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​​Save The Planet! Eat The Babies!

AOC got to see how it feels for the rest of us when we have to listen to her.
Nothing to see here. Just a US Congresswoman talking about arresting the executive branch.

Nothing like a little public discussion of a political coup.
​​Funny on so many levels. 🀣🀣
Nothing to see here folks.

Just Clapper naming Obama in the Russian Collusion Hoax and declassification of said hoax.
​​Eric Swalwell, Ben Shapiro, Beto O’Rourke and The Truth About Red Flag Laws

The Democrats quickly show how Red Flag Laws can be abused.
​​This Is Fake News

ABC News utilized footage from a military show to push their agenda.
​​Washington Post Memorializes Dead Isis Leader

This is why they are seen as β€œthe enemy of the people”