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Tech trends and opportunities for CEE startups in China.
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Hey there and welcome! Even Elon Mask is scaling to China. Would you? Check this out! Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced via a tweet on Saturday that he would be launching The Boring Company China, the first international extension of his infrastructure and tunnelling construction company, in late August while in Shanghai for the second World Artificial Intelligence Conference.
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Hi, friends and friends of friends! Are you a passionate tech talent from Eastern Europe with high interest in Chinese markets?💡 Don’t miss your chance to join China Innovation Tour this September and tap into Chinese ecosystem!

📢We (Tech Pool CEE and Plug and Play China) are calling for startups (from Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Belarus) to reach out to potential investors, corporates, partners, and clients in China!

🗓Our 5 day event (September 22-27, 2019) will start and end in Shanghai!

📍Verticals: IoT, intelligent manufacturing, healthcare (other verticals could be considered)

🤩Folks, It’s FREE of charge (international flights, local high-speed trains, hotels, food) for 3 selected startups!

Hurry Up! Apply by September 5th here!

❗️Check it out for more details

🤗Sharings and tags are appreciated!

🙏Many thanks to everyone interested in the September China Innovation Tour! We have been lucky enough having amazing candidates who applied from CEE countries.

Our partner, Plug and Play China, had to make difficult choices between high-calibre applicants whom shortlisted and then interviewed last Friday.

🎉The ABM Inventory (Ukraine),
🎉Selfdiagnostics (Estonia)
🎉Prodintelligence (Ukraine)

have been selected and are very welcome to September China Innovation Tour 2019!
We wish all teams to achieve their goals during the tour and best of luck!

We encourage everyone interested in new opportunities in China to follow our updates, we’ll keep you posted! 🤗
📚 👆🏻 It is quite difficult to stay in line with all the information and news from Chinese tech scene, due to cultural differences and difference in how we use media. We decided to make a small digest of the practical newsletters in English on Chinese technology. Check this out:

📌Chinaacelerator Daily Tech Newsletters. Overview on what’s up in the ecosystem:
Deals, VCs, new players and tech events:

📌Technode Newsletters. Tech node is one of the largest media covering China Tech. You can also subscribe for Daily Newsletter, Weekly Newsletter or some industry news (for example DriveIO Newsletter on Mobility and Electric Cars, Bytendance Newsletter, about things happening with TikTok and other products).

📌ChinaHive. A weekly roundup of the biggest tech stories coming out of China. It’s brief, to the point, and well presented.

If you have any questions or need a piece of advice on scaling to China, feel free to ping us. ❤️