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​​In other words, the community he's responsible for must be in shambles.
​​Representative Eric Swalwell Mocks Mass Shooting

Eric Swalwell appears to be on a crusade to ensure AOC is not seen as the dumbest member of congress.
​​Poor Kids Just Need Record Players

Joe Biden didn’t help assuage fears about his age with this comment.
​​This Is Not A Meme

Believe it or not, β€œBeto” O’Rourke actually tweeted this.
​​San Luis Obispo Virtue Signals About Natural Gas

This is what happens when leaders don’t do their research.
​​Canadian Prime Minister Wore Brown Face

A photo from Trudeau’s past has come back to haunt him.
​​Is Beto O’Rourke Increasing Gun Sales?

Reading comprehension appears to be a skill which β€œBeto” O’Rourke is lacking.
​​Now, read that transcript.

Look at what the Dems are accusing President Trump of.

Then watch this.
I guess the forgot their own message
Nailed it
​​Here's a version for when YouTube removes the video. Download and share.