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New in telegram.
Forwarded from Telegram News
Today's update allows you to add entire group chats as exceptions to any privacy settings. Settings will adapt as people join or leave the groups.

We've also added a new privacy setting for Who Can See My Phone Number.

Channel admins can now link a discussion group to their channel. And developers can make bots that can seamlessly authorize you on web services.

Any public channel can now be viewed from the web, even without a Telegram account.

Read more on our blog:
Now on tffp, here is a look at an update of shooter concept demo, part 001
If anyone and any of tffp';s services sere effected by google's outage yesterday, I hope all is fixed by now. Sorry for any trouble this might have caused.
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Happy 4th to all.
Remember all, stay cool, and drink a lot of liquids as it is hot out there in some parts of the USA and rest of the world. Until next time. Be blessed to all.
This is a great listen! "A Game I used to play in junior high". On Podcoin, you get paid to listen.
It's 109 degrees here, and convention week is over. Sorry, no convention cast this time, but something will be coming down the pipe soon. I can't wait.
We now have a discord, come on in nd chat about the podcast. This will still be the official telegram channel though. https://discord.gg/fr7MaVK
And welcome new subscribers. It's wonderful to have you here. theepodcast will resume august of this year. I needed a health brake.
Welcome to a repost. This was done in 2016 and still applies 3 years later. Now, go get fit.
coming up is an excerpt of the latest podcast looking at sequence storm.
Let's look at a money reader for iOs
I hope this happens today.

Come join me for a youtube and or twitch and or mixer stream on gears 5. I want to try and show off the accessibility they worked so hard to put in. Also if we reach 500 subs I will also do something in my mainstream flight sim. Anyway the links are as follows:




I hope you all will join me. The stream will happen at about 6 pm PDT.