​We will be making an announcement shortly about the use of the TMM NFTs in the game Bluelight Inc. Primary and secondary market tokens are available on Binance and on the Rarible platform. If you want to get in on the history of the project in a profitable bear market, now is the time!
​Bluelight land presale FAQ
Very soon, Bluelight’s San Crypto will be ready to open its virtual doors and will let first players to start defining it’s landscape. Here we have combined the most frequently asking questions about the upcoming land presale so our community will know what to expect:

I have an NFT from Take My Muffin collection, will I get any benefits in land presale or Bluelight game?
Yes! Holders of TMM NFTs will be able to claim in-game bonuses a little bit later.
​The third episode of the TMM series will be announced very soon. On the background of this event, we are planning to publish one of 5 NFT cards (3 copies). Which card we have to mint?
1️⃣ Dr. Prawn
2️⃣ Jonatan Livingston
3️⃣ Winnie
4️⃣ President Kylie
5️⃣ Juice

Vegan seagull who collects rare animals. Blogger and influencer who has become famous with videos of his pets and reviews of new products from the eco-consumption world. Lives in an ancient lighthouse-castle.
A very important point about Draka...
The 3rd episode is done! πŸ”₯
The 4th one is 37.13% done and episodes 05-14 are in progress already 😈
Forwarded from Bluelight
In case you missed our roadmap - you can check it out right here 😜
β€οΈπŸ–€ TAKE MY MUFFIN β€οΈπŸ–€

Episode 1️⃣ β€” https://youtu.be/ovqJ7X73duA
Episode 2️⃣ β€” https://youtu.be/mTuQqQAccyw
Episode 3️⃣ β€” https://youtu.be/_eEZisd75-4
We promised to provide a report on how the project is going. Now three episodes have been published, and three more are in various stages of work. Of course, the fourth episode will be finished very soon, since it is actually 50% complete.

BTW: The 1st season (10 episodes) is 33.98% done already! 😈