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You can now search for messages from a specific group member and add emoji to your messages by typing ':' + keyword. Get Telegram 4.2.1 for iOS and 4.2.2 for Android these two new features.

Here's how the new message search works:
The new emoji shortcut is particularly handy on desktops, but can also help to quickly locate obscure emoji on your mobile. :sunglasses :
Telegram 4.3 is out! We've added reply and mention badges so that it's easier to keep up with conversations in busy groups.

Also in this update: A new panel for quick access to your favorite stickers, a new interface to invite your friends to Telegram (get there via Contacts), group stickers, and numerous other design and UI improvements.

Read all about version 4.3 on our blog:
Telegram 4.4 is here! With the new Live Locations it's easier than ever to meet people on the go or get together during crowded events.

Also in this update: A completely redesigned music player – try it out on the @cctracks channel that features Creative Commons music.

Telegram is now available in 13 languages including French, Malaysian, Indonesian, Russian and Ukrainian. More languages are coming soon thanks to the new localization platform.

Read all about version 4.4 on our blog:
We saw some groups approach the 20K limit and increased it again. Telegram groups can now have up to 30,000 members.
Meet Telegram 4.5! You can now group photos and videos into albums when sending — and control the order in which your media will be sent.

Store any important messages or media by sending or forwarding them to the Saved Messages chat. Each saved message has a “go to” button that takes you to the right place in the original chat.

We've also improved username search to make it easier to find popular bots and channels, added support for pinned messages in channels, and redesigned the Settings screens on iOS. iOS users also get full support for iPhone X.

Read all about version 4.5 on our blog:
Telegram v.4.6 is here! You can now set up your auto-download preferences with granular precision (find the new options in Settings > Data & Storage). For example, always download pictures from your mother on any connection, but only auto-download media from groups when you're on WiFi.

iOS users will enjoy the new option to swipe left on any message to quickly reply to it.

For everyone else, we've also added support for albums to Secret chats, full support for MTProto 2.0, and the option to only use p2p in calls with contacts (see Settings > Privacy & Security).

Link previews for Instagram posts and tweets with multiple photos will now show all the media as an album, like this:
Bonus track. An embeddable HTML-widget is now available for all messages in public groups and channels. You can see it when you open links to such messages in your browser – try this with

Below the widget is a button that reveals the code to embed it on any website. Journalists quoting Telegram channel posts in their articles are going to love this.
Telegram 4.7 has arrived just in time for the holidays!

On Android, this update makes it possible to log in to multiple accounts and quickly switch between them. Consider it a New Year's gift to your alter ego – or your dark side?

Speaking of dark sides: on iOS, the new version brings theme support, including two versions of a night mode.

Starting with 4.7, both mobile platforms also support swipe-to-reply gestures.

Read all about version 4.7 on our blog:
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This video should give you an idea of how the new account switching feature works – available on Android today and coming soon to other platforms. 🌟⭐️ Happy holidays!
Attention: Telegram publishes its official announcements only at ✈️

If you see any other website that claims to publish news or announcements on behalf of our team, it is most likely a scam.
We have increased the member limit for supergroups to 100,000.

If you're looking to get more users in your community, the best strategy is to open a channel on Telegram. Channels are the perfect tool for broadcasting your messages to the masses because they can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

With channels, you can broadcast important announcements to millions of people or post answers to the most popular questions from members of your supergroups.

See this post for more info on channels:
We've added two new official apps: Telegram X for iOS and Android. Both were written from scratch to boost internal competition and explore new technologies and design decisions.

Check them out if you're looking for slick design, smooth animations, efficient battery use and even more speed.

More info on our blog:
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Here's a video demo to give you a taste of Telegram X for Android.
Telegram 4.8 for Android is now available.

This update introduces Media Streaming. Start watching videos without waiting for them to download fully.

Another new feature is the Auto-Night Mode. Choose your favorite dark theme and instruct the app to switch to it after sunset or in low-light environments.

These features are also coming to other platforms, so stay tuned for our next updates.

Read more on our blog: