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Merry Christmas, everyone!
Forwarded from Franssen
The diabetes and obesity epidemics (they're comorbidities, too!) are directly related to corn and soy monoculture across the US. These are deficiency diseases because humans aren't meant to survive off of starches.

We're killing the planet to kill ourselves. This has to stop.
This week, I made Halloumi (frying) cheese, plus some ricotta! Halloumi is GREAT for low-carbers, because you can fry it without it melting or coming apart. Cheese fries, breadless cheese sticks, the possibilities of halloumi are ENDLESS. Food porn pic coming next.
Here is the grand result of my halloumi! The best part about this cheese is that its easy to make, its ready to eat quickly (I let it age for a couple days) and it fries like a DREAM! Just look at that sear! Honestly, I'd eat this over normal mozzarella sticks any day..
Tell me tamers, should I make a recipe video on this? Unlike mozzarella, this one's actually pretty easy 😂
In reality, most people need to increase their meat consumption, not decrease it.
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Today I went to the doc to get my prescriptions changed (new insurance). She told me while I was there that my cholesterol was WAY too high, and that she recommends a statin. I humbly, but sternly, refused. In honor of this typical encounter, I am now frying cheese in butter. Mmm, cholesterol! Deeelicious 😍🧀
Forwarded from Franssen
Gotta laugh at all these morbidly obese people trying to lecture to the world about "health".
Make it a point to stay as healthy with your diabetes as possible. If you end up in this man's situation, where your life is critically tied to the medical system like this, what are you going to do?

Look after yourself! Do not end up in this situation. And don't think they'll stop with medical procedures. If you go to the pharmacy one day and they ask for your vax pass, how long will you be able to last? Stock up and stay healthy.
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A man urgently needing a kidney transplant has been denied a transplant because he’s unvaccinated.

As we've said from the start, medical apartheid was always part of the plan.

There is literally no reason, in a hospital setting, to deny this man his transplant, other than sheer discrimination.

Forwarded from Roosh Valizadeh
So many people I know have watched this video. Soybean oil is chemically processed in a similar way. Seed oils are not "food". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfk2IXlZdbI
Ive upgraded my pro precision pen tool! Tighter fit, higher capacity, and little rubber bands to keep the cap on. It's a little thing, a rather niche tool, but it's my invention and I'm proud of it 🤩
My home-made raw goat milk brie is finally ready and it tastes amazing 😃 strong, tangy brie flavor, and a very soft creamy texture on the inside.

I bought some brie from Aldi just to compare and contrast. Not only is my brie more potent in flavor, but its also much softer (in a good way) on the inside. Truly I have outdone myself! Not bad for a first attempt. 😉
Forwarded from Roosh Valizadeh
Imagine eating THIS good
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