Is the series of updates related to calls, group calls and live streams over or is there something else to wait for? Supporting of bots?)»
Pavel Durov: «Live streams are still at the dawn of their development. Group calls are also waiting for an important iteration».
Pavel Durov's official channel left a crying sticker under the post about problems related with Telegram Calls.

The channel "Noviops and The Samurai" conducted the following poll:

Do you watch streams? And if so, where?
- Yes, on YouTube.
- Yes, on Twitch.
- Yes, on both.
- No.

The next post described why there is no option "Telegram Live Streams" in the poll:

"Telegram 🤡🤡🤡 will not be in the poll until Durov fixes everything"

Pavel's channel left a comment with 😢 sticker from "The Virus" stickerpack.
Happy New Year 🎊 pytgcalls reached 300+ stars for this year
Telegram was updated to 8.5

Not many new features were introduced because developers spent 2 weeks fixing bugs and making enhancements. Among these things, there is an improved call quality! Hooray!

Video Stickers, Better Reactions and More...
Python WebRTC

Exactly a month ago, I started working on a new project that will allow us to use WebRTC directly with Python. And as you all know, all Telegram Calls work on WebRTC!

There is still a lot of work to do, and despite the fact that I already use it to play music in Telegram Group Calls, it's still at the very beginning of it's evolution.

However, you can already follow it's development, and you know what to do 😉 ⭐️
RTMP streams for Telegram Group Calls confirmed? 🤯
RTMP Streaming Configuration

In beta version of Telegram for macOS it became possible to receive settings for streaming via third-party applications like OBS. Unfortunately, the broadcast display does not work yet. Successfully connects to RTMP servers and sending data without loosing frames.

The same functionality was published in Unigram's repository.
RTMP streaming works fine on Telegram test servers! This is how stream will look. There is no participant list.
The latest beta version of Telegram for iOS got support of RTMP streams. It works amazing with Picture-in-Picture mode! Like in beta for macOS there is no list of participants.
The listeners_hidden boolean flag was added as parameter of GroupCall. There is no way to change it for now. Maybe it will be controlled from server side only. Based on the param name, it can be assumed that this is switcher of displaying of a list of participants in RTMP stream.
Forwarded from Telegram Public Testing
The stream is now live! Click here to join the discussion group where the stream is being hosted.
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Live Streaming With Other Apps

Telegram was updated to 8.6! With this update, you can broadcast from streaming tools like OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster — to add overlays and multi-screen layouts with ease, turning any Telegram channel into a professional TV Station.

Download Manager, New Attachment Menu and More
Telegram private calls and SIP

Everyone needs it, but people are not ready to collect the amount

Upd. 1 investor with $2000 already found. Anyone else?

Previous meme
Forwarded from Telegram Public Testing
Greetings, friends! Tomorrow evening (Wednesday, April 13) we will be hosting another Stream Test here in this channel. To help get the maximum number of participants, we’d like to know which time in UTC works best for you:
Final Results
17:00 UTC
18:00 UTC
19:00 UTC
20:00 UTC
Forwarded from Telegram Public Testing
Thanks everyone for responding to the poll. We will begin the stream test today at 17:00 UTC.

We’ll be collecting feedback and bug reports in the channel’s Discussion Group during the stream.

See you soon!