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🥳 After the Reward Campaign was successfully finished, we decided to conduct several new contests on our platform. meet the first one - the Blogging Contest!

(Start - July 27, 2020 | End - October 27, 2020)

We’re handing $3,000 to the best blogger with the coolest crypto articles.

We’re also to distribute great prizes randomly across diligent writers.

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🚀 New Exchange!

Hi there!
We are glad to announce that TAN token is going to be listed on the STEX exchange.

📌 When: Friday, August 21. 09:00 UTC.

📍 Where: https://www.stex.com/

🖍 What: TAN/USDT pair will become tradable.
🚀 TAN Trading Competition on Stex.com is going to start soon!

Dates: 28.09 -12.10

Together with STEX Echange we are glad to announce the Trading Competition with a total reward pool of 1,285,000 TAN tokens.

🏆 Rules: The top 25 participants with a net-buy volume (Buys minus Sells) will be ranked in a descending order of net buy volume of TAN.

STEX will credit rewards directly to winners’ TAN wallets on STEX.com accounts.
Ranking Prizes to the final net-buy volume:
Top 1: 280 000
Top 2: 220 000
Top 3: 180 000
Top 4: 130 000
Top 5: 100 000
Top 6-10: 75 000
Greetings to our community and Blogging Contest participants.

📣 It's been awhile, but we are pleased to show three lucky authors who were picked for the random prize distribution.

#1 - user Nelsedos (https://taklimakan.network/u/Nelsedos) gets the Nano Ledger S!

#2 - user ClydeClark (https://taklimakan.network/u/ClydeClark) gets Apple AirPods 2!

#3 - user BrittanyKing (https://taklimakan.network/u/BrittanyKing) gets Bitcoin-print T-Short!

Congratulations! We are glad to read your articles, go on!

📣 How to get the prize:
Please message us via info@taklimakan.network from the email which is registered in your taklimakan profile.

It's up to you to decide wether to provide us with your mail address for prize delivery or to get USDT equivalent of the prize. Let us know!
The vast majority of Uniswap tokens are controlled by thirteen digital wallets, six of which are owned by private investors. According to the distribution of tokens by wallets, over 719 million UNI tokens settled on only thirteen wallets. Five of which are smart contracts, two are presumably owned by cryptocurrency exchanges and another six are controlled by unknown whales.

👉 Visit https://bit.ly/2STKwiN to learn more
Gold and silver continue to lose value amid escalating conflict between the United States and China, election hype in America, and a possible second wave of coronavirus. Most likely, Bitcoin will also react to this situation with a fall.

🔎 Find more details on https://bit.ly/3k1eygQ

#taklimakan #bitcoin #crypto #gold #coronavirus
Based on the information provided, during the period 2000–2017, most of the money was laundered through central banks or very well-known financial companies. Here are just a few facts:

📌HSBC has transferred millions of dollars through its US business to the accounts of HSBC’s Hong Kong subsidiary. It didn’t stop even when FinCEN employees informed the company that the transactions were illegal;
📌Barclays transferred money from Vladimir Putin’s ally Arkady Rotenberg. In 2014, sanctions were imposed on the Russian businessman by America, nevertheless, the bank calmly transferred money from his accounts, explaining its position by the fact that they were fulfilling their obligations;

🔥Find more details on https://bit.ly/2Fwbdau

#taklimakan #fintech #blockchain #finance #technology
On the night of Saturday to Sunday, Sept 27, 18.5 million BTC were mined, which is approximately 88% of the total supply of coins. How will this event affect the price, and will bitcoin become a limited investment asset like gold?

👉 Read to find out: https://bit.ly/3j5t4CM
Although we do not specify the exact audience of our platform, due to its wide functional opportunities, we do have outlined the following categories of users: user, buyer, seller, investor, start-up, freelancer, client, advertiser, blogger.

Do you want to join us?
Bank of Canada sees a threat in central bank anonymous tokenized digital currencies (CBDC). The country’s central bank announced this in a report entitled “Security and Convenience of the Central Bank’s Digital Currency.”
According to the regulator, anonymous CBDCs are dangerous due to the possibility of uncontrolled accumulation and storage of large balances. Besides, many risks are associated with the use of third-party services such as digital wallets or cryptocurrency exchanges. To mitigate these risks, the central bank is considering:
〰️ limited storage of CBDC on wallets or limitation of transfers;
〰️ creation of rules of responsibility of the parties holding CBDC;
〰️ identifying the main security protocols for CBDC accumulation.

Want to learn more? You're welcome: https://taklimakan.network/blog/85563
🚘 German car manufacturer BMW announced the testing of a new blockchain system to reward loyal customers.

The Bavarian carmaker BMW is working on a blockchain reward system for its users. This is reported by The Korea Herald, citing BMW representatives in Korea. The BMW Vantage Rewards Program will allow customers to accumulate bonus points and use them to pay or receive discounts on the services offered by the program.

Whether BMW plans to expand the program internationally remains to be seen. It is also unknown when exactly the new loyalty program will be launched and what is the role of blockchain in the program itself.

👉 Read more: https://taklimakan.network/blog/85586
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