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Hey, student!

I posted a new video on my Youtube channel tonight and I talked about the top 7 things every English learner must master in order to achieve fluency.

But first, pay attention. When I say "master" I am not talking about speaking English without making any mistake. Nope! Not at all! What I am trying to say is speaking despite your mistakes. Being understood by others, having a clear pronunciation, and fixing persistent mistakes that tend to confuse the listener in conversations in English.

So, watch the replay and make sure to subscribe to my channel.
Hey student!

There will be a new video on my channel tonight and I will teach you 3 tips to help you remember words in English more easily.

I’m sure you study vocabulary, but you may be asking yourself why you constantly forget the words you study and I know it’s something that usually happens to English learners because I often get messages like that "teacher Prix, why do I forget the words in English?","teacher Prix, how can I remember words in English?".

That’s why I decided to prepare this lesson for you guys. I’m certain these simple strategies you can implement right away will be very useful for improving your English learning process and skills.
Hey student!

I posted a new video on my Youtube channel to teach you how to talk about the future in English, just like native speakers.

In most English books, students learn the simple future “will” to describe future situations. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a good tense. You should use it! However, depending on the situation, this is not the way native speakers will describe future events.

In this vídeo, I show you how native speakers usually describe the future in specific situations.

You will learn the most common ways to talk about the future in English and in what situations native speakers use present continuous and be going to in daily conversations.
Hey student!

Do you know how to give advice in English as native speakers do?

Well, tonight there will be a new video on my Youtube channel about this topic, and I am going to show you 3 popular and different ways native English speakers give advice.

After this brief and efficient English lesson, I am sure you will be able to give advice by using advanced expressions and structures that are commonly used in daily conversations.

Other than that, click on the link to set the reminder and make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel, so you won't miss any new lessons!
Hey, student!

I am live now  and tonight is our Seventh MeetUp and I am going to answer questions you guys have sent me, especially a very common one: "teacher, I understand teachers but not native speakers. Why?"

If you have problems understanding native speakers in English, this meetup live will be the perfect one for you!

Come join me now!
Hey student!

Understanding TV News in English is usually a challenge for many English learners, maybe because the presenters speak fast using advanced vocabulary.

So, thinking about that, I posted a short part of the Seventh MeetUp Wednesday where I explain how you can understand TV news and improve your listening comprehension.

In this video, I taught specific exercises you need to do if you want to understand TV shows more easily and follow international news in English.
Hey student!

Do you think is it possible to improve your listening skill to an advanced level in 6 months?

Well, I'm certain you can do that, but you gotta do the right kind of work and follow the right strategies.

That's what I taught in this English lesson which is an extract of MeetUp 7 and I'm sure it will be very useful to booster your English learning process.
Hey student!

One of the most frequent questions that I receive from English learners is "teacher, what kinds of books do I need to improve my studying routine?"

So, in this recent video on my Youtube channel, I recommended five advanced English books that will complement your journey to fluency.
Hey student!

It is quite important to get aware of the mistakes you may be making when you are speaking English, but first I want to make it clear that is something normal when you are learning a new language, so you don't have to be so hard on yourself or feel sad about that.

However, as I said, it's important to fix these mistakes if you want to become a more confident English speaker. That's why I made this lesson to help you advance your English and get closer to your dream of becoming fluent.
Hey student!
Do you think it is a challenge to speak confidently? The answer is confidence is not about having good results, but it is about practice, self-esteem, and your own identity.

So, in this lesson, I show you 5 tips to help you speak fluently in English and value the quick wins you achieve during your learning process.

Make sure to don't miss it!
Do you wanna sound cool when speaking English? 

There is a brand new video on my Youtube channel where I teach 3 advanced phrasal verbs with AROUND. 

If you want to level up your English vocabulary, learning these phrasal verbs will definitely help you speak more like natives do!

In this lesson, in addition to the definitions of the phrasal verbs, I also give you real-life context and also examples from movies. It is a great way to practice your listening and vocabulary comprehension. 
Hey student!

Do you wanna know how to one of the most popular social media to level up your listening skills?

Tonight there will be a brand new video on my Youtube channel where I will teach a step-by-step process on how you can use Instagram to work on your English.

Instagram can be a wonderful tool if you learn how to use it in your favor. of course, you can spend time watching things for fun, but how about using this platform as a tool to master your listening comprehension?

So, guys set the reminder, and make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel, so you won't miss any new lessons!
Hey student!

How about an English lesson to help you understand easier how to use present perfect in phrases?

I’m going to explain the difference between present perfect and simple past as well as important keywords you can use with the present perfect tense.

After that, I will also give you a sequence practice to help you identify the sequence formula I am going to teach you in this lesson that will be able at 7 pm São Paulo time zone.

Other than that, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any new lessons.
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This is the file where you gonna find an exercise that I said in this English lesson that I would send here on Telegram
Hey student!

How about a lesson to help you boost your English level this new year and finally become fluent?

There is a new video on my Youtube channel where I gave 5 strategies to guide you in your learning process in order to reduce procrastination, getting stuck in some English level, and also analyzing what you have achieved (your wins) until now.

Follow these hacks that you will learn from this lesson to master your listening skills, speaking skills, and vocabulary.

Hey student!

I’m going to go live tonight at 7 pm (São Paulo time zone) and our meeting will be a hangout where you will learn the secret to make people understand your English more easily.

If you want to improve your speaking and listening skills with more confidence, this is going to be the perfect lesson for you.

So, make sure to set the reminder and subscribe to this channel to don’t miss any new hangouts.
Third PRE-Immersion day! How is it going, students? I hope you are having an awesome experience! 😎👏🏼🔥

Tonight, at 7 p.m. Sao Paulo time zone, I will be talking about vocabulary and why your English vocabulary is stuck 😱 📖🤭

As I told you before, you are special. As part of this group, you will get exclusive access to the slides of the lesson. You will also have a PRE-Immersion exercise tonight, so make sure to catch the lesson.

💡 Make sure to set the reminder on YouTube.