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We've updated our apps with new cache management options so that Telegram can take up nearly zero space on your phone, even if you‘re using it heavily.

Read about it in the Telegram blog:

In other news, you can now manually reorder your sticker packs, and the order will be synced across all your devices. This can be done in Sticker Settings, accessible via the new button in the sticker panel (or via Settings).

On Android and Desktop, tap/click and hold on a pack to drag it to its new place. On iOS, tap 'Edit' first. Manual reordering is coming to all other official apps within a day.

If you're looking for more sticker packs to reorder, try marching Vicky and Harry up and down your stickers list:
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Today's update to our iOS, Android and Desktop apps brings you faster and better GIFs along with a new type of bots. The Windows Phone and OSX native clients will be getting this update soon as well.

GIF Revolution

Animations will now become up to 20x faster when sending and downloading. GIFs will play automatically in your chats (this can be turned off in Settings). We've also added a dedicated GIF tab to the sticker panel. Tap on a GIF (long tap on iOS) to save it to the panel – then send it to friends in just a few taps.
Inline Bots

You can now easily send bot-generated content to any chat, group or channel – even if the bot is not a member. Simply type the @username of an inline bot in the message field in any chat, then type some keywords. The bot will offer you relevant content that you can send in one tap.

Sample inline bots:
@gif – Search and send animated GIFs
@vid – Quickly share YouTube videos
@bing – Find pictures using Bing
@pic – Find pictures using Yandex
@wiki – Share Wikipedia articles
@imdb – Find and share movie details
@bold – Send bold, italic or fixed width text
Thanks to your support, Telegram now has more than 100 million monthly users. 350 thousand new users join every day – all because you told your friends, family and co-workers about Telegram. Keep spreading the word!
Version 3.7 just landed in the iOS and Android stores. Supergroups 2.0 are here: now with up to 5,000 members each, supporting pinned messages, public links and new moderation tools to help you keep the bad guys at bay.

Read more in our blog:

Coming to all official apps soon!
Telegram version 3.8 has arrived!

Meet Bots 2.0, our biggest update to the bot platform since June 2015. We've introduced a whole bunch of new tools that will help developers build seamless and more intuitive bot interfaces for you.

Try these sample bots to see what's coming your way soon: @music, @sticker, @youtube, @foursquare

Or check out the demo videos here:

But this update is not only about bots. We've also added some nifty preview and sharing options to our apps, as well as various design improvements on iOS, Android, and Desktop.

You will find more details in this post:
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Our new update today introduces Drafts, Picture-in-Picture mode for YouTube and Vimeo videos on iOS, a new built-in video player for Android, as well as design and usability improvements across all our apps.

Read all about version 3.10 here:
Here's how your chats list will look in Telegram for iOS v.3.10 with a couple of Drafts and a video running in PiP mode.
Telegram for iOS was updated to version 3.10.1 today.

Picture in Picture is now available not just for YouTube and Vimeo videos, but for all videos in Telegram.

Chat preview (formerly only with 3D Touch) is now available for all iOS devices. Simply tap and hold on a chat to preview without opening.

We've also made a few minor improvements and fixed a couple of bugs. The app will no longer crash when sending videos to channels, and if you've seen an indestructible empty chat in the list, it will go away now (try terminating and restarting the app if it lingers).

Stay tuned for more updates on all platforms.
Telegram v.3.11. is out for iOS, Android and Desktop.

Trending stickers, personal storage, group previews for invite links, new camera interface for Android 4.1+, new in-app video player for Telegram Desktop, and more.

Read all about it the latest blog post:
And check out all those new stickers, they're awesome.
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Telegram 3.12 is out for iOS and Android!

1. You can now add masks, text, and drawings to your pictures. Telegram's sticker artists have prepared many stylish masks for you to try out. Naturally, you can also upload your own using the @stickers bot (by the way, that bot has learned a couple of new languages for the occasion).

2. In addition to this, you can now make your own GIFs in just a few taps. Simply record a video, then press the "mute" button to send it as a looped animation.

3. We've added a new Trending tab to your sticker panel, feel free to check it when you're out of fresh sticker ideas.

You can read all about the new features in this blog post: