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Aternativa "ambientale" ai muri tradizionali che utilizza terra ed elementi di rinforzo al suo interno. Non pretende di essere una risorsa questo canale. È un racconto di un esperienza africana che sto vivendo grazie alle terre rinforzate.
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I am in Italy now, but from what I see, the site is my collegue's good hands.. The Sites 5 and 6 have been jointed.. Now we will go on with building layers more than 100m long. 👍🏻
In Coronavirus time, works on Site 5 and 6 in Ethiopia are going on in my absence. Compliments to my italian collegue Fiore who is there and who is the only responsible of works with the ethiopian engineer Abebe Howe.
Foto da Francesco Lotito
While I am prisoner in Italy by Coronavirus, my collegue in Ethiopia is going on by himself. He and the crew are doing a very good job👍
Yes... I am not a singer , I only can play guitar, bass and bolivian charango. Written, played and recorded by me.. Dedicated to an habesha I met the first time I came in Etiopia for this GRSS work.. November 2018, November 2020.. I took the plane that time, I am taking the plane today to come back for the third year.. I don't like pubblicity.. but now is time to present it to you.. In Italian? yes!, In italian because she knows italian and she can understand.. You can't stop the heart.. it lives for future projects but it lives of rememberings too.. A story ended in 2019.. but anytime good to inspire a song a "storysong" of a time-ago-inlovedman just like in this case.. Thanks for your appreciation if you feel it.
Just for joke.. we could open a new business in Ethiopia.. glasses for donkeys😉
Site 4, work finally started.
November 22.. today is my second year of work in Ethiopia..I wish to myself an "happy birthday"🤙
Rainy days.. Shmalles mountain and our 3000m elevation sites are surrounded by low clouds..🙁
4 days of rain, today has turned to sunny. Some jogging to Aggabir a village 2 km far from the camp for the cooker Gennet, my collegue Fiore and me. Asgarrami the blue sky and the white clouds over us.. a present from Ennat Ethiopia😉