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Talleo Project
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Webwallet will now display import key for GUI wallet for easy importing of the wallet.
TLO-BTC market on C-PatEx has now 10 decimals... This means smallest possible exchange rate is 0.01 satoshis.
Talleo Project now has official Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/talleoproject/
Webwallet accounts with large number of transactions have been disabled. Mining directly to webwallet or exchange address is strictly forbidden.
Talleo will have hard fork at height 1000000 to adjust parameters for difficulty algorithm... This will require updating both CLI binaries and GUI wallet for another time... This is unavoidable security update due to recent attacks on various coins.
Some daemons have been reporting warning "Proof of work too weak for block 1088411 (1ca25143d5e0071ddaa96050f2e00d972440d3edd1d8c89cf2d7c438aec5db55)" lately... This is due to a miner using deprecated version with old difficulty algorithm. Network is still generating new blocks.
New trading pair on C-PatEx... TLO-BNB https://c-patex.com/markets/tlobnb
TLO-ETH market pair on C-PatEx now has 10 decimals.
C-PatEx will soon change domain name to https://cpxclassic.com ... Update all your bookmarks!
DO NOT send multiple conversion requests to the bridge in a batch as it can cause the bridge to pause conversions and will result in the destination address being blacklisted. We will charge 1 BNB for removing an address from the blacklist as it requires stopping the bridge and rescanning the blockchain. We will only remove single address once from the blacklist, after that it will stay on the blacklist if more transaction batches are detected.