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Author: @tungthegoat
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How could you become a superhero without being tested?

Top G: Breaking Illusions.


Onwards and upwards,

Every year should result in giant leaps of progression through life.

There’s no excuse to not be MASSIVELY improved from one year ago today.

Your competition is improving,

Are you going to just be the guy who builds their supercars?
“Everything that mattered for all of human existence, doesn’t matter anymore. Because now we’re „civilised“”

Truly nothing has changed. By some metrics we are less violent, by some more...

But every man out here is fighting for status. The metrics may have changed (money vs skulls) but the base motivations remain exactly the same. Embrace and conquer.
If you took a man and instilled him with feverish bravery his life would look something like mine.

If you made a man less brave, his life would be something like yours.

Bravery is a scale. To a degree, cowardice plagues us all.

But I’ve yet to witness anybody braver than I.
I can have ANYTHING on earth and I’m telling you 99.9% of things are shit.

The things peasants want are shit.

A yacht is fun for a week a year, if that, and only because of the company.

You’d have the same fun with the same people almost anywhere.

My jet is fun to avoid peasants.

Plus feeling better than everyone is fun.

Supercars are fun.

Besides that - it’s all shit.

Fancy dinner is shit. Festivals are shit. Holidays are shit. Expensive clothes are shit. All the junk brokies want is shit.

Yes, I have a ton of diamond watches, like 30. Are they fun? Not really.

I just have them because it doesn’t matter if my bank says 500,000,000 or 498,000,000.

PEOPLE make your life good.

I’d have more fun with Tristan in a Romanian Dungeon than in a 5-star hotel with strangers.


When things get hard,

The people who care about you are the difference between life and death.

The people who care about you are the difference between poverty and wealth.

Money is surface level, it can buy you things,

It can buy you mercenaries.

But you cannot stay important and powerful on mercenaries alone.

Every rich man has money,

Lottery winners have money.

Very few men on this planet truly have people.

And only with people who truly care about you can you become anything remarkable.

- Tate
Media is too big
There are hundreds of high profile cases of men suffering from false accusations.

There are thousands of untold stories of normal men having their lives destroyed.

I am launching a charity to protect men from this predatory evil.

Sign up: https://cobratate.com/defence
Media is too big
Tales of Wudan - The 9998 Butterflies

Watch the full Tales of Wudan video exclusively on Rumble:
Anyone who has actually read the entire file on my case knows the truth.

I am innocent.

My file isn't small, the prosecution specifically fills it with as many pages as possible to make it LOOK as big as possible.

They have no evidence of any crimes, so they fill it with words instead.

They fill it with however many words they can get away with.

Their strategy is SIZE.

Their strategy is that no one will read it.

Their strategy is that the media will parrot the lies so many times and for so long that no one will read it.

They want a judge to look at its size, listen to the media and make a decision within 24 hours.

A time frame which guarantees the file is not read.

Unfortunately for them,

The Judges of my case took 7 days to decide whether I should be freed or not.

7 days to READ.

7 days to read THOUSANDS of pages.

7 days to realize there is NO EVIDENCE OF ANY CRIME.

Anyone who will take the 7 days and understands what constitutes evidence in a legal proceeding will always come to the same conclusion.

The conclusion is that I am completely innocent of any crime.

Today, by the grace of God, I have been freed from house arrest.

First my enemies said I will never leave prison,

Second my enemies said I will never leave house arrest,

Now my enemies will say I will never be found innocent.

God will disappoint them every time.

God knows the truth,

God knows my heart.

And by the grace of God, we will win.

- Tate