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Dear members, due to the technical works, the blockchain temporary work intermittently, sorry for the difficulties. We are working on it.
Dear clients, we want to remind you that Syntera SYNC token is available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange. The name SYNC for the token was chosen because, at the time of listing the name SSC was taken.
The P2PB2B exchange has a broad international community and is continuously included in the top 15 of the by Trade Volume rating.
Some P2PB2B traders have probably already added the SYNC token to their trading and investment portfolio.
Based on technical analysis, the SYNC token is in the accumulation stage, which indicates a possible further price movement.
Stay tuned with us, to up to date with the latest news.
Dear members, due to the technical works, the website temporary work intermittently, sorry for the difficulties. We are working on it.
Dear members, due to the technical works, the website temporary work intermittently, sorry for the difficulties. We are working on it.
Dear Syntera users.

How Hard Are You Suffering From Corona-19?
It is a pity that the "Sharing Economy" that was to be implemented from around January of 2021 and the attempt to list again at 3.2$ on the "P2PB2B exchange" will be delayed again due to the Corona pendemic last winter.

Customers' Synteracoin is safely being kept by our headquarters and we plan to store 300% of the money invested in a new wallet system with the start of the "Sharing Economy".

Great Britain is also paralyzed by the Variant Coronavirus.

Due to the current vaccination, full-scale preparation work is expected from around March of 2021.

In earnest, all the "Sharing Economy" will begin around July of 2021.

From then on, the "Sharing Economy" will be actively progressing along with the price increase of Syntera coins.

Please be patient a little more and all the Syntera Board members promise the big Success with our valuable customers.
Dear Syntera users,

Due to the unexpected Corona 19 Pandemic, the world's logistics was paralyzed, and the real economy fell into difficulties causing procrastinating sharing economy system which Syntera-coin pursuing.

We hope that Corona 19 will end as soon as possible, and the Syntera sharing economy system will be actively applied to the real-life of our members.

In order to become a more beneficial and practically real-life payment coin for Syntera-members who have become one family, Syntera has been paying you the income which has been paid to you in a rewarding method based on the proof-of-stake method which is based on the block-chain mechanism.
We have never been a multi-level marketing method pretending to be a network, but have been consensus and distribution of rewards by distributing them on the basis of the algorithm nodes owned in proportion to the stake of Syntera-coin.

Since there are clients’ data, each node according to the POS method is identified, and the stake rate found in the blockchain technique shall be calculated to form a block, and the number of coins (crypto-currency) that hold the stake is going to be determined as the amount. The multiple IDs like multi-level, it is advantageous to include them into one ID and participate in the stake.

Syntera is not a method that multi-level networks refer to as a recommendation and sponsorship allowance.
It is a sharing economy system in which equity participation investment is made with the ID of each of your family members.
The distribution of income from the investment is paid as interest in each cryptocurrency stake with one ID, and the rewards formed by the algorithm node with the listed cryptocurrency will be sent.
Syntera will be with you and will create wealth with you to the end.

Please be patient a little more and stay healthy in this difficult time.
Dear Syntera users!

As you participate and introduce users, you have been rewarded accordingly. Instead of paying dividends through recommendations and sponsorship like in multi-level marketing, users are rewarded for securing users by participating in the sharing economy.

Syntera will soon test run to use SYNC as a payment coin in the global sharing economy.

All users in Asia and Europe are respective investors and representatives at the same time.

Each and every one is a business representative of Syntera.
You became a Syntera user through an introduction, but the person who introduced Syntera is not a representative of Syntera business.
You are Syntera's representative business from the moment you invest. Borders and barriers disappear.

Syntera has become a system with Syntera's companies from different countries and is working tirelessly to achieve a sharing economy.

Please be patient a little more and stay healthy in this difficult time.
Dear Syntera members,

The rule of the economy is, that sooner or later, all coins will become useless unless they become real payment coins in the real economic processes.
Syntera is constantly forming a governance structure by activating the platform of a protocol economy, according to the token economy of sharing eco-system.

Syntera has developed a blockchain platform set up as a sharing economy to engage ecosystem members and create a structure to generate profits by distributing products.
As a result of the increased value of SYNC, the interest payment method was adopted as a concept of compensation for the sharing economy based on the principle of supply and demand.

We will answer by informing you of the most important questions among the inquiries of the Syntera members.

Every difficulty is the foundation for the protocol sharing economy according to the token economy.

Inquiry 1.
Syntera site is closed.

1. The site is under maintenance an inevitable move to go to a new system.

2. It was a painstaking decision by Syntera to move to a protocol economy under a new system to eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings in the process of becoming a sharing token economy.
The upgraded website will open at the same time as the sharing economy starts.

Inquiry 2
What happens to SYNC coin?

1. The coins have been distributed by user IDs and e-mails are holding by the blockchain protocol.

2. The reward you received was distributed in the form of interest payment, which is a rewarding method.

3. Syntera is absolutely not a way to give as an allowance or compensation bonus, it was not an allowance in the form of a marketing payment that was released by compensation plan.

4. So, the listed coins are the value of the Syntera ecosystem. The reason is that there are cases where network companies let members receive members' investment money which causes many scandals, in Syntera rewarding method is a bounty program without any allowance bonuses or direct investments in the company.

Inquiry 3
When will the sharing economy start?


1. Like many other companies in the world now, Syntera is facing big difficulties because of COVID - 19 spread. But Syntera will stand tall as a company that will go through difficulties and grows together. The active period will start when the COVID - 19 situations will stop over all over the world. Syntera ecosystem will be the world's first sharing economy System with branches in each country worldwide. Currently, now there are no branches because of COVID - 19 (Headquarters in the UK has been closed in 2019).

2. Further notices related to this will be specifically sent via Syntera Ofiicial Telegram.

Please be patient a little more and stay healthy in this difficult time.
Dear Syntera members!

These days, Europe is suffering from Delta Variant. In order to launch the Sharing economy system which the Syntera ecosystem longs for, strong technical development is involved.

Based on the feedbacks of the marketing department can tell that the will of the shareholders of Syntera hedge fund was misrepresented. The Sync token which is transferred to the blockchain is rewarded only as an airdrop by the proof-of-stake method. It is a payment of proof of stake method that pays interest as a reward, rather than the 600% circulation marketing or referral sponsorship that is often done by other Alt-coins.

The reason that the office promptly acts in accordance with the will of the hedge fund shareholders is to express the firm belief not to cause again inconvenience and misunderstanding in the sharing economy payment system, Syntera, should get rewarded who participated together in the new era of the metaverse sharing economy, will increase his/her Sync value by 100, 200, and 300 times as algorithm has been programmed.

Syntera uses blockchain technology and the Metaverse sharing economy system to be reborn as the number 1 world's best-sharing economy ecosystem.

In this difficult time due to COVID-19 we all should follow great strength and comfort. When the COVID will over and Syntera will start the sharing economy system, will need to establish branches in all regions with representatives to operate retails transactions. We hope the COVID situation will be over in September - October and Syntera can start great development of the Sharing economy system.

Stay safe and healthy in this difficult time!
Dear Syntera members!

Syntera ecosystem has been aware of the inconveniences of the marketing department and have brought many changes. Syntera is pleased to be able to improve the things through innovation that are hindered in the sharing economy system and to ride the Metaverse of Syntera's sharing economy to the Moon with you on the way from the tertiary industry to the fourth industry in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although our Syntera sharing economy was built with a Proof-of-stake method from the beginning, there were inconveniences and misunderstandings due to the lack of awareness of Proof-of-stake in the delivery method to down-lines.
Syntera is not a circular marketing company. It is also not a multi-level company that receives sales and gives shares or bonuses.
If misrecognized, it will be misunderstood as a multi-level company. All dividends you receive are paid interest on a Proof-of-stake basis.

Briefly describe the Proof-of-stake method:
It refers to a method of rewarding the corresponding cryptocurrency, which is based on Ethereum based on block chain technology with Proof-of-stake, and gives a decision-making right in proportion to the share of the user invested in the method of consensus algorithm.

The consensus mechanism of the Proof-of-stake method of POS is to stake digital coins compensated by the Proof-of-stake method and receive them in direct proportion to the number of coins.
This is the proof-of-stake method.
Representative Sample coins of the proof-of-stake method include ADA, QTUM, PEERCOIN.

Ecosystem Syntera delievered the amount of stake purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum in SYNC, a cryptocurrency, as a Proof-of-stake method.

The first 8% for recommendation and 10% for team building etc., are Proof-of-stake rules, and the SYNC you received was paid by the Proof-of-stake method. Upgraded site will open with the start of the sharing economy.

All preparations for the start of the sharing economy are over and we are preparing to establish branches worldwide.

We hope that the COVID-19 will end and sharing economy will be a new wave of growing.

Stay safe in this difficult time!